How Do Interpreters Translate Source To Binary

I stopped focusing on Python for a while and started reading a lot of Linux docs; but I just now decided to get back into programming. It got me thinking about how interpreters work. Do they take the instructions as they get them, convert them to ml in ram, and send it to the cpu, or do they not have to convert it at all

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Problem with argument parsing   (655 Views)
I have a python-script: myscript, used to start a program on another computer and I use OptionParser in optpars. I use it like this: myscript -H host arg1 -x -y zzz I would like OptionParser to ignore all arguments after arg1, because these are options that should be used by the program started on the oter computer arg1 -x -y zzz. One solution is to write: myscript -H host "arg1 -x -y zzz" But is it in some way possible to instruct OptionParser to ignore -x - y zzz without the "..."
Wrapper functions and arguments   (571 Views)
One little issue I have is to write a little wrapper which can generally pass standard and keyword arguments to a callee: def a(x, y, z): print x, y, z def b(x, y, z='fruitbat') print x, y, z for func in a, b: def wrapper(func=func, *args, **argsk): # do something func(*args, **argsk) x.append(wrapper) x[0](1, 2, 3) x[1](1, 2) .... Is there any way to do this Can you capture arguments in a tuple and dict, but still receive other keyword arguments The only solution I found was to implement wrapper as a class (like I would in c++): class wrapper(object): def __init__(self, func): self.func = func def __call__(self, *args, **argsk): self.func(*args, **argsk) Jeremy -- Jeremy Sanders
XML: SAX and XInclude   (573 Views)
[python 2.5, Linux Mandriva 2007.1] , does anybody know about an XML parser usable with the sax API (xml.sax) and with XInclude feature support (directly or via hacks). With specifying nothing (default parser), it simply transmit xinclude elements (i tried to call parser on included file but it seem to be waiting for a complete document with root element). I tried libxml2, but failed with error (cf at the end). I tried xmlproc, but it simply transmit xinclude elements too.
Please do not double post. Especially with more than one email address. If someone can help you. I am sure they will. Danyelle
get wikipedia source failed (urrlib2)   (804 Views)
I'm trying to get wikipedia page source with urllib2: usock = urllib2.urlopen(" Albert_Einstein") data =; usock.close(); return data I got exception because HTTP 403 error. why with my browser i can't access it without any problem
bgl Python on Mac OS X   (432 Views)
I'm trying to build this. I've downloaded the boost libraries (version 1.34) and run configure, make and sudo make install without errors. Then I've downloaded bgl-python (0.9) and, as instructed, found the bjam executable from the boost hierarchy, copied it somewhere convenient and run it in the bgl-python directory. That gave me this error: Unable to load Boost.Build: could not find "boost-build.jam" --------------------------------------------------------------- Attempted search from /Users/pzs/incoming/bgl-python-0.9 up to the root and in these directories from BOOST_BUILD_PATH and BOOST_ROOT: /usr/ share/boost-build. Please consult the documentation at ''. So I set $BOOST_ROOT to be the root of the boost 1.34 directory and tried bjam again. This time I get: error: Could not find parent for project at '.' error: Did not find Jamfile or project-root.jam in any parent directory. Any ideas Peter
PyGreSQL 3.8 released   (602 Views)
PyGreSQL v3.8 has been released. It is available at: If you are running NetBSD, look in the packages directory under databases. There is also a package in the FreeBSD ports collection. Please refer to changelog.txt for things that have changed in this version. Please refer to readme.txt for general information. -- D'Arcy J.M. Cain PyGreSQL Development Group
overriding setting   (536 Views)
, this is my first post to the list :-) I've looked around a bit before asking, and since I haven't found... I'm here to ask my question. I'm trying to ovveride attribute setting, but I haven't still found the right way to use all the fancy __get__, __set__ and __getattribute__ :-) I would like to retain initialization of an object by use of the = and not as a function call. A simple example is this: I want to define an "enhanced" list class, whose items will be other (built in) lists and providing a "padding" method which fills all the contained lists to the same lenght. An example could be: class myList(list): def __init__(self): self._max = None list.