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I have an upload control in a subdirectory under a website that is anonymous. The subdirectory has integrated auth enabled and in my web.config I configured identity impersonate = true and allowed authenticated users on this subdirectory. Need this to have authentication on it so can communicate securely with database. The file under here can be accessed by anyone on our network.

Within this subdirectory there is an admin folder. This admin folder should only be accessible by a domain group I set up locally on the server. I created a section in the web.config for this admin directory to allow roles = "domainGroupName" and deny all other users. The admin folder contains an upload feature and when I try to upload a file it asks me to log in then I receive access denied to the documents directory, which is located under the same subdirectory as the admin folder. I have set IUSR, Network Service, Asp.Net user, and domainGroup all have write access to the folder. Also enabled write access in IIS to no avail.

This does work when I create this part of the application as its own site under IIS but not as part of this anonymous site which is where the customer would like it. Is it possible in .net to upload files under a subdiretory that requires integrated under an anonymous site

I have tried creating the subdirectory as an application but then .net wants me to recreate the masterpages, css, etc in the subdirectory since it then sees it as a separate app. At that point I might as well keep it a separate site and hard code the links.

Any one out there have any ideas

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,I have a page I built that a FLASH movie that loads and XML data file with a bunch of songs in it. It loads very quickly. The problem I'm seeing is that the Images for the songs are loading each time there is a request. I want to cache them (obviously) or load them all at once. I'm not too familair with caching so I'm looking for some guidance. The images are pulled through from a image processor that resizes them and stuff. Here is the page: is what one "Song" looks like (an xml node)CODE Happy Valentines Day! /ImageProc.ashxImage=albm_16_633069117976359969.jpg&width=75&cropHeight=30 SomeMp3.mp3 102 Jenni Quick 5895402 4:05The image proc script is prolly the place to cache the images right I'd like to load them all... what is the best solution to my problem Thank you!!-- Jenni
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I am using the update feature in a gridview in ASP.NET 2005I am passing parameters to a Stored procedure which seems to work, but when the page is loading up again I get the error Input string was not in a correct format. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.If I close the page and reopen it, it has the new values so it did update.I think my problem might be coming from my DDL and my stored procedure because when I tried to make the value of my ddl Type_ID it crashed everytime so I had to make the text = Type_Name and the value Type_Name then I got the ID in my stored procedure.So I am including my Stored procedureCREATE PROCEDURE DBO.UPDATE_REMARKS -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here @TICK_ID VARCHAR(25), @DATE VARCHAR(50), @REMARK_TYPE VARCHAR(50), @NOTES VARCHAR(1000) ASBEGIN -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from -- interfering with SELECT statements. SET NOCOUNT ON; DECLARE @REMARK_ID VARCHAR(50) SET @DATE = (SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR, CONVERT(DATETIME, @DATE, 101), 101)) SET @REMARK_ID = (SELECT TICK_TYPE_ID FROM TICK_TYPE WHERE TICK_NAME = @REMARK_TYPE) UPDATE TICKS SET TICK_DATE = @DATE, TICK_TYPE_ID = RTRIM(@REMARK_ID), NOTES = @NOTES WHERE TICK_ID = @TICK_ID ENDG
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Hi folks,I'm a complete .NET newbie, in way over my head. :) I'm familiar with some of the .NET concepts, but I only know enough to be dangerous. I'm currently faced with the task of writing a .NET form that will basically retrieve some data from a vendor-provided web service and display it in grid format.I've added a web reference to the service. No problem so far. The service provides an operation called ExecuteSQLtoXML, that takes a GUID, password, and a SQL string, and returns an XML document with the data. The vendor provided this little snippet of code for information purposes, although when I threw this in my page_load, it didn't like the Xml.XmlNode bit:Dim nCan As Xml.XmlNode = mySoap.ExecuteSQLToXML(sql, guid, password) Right now, the form I have created has essentially nothing but a GridView object. After a few hours of googling and looking at various tutorials, I've realized that I simply have no idea how to tell the GridView to use the results of the ExecuteSQLtoXML operation.I realize I'm probably missing about 500 fundamental concepts I should understand between here and there, but FWIW this is where I stand right now.Any idea
