Is it possible to download only the of a web page?

I am writing a script that executes a bunch of queries through a form
on a website and reads the results. I am only interested in the
section in the of each web page. Currently, each page
the server returns is about 100kb and contains a bunch of HTML and
Javascript, all of which I don't need; I don't want to waste bandwidth
or consume too much of the server's resources. I just need the

Is there any way to download less than the entire web page

Posted On: Wednesday 7th of November 2012 12:26:16 PM Total Views:  778
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I tried under Linux... same problem. So... it may comes from my little lines of code... or from my GPS. , Hi I have resolved my problem by checking paquets. It seems that it is a problem of the GPS (it's a very cheap GPS Datalogger). > Could be hardware flow control. See this sometimes on the bluetooth > connections that are using Serial Port Protocol and the hardware flow > control hasn't been physically implemented. It seems it is the problem. The policy seems to be : - ask the GPS for the data - touch wood - retry with the missing chunks Even the official driver is doing this. > Do you lose data after exactly the same amount of data has > been received Not. The lost are randomized but it's chunks, ex : 300 consecutive bytes ok 30 consecutive bytes lost 250 bytes ok 40 bytes lost 800 bytes ok 50 bytes lost ....
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Blubaugh, David A. wrote: > To , > > > Has any one out there ever worked with the Rpyc, which is a remote > process call for python > > Yes > David Blubaugh > > > > This e-mail transmission contains information that is confidential and may be > privileged. It is intended only for the addressee(s) named above. If you receive > this e-mail in error, please do not read, copy or disseminate it in any manner. > If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or > use of the contents of this information is prohibited. Please reply to the > message immediately by informing the sender that the message was misdirected. > After replying, please erase it from your computer system. Your assistance in > correcting this error is appreciated. > > -- > >
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Everyone It's my very first email to this group. i am a beginner programmer of python. it it possible to build Desktop application using python. Which IDE should i use for this purpose I will be glad if anyone can give link of python ebook.
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I found on the net that there is something called module initialization. Unfortunately, there is not much information for this. However, small the information I found module initialization can be of use to me in my project. I'm currently messing with a problem where I'm keeping my global variables ( or symbols) in a module and the other mdoules in the project acess these global variables. However, there is one case when a module updates one such global variable but the variable is not getting updated in the module containing global symbols ( variables). This happen only at the start of the program and at rest of the places in the program that global variable is not accessed. So, I thought of using this module initialization where I will intialize the module only once to update that variable. Ans in the rest of the program where ever this module is imported I shall be able to easily access the update value of the variable. Could some one provide me a sample code of module intialization And how can I ensure that module initialization is done only once
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Apparently, use of strptime of datetime needs a workaround in Python 2.4 to work properly. The workaround is d = datetime.datetime(*(time.strptime(date_string, format)[0:5])). However, when I try to use it, or even use it the regular way, it fails with AttributeError: type object 'datetime.datetime' has no attribute 'datetime'. From the following code code segment: format = '%Y%m%d_%H%M%S' #d=datetime.strptime('20080321_113405', format)-- typical use print time.strptime('20080321_113405', format)[0:5] d = datetime.datetime(*time.strptime('20080321_113405', format)[0:5]) Does anyone know how to make this work in 2.4 If not, is there a way to achieve the same result -- W. eWatson (121.015 Deg. W, 39.262 Deg. N) GMT-8 hr std. time) Obz Site: 39 15' 7" N, 121 2' 32" W, 2700 feet Web Page:
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Pauli, Yes, I am utilizing the windows environment. I cannot install f2py. I obtain the following error when I try to execute the file within the f2py folder located within the numpy master folder: Warning: Assuming default configuration (lib\parser/{setup_parser,setup}.py was not found) Appending f2py.lib.parser configuration to f2py.lib Ignoring attempt to set 'name' (from 'f2py.lib' to 'f2py.lib.parser') Warning: Assuming default configuration (lib\extgen/{setup_extgen,setup}.py was not found) Appending f2py.lib.extgen configuration to f2py.lib Ignoring attempt to set 'name' (from 'f2py.lib' to 'f2py.lib.extgen') Appending f2py.lib configuration to f2py Ignoring attempt to set 'name' (from 'f2py' to 'f2py.lib') F2PY Version 2_4423 Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\numpy\f2py\", line 130, in **config) TypeError: setup() got multiple values for keyword argument 'version' >>> I do not know as to how to fix the multiple values for version PLEASE HELP!!! David Blubaugh -----Original Message----- From: Blubaugh, David A. Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 6:04 PM To: '' Subject: F2PY Has anyone worked with the F2PY generator To , Has anyone worked with the F2PY generator This is something that is supposedly built within numpy and scipy for the Python environment. I was wondering if anyone has encountered any issues with this environment This is important to find the answers to these questions.
