Server Application times out

By "it runs for 3 minutes" do you mean its doing processing and not showing a page for 3 minutes

If so, you could have some memory leak and are actually bringing down your web server!

Could you give more detail of what your page is actually doing

D'Arcy , 1 to 3 HOURS!

ok...we should look at the architecture of this then, because a web app may not be what you want here. Let me explain:

Each session has a timeout value. This is necessary because if it didn't, your webserver would get jammed up with processing and storing variables, and it would cease to function (usually showing a familiar Server Application Unavailable error). The idea though is that if someone is actively interacting with the site, then the session stays live. But if inactivity happens, the session will die.

Whats happening in your case is that you're page is calling some code that is doing some MAJOR processing. The timeout of your IIS is probably kicking in before the processing is complete, effectively killing your app.

HOWEVER, I wouldn't suggest bumping up your timout to 3 hours, because that means that if I log into your site, and close my browser, unless you can catch that and abandon my session, my session will stay active for 3 HOURS! Multiply a few hundred users, if not thousands depending on usage and traffic, and your site won't last too long.

So here are some options for you:
1. Create a Windows Service. This is a program that runs in the background of the server. When you need some processing done, you could have your aspx page pass some vars to the service and get it going, while telling your users to "come back later" to retrieve their data. This will do a few things:
a. It will take the processing load off of IIS
b. You're users won't have to have their browser open for 3 hours just to see the results; they can come back later.

2. If its something like report generation, try and automate the process during non-busy hours.
i.e. if a financial report is run every thursday morning, instead of the users having to request it, just have a service or some other application automatically crate the report at a pre-determined time (like 2 am for instance), so all the users do in the morning is grab the finished report (which also was processed during a non-busy time, so it probably won't take as long)

If you'd like more insight on how to rectify this, let us know a bit more detail about what it is you're trying to do (and why its taking 3 hours max to do it; although I'm guessing its report related)



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Good Morning,So I this snipit of code from one of my pages:CODEMy Name Here which does exactly what i want it to do in any text editor. and when i first load it up in VS.NET it looks fine. However, if i make any changes i'll get this error alert (from VS.NET) when i try to compile:Could not format the document due to line 86. The original format has been restored.I click OK on that error message (my only option) and when the page loads it's all messed up. When I go back to my code, the orginal snippit looks like this:CODERichard W. Pricein addition to this block of code being screwed up, any blocks where i use the style attribute to set the background image gets messed up.any idea what's going on her
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I'm working with this free slide menu control I downloaded from The problem I'm having is I've put this menu into a user control of my own, when I click to go to another page, the category I select from slides back up.When I expand the admin section of the menu like this:For Example:Administration--------------Add UserAdd ProductDisplay Data--------------Retrieve Data--------------and click on 'Add User' then when I get to the Add User page it goes back to this:Administration--------------Display Data--------------Retrieve Data--------------instead of keeping the menu like this:Administration--------------Add UserAdd ProductDisplay Data--------------Retrieve Data-------------
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I have a webform containing a textbox control and a button control. The user populates the textbox and then clicks the button, which subsequently runs a click_event. How could I setup the textbox so that the user can simply press the keyboard "Enter" button to fire the button's click_event instead of having to click the button --Mike
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I knew that most graphic software can do it. What I am looking for is a tool can create image for button, I can design what type, style, color and can type text on it easier. Anyone can recommend it
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Here is the function that creates the connection. Private Shared Function Connection() As SqlConnection Dim conHalloween As New SqlConnection() Dim strConnectionString As String strConnectionString = "User Id=sa;" _ "Server=charlies;" _ "Database=Northwind" conHalloween.ConnectionString = strConnectionString Return conHalloween End FunctionThis is the result I get when the page comes up after it is suppose to create a dataset from the database.Login failed for user 'sa'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. The server is not the MSDE that comes with Visual Studio.NET but the Developer edition of SQL Server 2000.Any help would be greatly appeciate
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I can send Email directly or automatically without a problem in ASP.Net. But I want to launch the local email client (say Outlook or whatever email client) instead with a file attachment for the user to SEND the email MANUALLY .. how do I do that Dim myMail As New MailMessage() myMail.From = "" myMail.To = "" myMail.Subject = "Test Message" myMail.Priority = MailPriority.Low myMail.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html myMail.Body = "Test" SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "localhost" SmtpMail.Send(myMail)Instead of SmtpMail.Send ..... is there something else ... or is that a totally different approach
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hi, I have over 10 input forms, for every data entry in each of those form I need to clear the textbox. at this point I am creating this in every single form to clear the textbox.textboxname.text = ""I know this is not the best approach. I have been reading about OOP and would like to know if this is possible.since a form has an id, so it is unique so can I create a function that accept a form name then I can iterate on all the textbox in the form and clear them.sub cleartextbox (myfrm as form_object)for each textbox in the myfrmtextbox.text = ""nextI know the code is wrong. but this is the notion that I would like to apply. If this is possible, can anyone show me the right code to apply what I have explained
Generate Aspx Template File?   (221 Views)
,I am making a web App that allows the Owner of the app to customize what they want User to see. For Example, One set of user may want: (the underlines represent a textbox)First Name: ___________Middle Name: __________Last Name:__________and another :First Name:____________Last Name:_____________I have a model in Which I am storing the whether the Control is visible and what the label text should be stored in a SQL database. Currently I have the Codebehind page load the controls dynamically, then I assign any data to the controls.What I am wondering is if I can instead of Building the page dynamically adding the controls at run time if I can build it one time with an admin program and then have the page only rebuild (Place controls) if the admin program has a change.I am thinking that instead of haveing a code behind that runs on the server at run time I would like a Windows app that does the same thing and then places Server script and
Highlight an item in a repeater control   (196 Views)
I am displaying the results of a database query in a repeater control. I am using alternating item templates so that the background color alternates with each row from the query. That is working nicely.I would like to "Highlight" one row in the list. This row would be the one whose data item (Building_ID) matches the parameter that was sent to the page when it was loaded.I tried this code to make the matching item Yellow instead of Blue... I get an error saying that Container is not declared, yet it seems to know what Container.DataItem("building_id") is when it displays the data. (if I take out the IF statement that is trying to set the background color).I might understand this better if I knew what the # is for before the Container.DataItem objects.Any suggestions
Displaying *.jpeg pictures in a datagrid control   (152 Views)
Im displaying a datagrid on a web form. The grid is bound to a query in an Access 2000 database. One of the fields in that query is a relative path to *.jpeg pictures. Is there a way of displaying the picture in each row for that datagrid I was thinking of an ItemTemplate in which I would put an Image control but couldnt see how. Detailed explanations would be greatly appreciated.Ciao,Assaf