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I'm building a website that will allow users to upload images.I want to ensure that they only upload jpg or gif.I could just check the extension, but that seems very insecure to me.So, I want to prevent people being able to upload files (an exe for example) with a jpg or gif extension.Further, I want to flag images that may be inappropriate i.e. I want to prevent people uploading porn. I was thinking I could look at the pink contentThoughts
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First a little background information. I currently work as a database analyst and use mostly SQL Server, and Crystal Reports. It has been recommended by a friend of my boss and I that we look into using ASP for some of our report/data deployment. I have a little experience with VB.NET but other than that no real programming or web development experience. I would like to see about learning ASP.NET mostly for personal development and hopefully fatten the paycheck as a result of the new found skills.With my VERY limited experience where would be a good place to startI did a search but didnt find anything where a person was starting with as few skills as my self
windows XP   (295 Views)
forgive me for being dim. I have XP SP2 and have installed VS.NET, .NET framework 1.1 and ASP.NET framework 1.1 and FP extensions 2002, but can't get my machine to run aspx files that are being served out be the webserver on the PC when I browse to them with IE6. Instead it asks if I want to open or save them (and open goes to Visual Studio .NET).Presumably I have missed a step somewhere that maps in IIS 5.1 the ASPX extension to the appropriate program on the PC Please point me in the right direction or to the appropriate docs
Formatting Unbound Datagrid Columns   (292 Views)
HiCan anyone tell me if I can do centering on a datagrid column when the datagrid does not use bound column
File Selector   (276 Views)
I am trying to create a button that when clicked, opens up a windows for you to select a file on a network. I doesnt have to have the ability to open the file, just select it. (I would work like the CommonDialogBox would work on VB6) Has anybody got any code that does this I want it to work with with as the langaug
Disabling page via javascript   (353 Views)
Not wanting users to double-click buttons or navigate from a page after clicking a Save button I incorporated a javascript. The script loops through the form elements using getElementsByTageName('INPUT') then sets the element's disable property to true. I add an attribute to the Save button's onclick to call this javascript function.Problem is the server click event is not firing because the javascript runs before the Save buttons Server click event. I have wired the javascript call from the Save button using onmousedown, onmouseup but still get the same behavior. I figure the Save button itself is getting disabled then the server-side event is not firing so I altered the javascript to ignore the button that was clicked (the Save button) ... still get the same results ...any ideas
Dreamweaver and ASP.NET   (100 Views)
Do I need to learn Dreamweaver working with ASP.NET
mail.mailmessage = "Gone crazy"   (72 Views)
hi ,I know it's a stupid subject name but couldn't come up with anything else.Sending mail with is discussed over the internet many times.I searched google, msdn and any forum but couldn't solve this one on my one.I've got the next code and it should work(or I'm missing something)mail.SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "localhost"dim MM as new = txtto.textMM.from = txtfrom.textMM.subject = txtsubject.textMM.body = txtbody.textMail.SmtpMail.Send(MM)This should work and it does work, because if I give a non-existing servername I get the error that there could not be a connection established with my serverIf I change the Relay of the server I get an error.If I execute the code above nothing happens. I don't get anymore.Anyone knows a sollution for this problemthnx in advance You can better regret that you have done something than regret the fact you done nothing
Datagrid Designed By The Devil: Deleting row generated from 2 tables   (246 Views)