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Here's some Python code executed on Red Hat 3.4 web server located in Mountain time (MDT). You'll notice that the time after setting the timezone to Eastern time (EST), the time is incorrectly 6 hours ahead, when it should only be 3. Python 2.5 (r25:51908, Mar 23 2007, 14:22:20) [GCC 3.4.6 20060404 (Red Hat 3.4.6-3)] on linux2 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> import datetime, os >>> datetime.datetime(2008, 9, 2, 11, 25, 35, 39856) >>> os.environ['TZ']='America/New_York' >>> datetime.datetime(2008, 9, 2, 17, 26, 0, 703537) Here's the same thing executed on an Ubuntu box in EST. I alter the timezone to a MDT and it works as one would expect. Python 2.5.2 (r252:60911, Apr 21 2008, 11:12:42) [GCC 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7)] on linux2 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> import datetime, os >>> datetime.datetime(2008, 9, 2, 13, 11, 6, 438123) >>> os.environ['TZ'] = 'America/Denver' >>> datetime.datetime(2008, 9, 2, 11, 11, 21, 43602) What could be the reason for this failing on Red Hat Keith
TkMessageBox - Using sys.exit() is a a great pain. Looking for othersimilar commands.   (198 Views)
I'm using a TkMessageBox for handling some errors and displaying them through the message boxes. My code is as below: if selectedVer == strNoArchivedResults: tkMessageBox._show("Error", \ type='ok', icon='error', \ message="Cannot perform Results Comparison as no results are currently archived for this library") sys.exit() This message box is displayed when the above comdition is met: Using sys.exit() is a great pain since this closes my parent GUI ( the main GUI). Please suggest some other way around.
How to write verbose scripts   (173 Views)
I find myself writing command line tools in Python where I wish to include "verbose" output to stdout. I start with a helper function: def print_(obj, level=0): if _verbosity >= level: print obj And then I end up with functions or methods looking like this: def parrot(x) print_("precondition", level=2) do_something() print_("status is good...", level=1) print_("parrot is squawking strongly now", level=2) do_something_else() print_("squawk squawk squawk", level=3) do_more() print_("postcondition", level=1) return something That often means that my functions end up with more message printing code than actual code. The whole thing seems messy and hard to manage for all but the smallest scripts. Worst of all, sometimes the messages I wish to print may be expensive to compute, and I don't want to waste time computing them if they aren't going to be printed because the verbosity is too low. But nor do I wish to fill my code with this: if _verbosity >= 3: x = calculate_complicated_thing() print_(x, level=3) Is there a better way of doing this than the way I am going about it -- Steven
Canonical way to build Python 2.6/svn on MacIntel/MacOSX10.5 with icc32bits 10.1.014   (155 Views)
I would like to build Python (svn) on Macosx 10.5 with icc in /opt/intel/cc (32 bit). Can you help me to determine the right way to do this I got a prototype with: export CC=icc export CXX=icpc export CFLAGS="-w" ../configure --with-framework-name=PythonIntel 1) It seems to be unsufficient. Does someone have links/mail archives/patches/scripts 2) Python needs gettext for _locale package, but I fail to compile it with icc. 3) How can I build an autonomous and sufficient distribution (a dmg file with everything in it)
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Maric Michaud wrote: > I suspect you are coming to conclusions a bit quickly, without taking the pain > of understanding the whole discussion. I'm pretty sure I was the first one to post an answer in this thread, and I understand Python design and performance issues very well, thank you. (but given your talk about "the cost of whitespace" in a response to a comment about performance in that other subthread, it's obvious that you're just here to provide noise. plonk plonk.)
Re: Case-insensitive string compare?   (314 Views)
Le Friday 05 September 2008 08:24:29 Fredrik Lundh, vous avez crit: > Maric Michaud wrote: > > "premature optimization is the root of all evil" > > So is use by that statement by people who don't have the slightest idea > about what it actually means. > > The full version is > > "We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: > premature optimization is the root of all evil." > > Note the use of "small efficiencies". That is, in Python, things like > local binding, inlining, slots, lazy generation of short sequences, etc. > That is, things that takes time to write and reduces maintainability. > > It's not about having an excuse for writing crappy code with large > inefficienies. > > And it's definitely not about programmers intentionally picking a dumb > solution so they can optimize it later. > Yes, I'm aware of that, thanks, but Chris Rebert was proposing to alter the data structure in order to achieve this simple comparison, I don't think it fails into your concern. > > If the OP's proposal seems already messy, how about ths one : > > if lib.lower() not in ( e[0] for e in stage_map.items() ) : > > ... > Sorry, should be read : if lib.lower() not in ( e[0] for e in stage_map.values() ) : and it was the expression for comparison Chris's solution lead to, not a proposal. > Given that your solution is just a remarkably inefficient way to write > "lib.lower() not in stage_map", and thus doesn't solve the OP:s problem, > I suspect you're taking the "evil" part of Hoare's dictum a few bits too > literally. > I suspect you are coming to conclusions a bit quickly, without taking the pain of understanding the whole discussion. > > > -- > -- _____________ Maric Michaud