__init__(self) def pad(self): for item in self: if type(item)== list: while len(item) < self._max: item.append("") Now the question is this: I would like to initialize such an object in this way: a = myList() a = [[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6, 7]] a.pad() # and now a _should_ contain [[1, 2, 3, ""], [4, 5, 6, 7]] Obviously this doesn't work, because when at the second line I do the initialization, type(a) becomes , and so I get the expected AttributeError since pad cannot be found. A possible solution could be to create a container class, intercepting every attribute accession with __getattribute__. In this case I should refer to Container.myFirstList, Container.mySecondList, which is ugly because of the need to refer to Container first...(not to mention that I'm still working on making the __getattribute__ work properly... :-) ) Do you have any suggestions or maybe I should simply stop trying to do that and resort to adding some sort of insert or append method (this is what I have done for the time being, but I found this solution less appealing and nice ...) thanks in advance, Francesco -- "Voil! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis--vis an introduction, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V." -- V's introduction to Evey
ANN: PyBluez 0.7 - Bluetooth extensions for Windows XP and GNU/Linux   (511 Views)
PyBluez is an effort to create python wrappers around system Bluetooth resources to allow Python developers to easily and quickly create Bluetooth applications. PyBluez works on GNU/Linux (bluez stack) and Windows XP (Microsoft stack). New in this release is support for Windows XP Comments, improvements, and suggestions greatly appreciated! -albert
ANN: Urwid - Console UI Library   (510 Views)
Announcing Urwid ------------------------ Urwid home page: Tarball: About this release: =================== This maintenance release significantly improves the performance of Urwid when run in UTF-8 mode. A UTF-8 input handling bug was also fixed. New in this release: ==================== * Improved performance in UTF-8 mode when ASCII text is used. * Fixed a UTF-8 input bug. * Added a clear() function to the the display modules to force the screen to be repainted on the next draw_screen() call. About Urwid =========== Urwid is a console UI library for Python. It features fluid interface resizing, UTF-8 support, multiple text layouts, simple attribute markup, powerful scrolling list boxes and flexible interface design. Urwid is released under the GNU LGPL.
ANN: Python_calltips 1.0 realeased   (569 Views) This is a script of Vim editor. It simualate code calltips in a new bottow window of Vim. In fact, it display python help doc strings of word under the cursor by scanning the imported modules in the current file. It can also implement word complete automatically. It's very useful for python newbie using Vim editor! Change: 1.get rid of F4 key. You can get tips without any extral keys multi buffers 3.hightlight calltips syntax. Thank Staale flock and Levin Du help
ANN: ActivePython 2.4.1 build 245 is available   (608 Views)
I'm pleased to announce that ActivePython 2.4.1 build 245 is now available from: ActivePython is a bug-fix release matching the recent core Python 2.4.1 release. ActivePython builds for Linux, Solaris and Windows are available. We welcome any and all feedback to: Please file bugs against ActivePython at: What is ActivePython --------------------- ActivePython is ActiveState's quality-assured binary build of Python. Builds for Windows, Linux and Solaris and made freely available. ActivePython includes the Python core and core extensions (zlib 1.2.1, bzip2 1.0.2, bsddb 4.2.52, Tk 8.4.9, and Tix 8.1.4). On Windows, ActivePython includes the PyWin32 suite of Windows tools developed by Mark Hammond, including bindings to the Win32 API and Windows COM, the Pythonwin IDE, and more. ActivePython also includes a wealth of Python documentation, including: - the core Python docs - Andrew Kuchling's "What's New in Python" series - the Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python - Mark Pilgrim's excellent "Dive into Python", and - a snapshot of the Python FAQs, HOWTOs and PEPs. An online version of the docs can be found here: In particular the Release Notes: and the Installation Guide: Extra Bits ---------- ActivePython releases also include the following packages: - a Windows "debug" package: debug-built binaries for ActivePython users building debug versions of their binary Python extensions - ActivePython24.chm: an MS compiled help collection of the full ActivePython documentation set. Linux users of applications such as xCHM might find this useful. This package is installed by default on Windows. These packages are available from: On behalf of the team at ActiveState,
ANN: SQLObject 0.6 (and 0.5.3)   (502 Views)
