is there a way to bind delphi control class to generic control window?

I have Combo Box in dialog template. Is there a way to bind delphi TComboBox class to this control in order to manipulate the combo in a simple way

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I have fairly large collections of The Delphi Magazine, Delphi Informant and some Delphi books to give away to a good home. Anyone interested can contact me directly and have to make arrangements to pick them up within the next week or so (Toronto). --
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Francisco Sanchez wrote: > > > we have a library which does exactly that: compresses, encrypts and > obfuscates dfms. It's called Citadel ( Very Interesting. Are there any known issues (Vista etc) Can the component be used for encrypting other resources (such as bitmaps, incorporated into the executable using $R) as well Also, I notice the latest version is for Delphi 2006, not 2007. Will this component also support Delphi 2008 etc -- Arthur Hoornweg (In order to reply per e-mail, please just remove the ".net" from my e-mail address. Leave the rest of the address intact including the "antispam" part. I had to take this measure to counteract unsollicited mail.)