Session hold data table problem


I have datatable on a page which i put into a session and then use this datatable on subsequent pages. However when I call this Session I get an error saying "Specified cast is not valid"

I use a procedure as below to to apply my session to the datatable

If IsNothing(Session("ProviderTypes")) Then 'check to see that the session is fully if not then populate session
objProvType = New ProviderTypes(ctrl)
objProvTypTB = ds.ProviderType
Session("ProviderTypes") = ds.ProviderType
End If

objProvTypTB = Session("ProviderTypes") 'line of error

I cant seem to work out what im doing wrong

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Hi all,At the bottom is the head section of my aspx page. I want to set the src prop of the script at run time. src="Scripts/iphonenavIE.js"orsrc="Scripts/iphonenavSafari.js"If I add an ID and RUNAT props I get tons of unrelated errors on build and intellisense doesn't recognize the object. I'm using Web Application and cannot access the designer pages. :( Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here I've tried CODEIF .... ThenClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Me.GetType(), "Navigation", "")ElseClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Me.GetType(), "Navigation", "")End IfBTW it works with links.... but not scripts! :(CODECODE BEHINDCODElinkStyle.Attributes.Add("href", clsUtility.xReturnStyle())CODEiPhone Navigation@import "Style/iPhoneNav/iphonenav.css";
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I was given an ASP.NET application that connects to a SQL Server Database.The Database was backed up off the old server and we installed it on our servers just fine.The ASP.NET application attempts to make a database connection but that function is in a DLL file and it seems to be hardcoded to the old SQL Server machine (I'm guessing the IP Address is hardcoded).I need to look into the DLL that is being called in the ASP code when making the connection. To edit it so it connects to my new SQL Server instance, or at least view the contents so I can accurately recreate the funtionality in a new DLL file.Are there any tools that can help with thi
Evaluating and comparing with the DataBinder.Eval statement   (316 Views)
Why can't I do something like this, or I should say "How" can I accomplish this kind of comparision withing a databound list controlCODE Some Text Is Written! Shawn MolloySeattle, WA
Unable to print report from the server   (313 Views)
I have an app built in asp 2.0. It allows data entery and when the data is saved to a database, it prints a crystal report. This all works fine when I run it local on my machine. But when I publish it to the server, it bombs. Here is my code and the error message.CODE'**************** this is the code that actually prints the report Dim myReportDocument As New ReportDocument myReportDocument.Load(Server.MapPath(strReport)) myReportDocument.RecordSelectionFormula = "{command.RECORDID} = " & Session("ReportID") myReportDocument.PrintToPrinter(1, True, 1, 99)Error Message:Error in File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\CaseLogDoc {39507207-A58B-48F3-ABEA-8FE633E626D3}.rpt:Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. ProDev, MS Access ApplicationsVisit me at ==> http://www.prodev.usMay God bless you beyond your imagination!!!
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, hope you can help me, I am in the process of updating our company's web pages from asp to, and have run into a problem accessing database.I am trying to make the most of's features including the tag, but i need to have a data source tag. I managed to connect to the database normally like so: Dim objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") Dim rstSource = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") Dim strSQL, myStr objConn.Open ("DSN=myDSNConnection") strSQL = "SELECT * FROM myTable ORDER BY fieldOne;" rstSource= objConn.Execute(strSQL) Do while not rstSource.eof myStr &= rstSource("Cyfenw").Value & "" rstSource.MoveNext loop myContent.text = myStrbut I don't know how to put this in a dtatSource tag - I've found loads of tutorials that show how to do it with normal connections to databases but not using the DSN.Any help will be appreciated.
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sI am makin a .net web application..on page.aspx i ve 2 ddl of states and cities.When i select option in ddlstate i get corresponding cities , but when i again select a state , i get cities corresponding to present as well as previous state that i selected earlier.How should i solve this (i ve used database table to access cities corresponding to states using arraylist)code behind for selected index changed---void ddlstate_selectedindexchanged(object sender,event args e){class1 c1=new class1(); //class1 contains method fillcity that has returns cities in arraylistarraylist al=new arraylist();al=null//initialising arraylistal=c2.fillcity(ddl.selecteditem.text);//fillcity has input parameter as state which has tp be selectedfor(int i=0;i
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I have an asp:radiobuttonlist that has several selections. My problem is when the sentence wraps, it goes beneath the button. Is there any way that I can align the text so it falls under the beginning of the first letter of the sentenceExample(the underscore is meant as a space):O This is my problem whenI wrap the text O This is what I am looking__for when I wrap it.
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Anyone ever look at Web Matrix as a beginning / get-your-feet wet / just starting out .NET developer product I am aware of the difference in programming that has to be done, if Visual Studion is installed at a later date and not being able to do so many of the VS features.I am wide open to all "competitors" so long as they include the word FREE and not free trial. We program in MS Access and the bosses cant seem to get there mental dependencies off it