delphi 2006 Recent Project List


I am trying to change the welcome page on my Delphi 2006 to show more
than 5 recent projects. Can anyone point me in the right direction
Google only turns up the Jedi Reopener Wizard for D7 and below.

Many thanks,

- Jon Grewer

Pastor Bob preached that, "We should wear no clothes to distinguish
ourselves from our Christian brethren." He shouldn't be our pastor
since he believes in nudity. Besides, I don't want to be that
different from our Christian brethren.

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Hi all, I am still new to the Delphi IDE. I have been working on maintaining a project in Delphi v7 and this has now progressed. Now I have switched to maintaining a project in BDS 2006 .NET. The problem that I have is that although I set several breakpoints within the program, not one breakpoint is hit. Is there anything I need to do to begin or set a debug session I assumed it was always available as in D7. Here is what I am doing: * I have a ProjectGroup consisting of three EXE projects and two DLL projects. * I have "Activated" one of the EXE proejcts so it is in bold on the list and assume that when I perform a "Run", it is the one that is started.. When I click on the "Project" menu, my particular project is named in the Compile... and Build... menus. * I set various breakpoints in the starting file by clicking on the left-side of the line so that a red bullet is shown as well as the line itself is colored red * I then press the F9 key to start running * A final screen is displayed unexpectedly, bypassing all of my breakpoints. I want to step through the program before the final screen is displayed Any ideas on what I need to do the stop the program at any of the breakpoints Any tricks that I need to know about in this IDE to start a Debug session
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is there a BDS2006 ISO available for download somewhere which includes all released patches I looked in the registered users downloads and in the partner portal downloads but didn't find it.
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I have un-opend, un-registered, in the shrink wrap upgrade version of BDS 2006 Architect. 1) Can someone put a value on it 2) Can I legally sell it someone else who wants to upgrade
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, sorry for this silly question. But I have a serious gap in my knowledge. If I have an old Delphi5 component given by the files 'file.pas', 'file.dcu' and 'file.dcr'. How can I add/install/use this component in BDS2006 Please help!
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I am trying D2006 again (especially since I haven't gotten an email response from Code Gear on the latest version yet). I clicked on my form, then tried to use the Object Inspector to select a particular component (fcShapeBtn3). Nothing happened when I clicked on the little arrow at the top of the Object Inspector. I tried both the left and right buttons. Left button was ignored, right button brought up the standard menu, but nothing to select a component. In D7, the Object Inspector would allow you to select a component this way, by name, and take you to it on the form. Does D2006 no longer do this, or am I missing a step
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