I've made a long-overdue release of SQLObject 0.6, and a final bug-fix release for the 0.5 series. What is SQLObject ================= SQLObject is an object-relational mapper. Your database tables are described as classes, and rows are instances of those classes. SQLObject is meant to be easy to use and quick to get started with. SQLObject supports a number of backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Firebird. It also has newly added support for Sybase and MaxDB (also known as SAPDB). Where is SQLObject ================== Site: Mailing list: Archives: Download: News and changes: What's New ========== In 0.5.3: some small bug fixes, and an important fix when iterating over selects in threaded environments. In 0.6: The "SQLObject" module has been renamed "sqlobject". To fetch objects from the database, use MyClass.get(id) (instead of MyClass(id)). To create/insert objects, use MyClass(col=value, ...) (instead of, ...)). Better support for constraints. Connections given using URLs, like 'mysql://userass@localhost/dbname' Optional lazy updates -- SQL UPDATE executed only on demand. For a more complete list, please see the news: -- Ian Bicking / /
Reminder: Michigan Python Users Group meeting on Thursday   (629 Views)
This is a reminder of the upcoming michipug meeting. This is the first anniversary meeting of the Michigan Python Users Group! Thursday, September 7th at 7PM Our topics for this month include an SQLAlchemy Introduction by Mark Ramm and Steve Kryskalla talking about two of the new Python 2.5 features. The meeting will be held at the Arbor Networks office in Ann Arbor.: Arbor Networks City Center Building 220 East Huron, 6th Floor Ann Arbor, MI Map: With the topics we have for this meeting, I would expect about 90 minutes of the main topics. We often have free-flowing discussion following the main topics, so feel free to come with other topics you wish to discuss. See you there! Kevin -- Kevin Dangoor TurboGears / Zesty News email: company: blog:
stellenangebote firmen Heilpaedagoge Heilpaedagogin jobangebotesiemens Marketing-Manager Marketing-Managerin Journalist Journalistin   (407 Views)
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Call for proposals -- PyCon 2009   (528 Views)
Call for proposals -- PyCon 2009 -- =============================================================== Want to share your experience and expertise PyCon 2009 is looking for proposals to fill the formal presentation tracks. The PyCon conference days will be March 27-29, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois, preceded by the tutorial days (March 25-26), and followed by four days of development sprints (March 30-April 2). Previous PyCon conferences have had a broad range of presentations, from reports on academic and commercial projects to tutorials and case studies. We hope to continue that tradition this year. Online proposal submission will open on September 29, 2008. Proposals will be accepted through November 03, with acceptance notifications coming out on December 15. For the detailed call for proposals, please see: We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!
PEP Proposal   (541 Views) a écrit : > Gabriel Genellina wrote: > >> En Thu, 25 Sep 2008 16:24:58 -0300, escribió: >> >>> sorry, I have these ideas for longer than 10 years, please have a look >>> on it >>> and comment on it. Thx. >>> >>> This is another proposal for introducing types into Python. >> You got the terminology wrong. Python had "types" from the very start. >> You're talking about some kind of generic functions, or an alternative >> dispatch method. > > Typed parameters. are unpythonic. > Method-Declaration-filtered-typed parameters. Philip Eby's RuleDispatch package goes way further, already exists, and doesn't require any new syntax.
Is it possible to download only the of a web page?   (796 Views)
I am writing a script that executes a bunch of queries through a form on a website and reads the results. I am only interested in the section in the of each web page. Currently, each page the server returns is about 100kb and contains a bunch of HTML and Javascript, all of which I don't need; I don't want to waste bandwidth or consume too much of the server's resources. I just need the string. Is there any way to download less than the entire web page
Re: who to call a list of method inside the class itself   (472 Views) wrote: > 1. return string names of required methods in getMethod > return ['method1', 'method2', 'method3'] > 2. use gettattr on self and then exetute methods in apply > def apply(self): > for method_name in self.getMethod(): > method = gettattr(self,method_name) > method() #execute method now why
Monte Carlo Simulation   (377 Views)
Download Latest Simulation Software Try Risk Solver Free for 15 Days.