I have a monster interface that I wrote around a SQL database designed by the Anti-Christ. It's a damn mess. 6 tables in all, not o bad, but they average at least 3-6 primary keys a piece.After figuring out that I can declare the primary keys for updates/deletes by lubing up with an array, I am still stuck with Satan's final torture.I have rows in a dataset that have delete options. The rows are the product of two tables. When I try to use the row.remove, .NET's satanic translator tells me that I can't delete a row generated from multiple tables. That's all neat and stuff, but in the mean time, my jerk of a boss needs me to get this done so he can take credit for my work.Code below. Any suggestion
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Does anyone know how to refresh an iframe in vb script.TIA. You are getting me back up to speed quick.
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Where can I find some graphic images for my TABs in thw Microsoft TabStrip web controlTrying to spruce up my images.
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LAY OF THE LAND: I am generating PDF files on the fly using Crystal Reports. I am saving these files on my server's C: drive in a directory called MyPDFs (i.e., C:\MyPDFs). The security on this directory allows full control to only administrators and the ASPNET user account (trying to prevent web users from directly accessing the files). I have a Win2K server with IIS 5.0 and I am using ASP.Net. QUESTION: In the VB code behind my ASP.Net Web Form, I want to launch a PDF file located in the above mentioned directory ("C:\MyPDFs"). My VB code-behind assembles the proper PDF filename depending on what the user selects on the Web Form; however, for purposes of this question, assume the filename is MyFile.pdf ("C:\MyPDFs\MyFile.pdf"). What VB code do I use to launch this PDF file for the Web User Game Over, Man!
Another Datalist question!   (234 Views)
I want to display a size restricted window with no menu bar from a Hyperlink control in a Datalist. The URL needs to also pass the CompanyID. The only way i know to open a mini window is using Javascript, so I am trying to combine the call to the Javascript function with the Databinder of the CompanyID. The end URL should look like this:admin/Homepage.aspxcompanyid=1Here's the code:=========================================================== Joined ===========================================================Here's what i want to crowbar into it:======================================================================================================================Setting the NavigateURL to the Javascript on its own works, as does the DataBinder on its own, but i can't combine them without a syntax error. Is it possible or have i got the wrong approachcheers in advance,si
Reading JPEG images gives Out Of Memory error   (178 Views)
I've written some code so that I can select images from the server to display on my web site. It works fine in folders with around 100 images but in one folder which has 400 images I get an Out Of Memory Error. It only reads 144 images then gives the error. Can someone help me find out how I can fix this Should I be disposing of something in this loop Or is something else causing the error-------------------------Dim xdt2 As DataTable = myAdsFromXmlFile.Tables(0)Dim foundRows() As DataRowDim dr As DataRowDim myCounter As Integer = 0Dim myCurrentlyUsedImages As Integer = 0Dim lsErrorLocation As String = ""Try lsErrorLocation = "#3#" Label1.Text = ParentDirectory.GetFiles("*.jpg").Length.ToString For Each myfile In ParentDirectory.GetFiles("*.jpg") myCounter = myCounter + 1 dr = dt.NewRow() fullpath = "/photos/" & Session("sesPhotoCategory") & "/" & Session("sesFolder") & "/" & myfile.Name dr("image") = "/photos/" & Session("sesPhotoCategory") & "/" & Session("sesFolder") & "/" & myfile.Name dr("fname") = myfile.Name Dim currentImage As System.Drawing.Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(myfile.FullName) Dim imgWidth As Integer = currentImage.Width Dim imgHeight As Integer = currentImage.Height currentImage.Dispose() dr("imgw") = imgWidth dr("imgh") = imgHeight dr("fsize") = myfile.Length / 1024 dr("fpath") = fullpath foundRows = xdt2.Select("ImageUrl='" + fullpath + "'") dr("chkd") = (foundRows.Length > 0) If foundRows.Length > 0 Then myCurrentlyUsedImages = myCurrentlyUsedImages + 1 End If dr("loop") = myCounter foundRows = xdt2.Select("ImageUrl='" + fullpath + "' AND Keyword='new'") dr("keywordnew") = (foundRows.Length > 0) dt.Rows.Add(dr) Next Catch Ex As Exception Label2.Text = "Error occurred: " & Session("sesPhotoCategory") & " page, loop " & myCounter & ", " & Ex.Message & " // " & vbNewLine & lsErrorLocationEnd Try