D2006 crash when trying to debug COM dll

when trying to debug a specific COM dll the IDE crash, or i get only the
CPU Debug video or it just get stuck.. other COM Dll's debugging works fine,
fellow workers doesn't have problems with debugging that DLL as well but on
my computer it keeps crashing...

any ideas

tnx, roi.

Posted On: Friday 28th of September 2012 09:54:25 PM Total Views:  747
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. Beside D2007 I still have a D6 installation which locks up very often when code completion is activated. It happens too often to ignore it and the IDE seems to be frozen for serveral 10-seconds without repainting its windows. Is there any solution beside deactivating this feature Like deleting some temporary files or some kind of cleanup process Rgds, Michael
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Hi I have program with a SQL connection on my computer works fine and whan I connect remotely on the ather computer it works but when I start program from the remote computer it doesnt work error: Error reading ADODatatbase1.Connected[DBNETLIB] ConnectionOpen(Connect()) ] SQL Server doesnt exist or access denied it is strange becouse I connect remotely to the same database and from my computer it works fine what can be the problem I use DATALINK for the connection string
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I am tearing my hair off over this... I have this COM dll that I am working on. It is supposed to be called from another program using the COM registration and then it will show its form and the user can perform some data handling and then close the form and the dll is returning to the caller program with the data. Fine, this works without problem. We have many such projects and they usually are quite simple to develop. But this one drives me mad because it seems absolutely impossible to get the D7 debugger take hold of the dll and allow me to step through the code to find the bugs. Is there somewhere a stepwise guide on how one can debug dll code that I can use The thing that drives me nuts is that if I open another similar COM dll project in D7 that uses the same host application as the caller then D7 lets me debug that! The blue dots appear and the breakpoints are honored. I even compared the dof files for the two projects to see if there are any obvious differences but I could not find any.... Where should I start looking for a solution to this I really need to get the bugs out and it is almost impossible without being able to step through the code. Notice that the dll I compile is actually the one being called too, every visible change I make is there. It's just that the debugger does not get a grip on it. :-( -- Bo Berglund
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