Automatic keyword argument source change?   (557 Views)
Anyone know of a Python source code utility PSU, to automatically add keyword arguments to method calls that don't have them : BEFORE def get_total(books, binders, hinges): return ( + - books.cost) def print_total(): print get_total(novels, covers, brackets) AFTER ..... def print_total(): -- print get_total(novels, covers, brackets) ++ print get_total(books=novels, binders=covers, hinges=brackets)
POP connection timeout.   (695 Views)
Hi I am have written an application that queries a POP mailbox and downloads messages. When the application tries to connect to the mail server, but takes too long (eg. longer than 60 seconds) I want to have it time out. Something like try: pop = poplib.POP3(POPHOST, POPPORT) except someerror, err: print "Connecting to mail box has timed out:\n", err I know that in python 2.5 I could pass an additional timeout parameter to the above statement ( ie: pop = poplib.POP3(POPHOST, POPPORT, TIMEOUTINSECONDS), but I am using python 2.4. Can anyone help me implement this timeout functionality.
QA-Test Jobs at Cisco-IronPort   (423 Views)
Cisco-IronPort is looking for a topnotch Quality Assurance/ Test Engineers with experience in one or more of the following: aPython, utomation framework, performance testing, email encryption, FreeBSD, white.gray box testing, API testing, web security appliances, UNIX, RAID, LDAP, SSH, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, RDBMS, IMAP, POP and/or tested servers. These job openings are in San Bruno. Please contact me directly if you are interested in getting more information.
ZSI receiving complex type problem   (608 Views)
I have a ZSI client talking to a perl program through SOAP. The perl program has defined a return type of $esmith::recExtend, where esmith::recExtend is a complex type defined in the WSDL as follows: The perl method returns an esmith::recExtend object as follows: $record = esmith::recExtend->new('dbname, $dbkey, \@prop, \@value, $size); return SOAP:ata->name('get_recordReturn' => $record); The ZSI file is expecting an EsmithRecExtend object to be returned in get_recordReturn. However, executing the above code causes the following error: ZSI.EvaluationException: No Registered xsi:type= (, esmith__recExtend), subsititue for xsi:type=(http://localhost:esmith/SOAPWrapper, EsmithRecExtend) If I return SOAP:ata->name('get_recordReturn' => $record)- >type('http://localhost:/esmith/SOAPWrapper:EsmithRecExtend), then a TypeError: unpack non sequence exception is thrown. I believe that the TypeError: unpack non sequence is resulting because the ZSI attempts to seperate the type into (namespace, type) with the division between the two defined by the ' : ' character, which is found more than once in the given namespace. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue What do I do to return the complex type and have the ZSI client understand it
Strange Behavior: csv module & IDLE   (580 Views)
I've noticed an oddity when running a program, using the csv module, within IDLE. I'm new to Python so am confused by what is happening. Here is what I'm doing: 1) Open the IDLE Shell. 2) Select File | Open... 3) Choose my file,, opening it in a window. 4) From that window, I hit F5 to run the module. Within the program, the snippet where I use the csv module is below: ============================== csvfile = open('foo.csv', 'w') writer = csv.writer(csvfile) for row in rows: writer.writerow(row[0:3]) csvfile.close ============================== The rows object is returned from a database query and is a list of tuples. Now here is the strange thing. If I run this program directly from the command line, i.e., D:\test> D:\python25\python It runs fine, foo.csv is created and all is well. However, when I run it through the IDLE shell as described above, the foo.csv file is created but remains empty at 0 bytes. When I try to delete the file, Windows says it is in use. The only way I can break out of this is by restarting the IDLE shell. In other words, it appears that the shell is hanging. This will run through Task Scheduler, so shouldn't be a problem, but I'm worried that I'm coding this wrong for it to be acting this way under IDLE.
pygtk theme colors ?   (554 Views)
I understand nothing ... I'm trying to get the color of a normal background window and when I change my themes (i switch between a light and a dark theme) i obtain always the same output below : style = gtk.Button().get_style() l=[gtk.STATE_NORMAL,gtk.STATE_ACTIVE,gtk.STATE_PRELIGHT,gtk.STATE_SELECTED,gtk.STATE_INSENSITIVE] for i in l: print "- base",i,style.base[i].to_string() for i in l: print "- text",i,style.text[i].to_string() for i in l: print "- fg",i,style.fg[i].to_string() for i in l: print "- bg",i,[i].to_string() what's the trouble !
