Can't Start RAD Studio 2007, AV in ieframe.dll

Hi ,

I can't start RAD Studio 2007 this morning. After the splash screen has
been shown and all packages has been loaded, the splash disapears and I
get this error thanksfully trapped by MadExcept :

I can send the full bug report to binaries, I required.

Any ideas

main thread ($c70):
1b8efe5e +000 ieframe.dll
7c91eae0 +010 ntdll.dll
7e39fc53 +02e USER32.dll CreateWindowExW
201caf2b +043 vcl100.bpl OleCtrls 863 +5
2013f80a +016 vcl100.bpl Controls 6883 +3
2013fad0 +074 vcl100.bpl Controls 6994 +7
2013fafe +0a2 vcl100.bpl Controls 6997 +10
2013fcb1 +0e5 vcl100.bpl Controls 7041 +21
20142692 +026 vcl100.bpl Controls 8397 +3
2013c527 +2bb vcl100.bpl Controls 5146 +83
201406a7 +4fb vcl100.bpl Controls 7304 +111
20159e7f +553 vcl100.bpl Forms 3512 +136
2013c1b4 +024 vcl100.bpl Controls 5021 +5
2013ac16 +026 vcl100.bpl Controls 4169 +5
201597b6 +03a vcl100.bpl Forms 3316 +8
20d1bad4 +324 designide100.bpl DeskForm 492 +74
0041dc2c +000 bds.exe AppMain 5602 +0
0041262d +005 bds.exe AppMain 1271 +0
209dd06e +1fa coreide100.bpl Desktop 642 +59
209dfa7e +036 coreide100.bpl Desktop 1664 +5
209df463 +03b coreide100.bpl Desktop 1496 +4
20a5d95c +138 coreide100.bpl DocModul 786 +35
20a615b7 +04f coreide100.bpl DocModul 2514 +3
209de6ad +421 coreide100.bpl Desktop 1088 +81 Desktop.LoadDesktop
0041399c +170 bds.exe AppMain 1885 +51
2013c527 +2bb vcl100.bpl Controls 5146 +83
201406a7 +4fb vcl100.bpl Controls 7304 +111
20159e7f +553 vcl100.bpl Forms 3512 +136
2013fdd0 +02c vcl100.bpl Controls 7073 +3
20040e4c +014 rtl100.bpl Classes 11583 +8 Classes.StdWndProc
7e3996c2 +00a USER32.dll DispatchMessageA
201625f0 +0fc vcl100.bpl Forms 8105 +23
2016262a +00a vcl100.bpl Forms 8124 +1
2016291f +0b3 vcl100.bpl Forms 8223 +20

Pierre Y.

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I downloaded a trial version of Delphi sometime in the last year and this week I received two emails from CodeGear resellers offering me a cheap upgrade to the full version of Delphi 2007; see below. Im out of touch with Delphi as I havent done much with it recently but my initial thought was that if its being offered this cheaply it might be getting close to the end of the road. We have been asked by CodeGear as their strategic iance Partner to contact you regarding your recent trial download of Turbo Delphi 2006 Explorer Edition. With your recent download we can offer you an exclusive promotion from **** ******, you can purchase the full version of Delphi 2007 for the price of an upgrade. The full price for Delphi 2007 is normally 531.84, the upgrade price we are offering you is 145.92 - this means you will save over 70%! This offer is only available until 30th June 2008 and exclusive to customers who have downloaded a Turbo trial. prices are excluding VAT and include delivery. Price are accurate as of 25th June 2008 and are subject to change
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, Ok... I played with doing some glass forms over the weekend and while its easy to extend glass beyond the border of a frame.. what good is it... if you place buttons, labels, etc on the form they dont draw correctly. Searching the internet for solutions i read that it has something to do with delphi not using gdi+ or having support for WPF for drawing on the forms correctly. Will D2008 correct this or am i missing something obvious.
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