POP connection timeout.


I am have written an application that queries a POP mailbox and
downloads messages. When the application tries to connect to the mail
server, but takes too long (eg. longer than 60 seconds) I want to have
it time out.

Something like

pop = poplib.POP3(POPHOST, POPPORT)
except someerror, err:
print "Connecting to mail box has timed out:\n", err

I know that in python 2.5 I could pass an additional timeout parameter
to the above statement ( ie: pop = poplib.POP3(POPHOST, POPPORT,
TIMEOUTINSECONDS), but I am using python 2.4.

Can anyone help me implement this timeout functionality.

Posted On: Wednesday 7th of November 2012 12:47:01 PM Total Views:  667
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On Wed, 24 Oct 2007 19:07:44 -0000, mrstephengross wrote: >Hi folks. I'm using os.popen() to run a command; according to the >documentation, the filehandle.close() oepration is suppsoed to return >the exit code. However, when I execute something like "exit 5", >close() returns 1280. Here's the code: > > pipe = os.popen("exit 5") > print pipe.close() # prints 1280 > >Am I doing something wrong Is there an easier way to get the exit >code >>> import os >>> os.WEXITSTATUS(1280) 5 >>> Jean-Paul
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, I am trying to use the poplib library to get emails using the retr method. The small program bellow works but the message aren't flagged as read which puzzles me. I believe the pop server is qmail 1.0.6 / vpopmail 5.2.1 and I am running the following script on Windows using Pyhton 2.5. import poplib import email pop = poplib.POP3('') pop.user('') pop.pass_('password') status, msg_list, octets = pop.list() for msg_number in [msg.split(' ')[0] for msg in msg_list]: status, lines, octets = pop.retr(msg_number) msg = email.message_from_string('\n'.join(lines)) if not msg.is_multipart() and msg.get_content_type() == 'text/plain': print msg.get('Subject') print msg.get_payload() pop.quit() Why aren't the message flagged as read Is there a way to manually mark them read
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, I am trying to use POP3_SSL class of the poplib module to read email from my gmail account. I can connect just fine using the example here import getpass, poplib M = poplib.POP3('localhost') M.user(getpass.getuser()) M.pass_(getpass.getpass()) numMessages = len(M.list()[1]) for i in range(numMessages): for j in M.retr(i+1)[1]: print j That is the above sample code from the python doc. While everything works fine, the problem is that when I use the list() function it only returns about 400 messages starting from the beginning of my inbox. I have probably 10,000 emails in my gmail account. I don't see any pop3 object functions to "move" around the inbox or anything of the like. Could someone point me in the right direction I'm sure there must be something simple I am missing.
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trying to remind myself that running a subprocess under Win32 isn't a pain in the ass... ];^) ########################################################### #!/usr/bin/env python ''' original author credits: chris levis original sources found: from python docs, 17.4 popen2 -- Subprocesses with accessible I/O streams popen4(cmd [, bufsize[, mode]]) Executes cmd as a sub-process. Returns the file objects (child_stdout_and_stderr, child_stdin). -- New in version 2.0. If, o bufsize, is provided, it specifies the buffer size for the I/O pipes. o mode, is provided, the string 'b' or 't'; - 'b' required on Windows for binary read access - 't' (text mode) is default ''' ''' External test file. ---- start snippet --------- import sys print "hello, world" sys.exit(-1) ---- end snippet ----------- ''' import win32pipe; cmd = '' # open stdout pseudo file in textmode 't' (stdin,stdout) = win32pipe.popen4( cmd, 't' ); stdin.close(); output =; try: exitcode = stdout.close() or 0; except IOError: exitcode = ( -1 ); print output ## prints 'hello world' print exitcode ## print '-1'
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I have a script that calls the function write_tmpfile, which looks something like this: def write_tmpfile(f, tmpfile): # set-up code omitted in_f = popen("""grep -v '^\\[eof\\]$' %s |\ grep '[^[:space:]]' |\ sort -u""" % f) out_f = open(tmpfile, 'w') try: while 1: line = in_f.readline() if not line: break # i omit the code that munges line out_f.write(line) finally: in_f.close() out_f.close() The script calls this function several thousand times. (The average size of the input file f is 70K lines (0.5MB); the maximum size is about 35M lines, or 200MB.) This function works perfectly most of the time, but it deadlocks sporadically. (And it's a deadlock! The script can be stuck for hours, until I kill it.) I can't say for sure where the deadlock is happening (and I'd appreciate suggestions on how to pinpoint this), but I *think* it is at the in_f.readline() statement. So maybe the problem is with the pipe. (But FWIW, I've used exactly the same pipe in another script that processes the same set of files (but does not write a temporary file when it does this), and this script terminates without any problem. I.e. the input files are not too large for the pipe.) I suppose that I could use some timeout mechanism to unwedge the script when it deadlocks and then repeat the call to write_tmpfile, but I'd prefer to avoid the deadlock in the first place. I'd appreciate suggestions on how to troubleshoot and debug this thing. TIA! Kynn -- NOTE: In my address everything before the first period is backwards; and the last period, and everything after it, should be discarded.
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, I am writing a Python program to check email using POP3. I've tried the sample code from, and it works great. In other words, the code below successfully prints out my emails. import getpass, poplib, email M = poplib.POP3('') M.user('username') M.pass_('password') numMessages = len(M.list()[1]) for i in range(numMessages): for j in M.retr(i+1)[1]: print j M.quit() However, if I understand right, the Python poplib library will also parse the email for me so that I can iterate through the headers, body, etc, of each message, and use them in my program. I think the method I need to use is email.message_from_file, but I'm having difficulty getting it to work. Can anyone explain me how I would extend the above example to do this I tried to do this by using in the i loop the line: message = email.message_from_file(j) but I get the error: "AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'readline'" Please forgive this very basic question. I do most of my programming in PHP and I'm just getting started with Python. Many
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I am using poplib's retr() to fetch mails from my gmail account. It works fine, in some cases it gets stuck inside the retr() method and does not come out. From the logs I could find that when retr() is called, it stops executing further statements, nor does it throw an exceptions but simply stops. My code is roughly like the foll: try: print "1" mymsg = M.retr(msg_no) print "2" except poplib.error_proto, e: print "exception1" except Exception, e: print "exception2" What can be the reason for this Can anyone help me.