reading list of list to a file   (569 Views)
i made a list of lists but i cant write it into a file. how do i get the first string in a sublist -- View this message in context: Sent from the Python - python-list mailing list archive at
Trouble with CGI code from Code Example 7.3 of the "Python Interactive CGI Tutorial"   (459 Views)
On 21 ago, 20:10, Steve Holden wrote: > Gabriel Genellina wrote: > > [...]working crystall balls are hard to find nowadays > > Well, judging by the OP's response you appear to be in possession of a > pair :-) Great-grandmother's legacy, and not for sale! -- Gabriel Genellina
Re: ANN: 555-BOOM! version 0.6   (526 Views)
Hi Greg, thank you for this great game! I like it very much. Just one thing: Your telephone uses numbers ordered like in this picture, so dialing e.g. 7 triggers 3 impulses. However, where I live (Austria, Europe) the telephones had the numbers located like this, so dialing e.g. 7 resulted in 7 impulses. It would be nice, if the telephone type could be configured in the menu of the game. Kind regards, Markus
make images with python   (440 Views)
I need make some images using python but i'm lost :P i need some module to make .png (with drawline, drawcircle, drawpoint etc etc etc ) like gd for php :P thants
A dumb question about a class   (558 Views)
I'm still trying to understand classes. I've made some progress, I think, but I don't understand how to use this one. How do I call it, or any of its functions It's from the Cookbook, at .
Re: exec and func_code   (678 Views)
En Tue, 24 Jul 2007 14:55:43 -0300, Prepscius, Colin (IT) escribi: > Actually, thx to Gabrielle Genellina, who wrote earlier: Ehmm... my name is actually Gabriel, and last time I checked, I was a male -- Gabriel Genellina
Re: Best architecture for proxy?   (712 Views)
On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 07:00:18 -0700, Andrew Warkentin wrote: >On Jul 10, 8:19 pm, Steve Holden wrote: >> Bjoern Schliessmann wrote: >> > Andrew Warkentin wrote: >> >> >> I am going to write a general-purpose modular proxy in Python. It >> >> will consist of a simple core and several modules for things like >> >> filtering and caching. I am not sure whether it is better to use >> >> multithreading, or to use an event-driven networking library like >> >> Twisted or Medusa/ Asyncore. Which would be the better >> >> architecture to use >> >> > I'd definitely use an event-driven approach with Twisted. >> >> > Generally, multithreading is less performant than multiplexing. High >> > performance servers mostly use a combination of both, though. >> >> Converselt I'd recommend Medusa - not necessarily because it's "better", >> but becuase I know it better. There's also a nice general-purpose proxy >> program (though I'd be surprised if Twisted didn't also have one). >> >> >Would an event-driven proxy be able to handle multiple connections >with large numbers of possibly CPU-bound filters I use The >Proxomitron (and would like to write my own proxy that can use the >same filter sets, but follows the Unix philosophy) and some of the >filters appear to be CPU-bound, because they cause The Proxomitron to >hog the CPU (although that might just be a Proxomitron design flaw or >something). Wouldn't CPU-bound filters only allow one connection to be >filtered at a time On the Medusa site, it said that an event-driven >architecture only works for I/O-bound programs. > Handling all of your network traffic with a single OS thread doesn't necessarily mean that all of your filters need to run in the same thread (or even in the same process, or on the same computer). Typically, however, a filtering rule should only need to operate on a small number of bytes (almost always only a few kilobytes). Is it the case that handling even this amount of data incurs a significant CPU cost If not, then there's probably nothing to worry about here, and you can do everything in a single thread. If it is the case, then you might want to keep around a thread pool (or process pool, or cluster) and push the filtering work to it, reserving the IO thread strictly for IO. This is still a win, since you end up with a constant number of processes vying for CPU time (and you can tune this to an ideal value given your available hardware), rather than one per connection. This translates directly into reduced context switch overhead. Jean-Paul
ANN: eric3 3.5.1 release   (442 Views)
this is to let all of you know about the release of eric3 3.5.1. This is a bug fix release with improved unicode support. It is available via
Passing arguments to subclasses   (434 Views)
