Using the variable in the code behind

Hi ,

My problem is using the value of a variable from the codebehind page in an html tag.
I have got the html code on default.aspx for example
and there is a variable in default.aspx.vb called THISPAGE.
And in the HTML code I want to use this string value in a form tag like this:

But when I run the page I got an error message that THISPAGE should be declared although I have declared it in the codebehind page.

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anyone using 2.0 beta 2 yet?   (247 Views) 2.0 has the neat little thing now where you can populate a gridview based on grabbing info from a query string. Here's my question. I have a gridview in a webpart that is displaying a small amount of info on our purchase orders. I want the user to be able to click on an item, which will transfer them to another page for complete details. I want to send the datakeyfield from the first gridview in a querystring to the second page. I know how to do this on code, but I was just curious if there is a GUI way to do it in 2.0. I have a hyperlink templated column in the first gridview and I have my navigateurl property setup to like details.aspx{0} - i thought that was how to do it, but I need to connect the datakeyfield with the {0}...
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