dcc70.dll troubles

Suddenly today my D7(with all available updates) started AVing every few seconds in
dcc70.dll when editing. When it happens, the unit being edited becomes read only(but
not on disk). Also I get an AV on closing Delphi. Restarting Delphi has no effect.

I did a repair install, which ran so quickly, I don't believe it did anything.

2 things changed on the box yesterday, I don't know how to determine if either is a

I installed SP3 for Windows XP, and tried unsuccessfully to install Mike Lischke's
TThemeManager component(paraphrasing here - unit already compiled, then themes unit
compiled with a different version).

I have a couple of MadExcept logs I can put on attachments, if they're of any use.
There seems to be a lot on the web about this dll, but I didn't find a real fix. I
hope there is one, because this install is unusable.

Posted On: Saturday 29th of September 2012 05:35:03 AM Total Views:  549
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