May I ask a simple newbie question, which I presume is true, but for which I can't readily find confirmation: Let's say I have a parent class with an __init__ method explicitly defined: class ParentClass(object): def __init__(self, keyword1, keyword2): etc and I subclass this: class ChildClass(ParentClass): # No __init__ method explicitly defined Now I presume that I can instantiate a child object as: child = ChildClass(arg1, arg2) and arg1, arg2 will be passed through to the 'constructor' of the antecedent ParentClass (there being no overrriding __init__ method defined for ChildClass) and mapping to keyword1, keyword2 etc. Have I understood this correctly , John Dann wrote: > May I ask a simple newbie question, which I presume is true, but for > which I can't readily find confirmation: > > Let's say I have a parent class with an __init__ method explicitly > defined: > > class ParentClass(object): > def __init__(self, keyword1, keyword2): > etc > > and I subclass this: > > class ChildClass(ParentClass): > # No __init__ method explicitly defined > > Now I presume that I can instantiate a child object as: > > child = ChildClass(arg1, arg2) > > and arg1, arg2 will be passed through to the 'constructor' of the > antecedent ParentClass (there being no overrriding __init__ method > defined for ChildClass) and mapping to keyword1, keyword2 etc. > > Have I understood this correctly Yes, but... The nice things about Python is that you can use the interactive interpreter to test such things in an instant. (And not have to wait for a response from python-list. Like this: >>> class ParentClass(object): .... def __init__(self, keyword1, keyword2): .... print 'ParentClass.__init__ called with', keyword1, keyword2 .... >>> class ChildClass(ParentClass): .... pass .... >>> child = ChildClass(123,456) ParentClass.__init__ called with 123 456 >>> Gary Herron
Yet another template engine : HYPY   (510 Views)
HyPy : means HYperText in PYthon It's yet another template engine, under GPL2 license The main feature is that it let you code yours templates like you code your python. (the indentation defines the structure of the html). So, it's ...
ANN: unicode 0.4.9   (450 Views)
unicode is a simple python command line utility that displays properties for a given unicode character, or searches unicode database for a given name. It was written with Linux in mind, but should work almost everywhere (including MS Windows and ...
fill in 3D array   (656 Views)
I am a python newbie, trying to convert my IDL scripts to python. I am kind of stuck at the moment. I am reading in a 1-D data file with 2000 data points. I need to put them in ...
Dynamic HTML from Python Script   (520 Views)
I have a python script whose output i want to dynamically display on a webpage which will be hosted using Apache. How do I do that
Re: Logging to HTTP or File   (508 Views)
On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 4:16 AM, Robert Rawlins - Think Blue wrote: > > > > > Chaps, > > > > I'm after some advice on the best way to handle a logging job. Essentially ...
swig/python memory leak question   (548 Views)
I am just getting into swig and trying to wrap my C++ library in python. I have a newbee question. If my C++ object has a method that allocates memory and returns a void * to it, python complains about ...
Windows process ownership trouble   (523 Views)
Am currently being very confused over the following code on Windows import subprocess, os file = open("filename", "w") try: proc = subprocess.Popen("nosuchprogram", stdout=file) except OSError: file.close() os.remove("filename") This produces the following exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\", line ...
Malloc error   (575 Views)
Hi Group, I'm brand spanking new to Python. Never coded in it, but I'm comfortable coding in general in other languages. I'm Trying to get some legacy code to run on a newer machine. I don't have access to the ...
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I have just installed R and Rpy, and am experiencing an odd problem when driving R from Python - if I create a plot in R, the portion of the plot window that lies under the IDLE window in which ...
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I'm writing an app in python, and I'm storing some a lot of data in bitmaps. I need a way to find the first or latest set bit in a 64bit number, and for that I've implemented a small ...
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I would like to control mouse events (i.e. I would like to "click" and move mouse around by code). How do I do this in python regards...
opposite of zip()?   (450 Views)
Given a bunch of arrays, if I want to create tuples, there is zip(arrays). What if I want to do the opposite: break a tuple up and append the values to given arrays: map(append, arrays, tupl) except there is no ...