Run button click event after enter is pressed

I have a webform containing a textbox control and a button control. The user populates the textbox and then clicks the button, which subsequently runs a click_event. How could I setup the textbox so that the user can simply press the keyboard "Enter" button to fire the button's click_event instead of having to click the button --

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how to add dynamic textbox value in database
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I am facing the Problem of invaid postback Or Call argument. the erroe is as follows: Invalid Postback or callback argument . Event validation is enabled using in configuration or in a page. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to Postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. If the data is valid and expected, use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterForEventValidation method in order to register the Postback or callback data for validation So i want to know what is this error , Why it it generated and how can I solve it Plz Help Me.
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I don't see a good place to post this but I'm working in so I'm going to put it in here. Where exactly does Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express save local copies of files when you open a site via ftp A file on my site was completely blanked out and I'm sure it was due to a saving error in VWD but I want to make sure I have a local backup of the site just in case.
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Good morning I have problem with draw graph in C#. That retrive data from database aceess and draw it in bar chart. I write this code but when I click run the chart not appear. And I don't know if it read data from access or not . Please can you help me if you have any other method or code for draw chart in C# please tell me. This is the code This post has been edited by JackOfTrades: 11 May 2010 - 04:28 AM Reason for edit:: Added code tags.
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Hi i have a webpage that uses the following code. It has two input boxs and a submit button. Vehicle movement log Date (ddmmyy): Call sign or fleet number:'' dateandcad.callsign.value='' As an example. What i want to do is within VB input the data "160707" in the date input box and "QW12" in the callsign box and then click the submit box all in the code. Please help Thank you Terry
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Sorry for a question as my first post. A six-pack to whoever can help me out with this one. I have several WebControl objects such as Labels & Textboxes that I'd like to pass to a function that sets some of their properties. I realize these are all children of the WebControl base class, so I assumed I could just make WebControl the parameter of the function and pass either Textboxes or Labels to it. However, I get an error that I can't implicitly convert from WebControl to Label. If I explicitly cast the Label as a Webcontrol, I get a similar error. If I'm going about this the completely wrong way, please let me know. Here's my code: private void InsertInputField(InputField inputField, Panel panel) { int top = 45; Label lblTitle = new Label(); Textbox txtInput = new TextBox(); lblTitle = FormatControl(lblTitle, top) txtInput = FormatControl(txtInput, top) } private WebControl FormatControl(WebControl control, int top) { control.Style.Add("Position", "Absolute"); control.Style.Add("Top", top + "px"); return control; }
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When i attempt to make a web page/site with VS2008 I do not see the option. I get web application, web service application and web service control. Is there supposed to be an option for the page if not what steps should I take to be able to create the page
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My webparts are overlapping in the webpartzone and I think it is because I am positioning elements on the user control using position absolute. Enter First Name: Each user control has 30-40 labels and textboxes on them. What is a good way to position all of them so they are not overlapping stylesheet, table This post has been edited by quakeworld2007: 15 April 2009 - 02:25 PM
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I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.I have a website I've built that works great in debug mode, and when I'm looking at all the VB code behind, etc, I see no underlined "error items".But, my error list show 47 stinking errors. When I open the list, and double click the errors, VS jumps me to the appropriate page... but again - there are no underlined noticable problems. If I mouse over the classes it says are undeclared, I get the typical box that shows everything is fine.So, for some reason I can't build this thing for deployment. Am I missing something obviousI did a few User Imports to the list of referenced Namespaces. Do i have to add them somewhere else tooThis is really frustrating. If it works in Debug mode, I don't understand why I can't build the actual site...
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i am developing a 2.0 web site, i want to develop own toolbar like Google toolbar in 2.0,it is supported for all the what can i do for this , please instruct m
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Hi Guys,I've just changed my pc to Windows XP (Brand new pc). I Intalled IIS. The ASP files works fine. But Cannot run .aspx file. Even very sample file (welcome.aspx): CODE W3Schools!I got the error: Access to the path "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\2135a508\8d69a834" is denied. I checked that path, ...\\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\2135a508\8d69a834 not even exist in my pc. Do I need to install anything else Windows XP has the .NET framework 1.1 installed already, rightPlease help!Thank you very much
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I've got a question about popups because #1 I'm a windows programmer and #2 I'm not finding what I need by searching google.How do you all do thisI have a main page with a grid.I have a button on the grid that calls a popup window with a detailsview that my user can edit the fields in the database.The management here think it would be really cool to be able to bring up more then one popup window up at a time for different records, so the user can copy and paste info from one window/record to the other.In a windows environment, this would be a snap, but there doesn't seem to be a way to make sure the popup's all stay on top.How you you write this This is getting weird.I started playing with this and I wound up with 5 windows open that the user would have to dig through to find the right one.Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the popup
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I'm using .Net 2.0 & Oracle loading testing my ASP.NET application I will eventually get the foloowing error. "ORA-03135 Connection lost contact"The application will then drop this connection on the .NET servers but the connection(process) will remain on the DB servers. This results in an orphan connection on the DB side which remains until it's removed manually or automatically (can take a long time)On a side note, when the connection is removed from ASP.NET pool the pool goes below the min size allowed.Anyone come across this
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I'm trying to connect a ASP.NET app to SQL. However when I try to connect I get the following message:Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.I've tried conecting using the following connection strings:string strConnSQL = "Server = " + m_strSQLServer + ";" + "Database = " + m_strDataSource + ";" + "Integrated Security=SSPI"; string strConnSQL = "Server = " + m_strSQLServer + ";" + "Database = " + m_strDataSource + ";" + "Trusted_Connection=Yes";I have also checked the box for Integrated Windows Authentication and unchecked Anonymous Access (IIS).Could someone help me figure out what I'm missingThank you in advance!- AT
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I need to attach a Windows NT Login box off of my start form to my project. If anyone knows where I can find this I would appreciate it. It doesn't need to be off of my page I just want it to pop up when someone try's to enter my project....
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I see a lot of posts in here that reference converting the columns in a datagrid to templates.So I have a couple of questions:1) what is the benefit to using the template column over the default column layout2) do the template columns react to data the same as the default column setup3) once using the template must you use special command
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- I'm trying to figure out how to step through the DataReader when building a "confirmation page" for my app.Basically - I'd like to see code to Response.Write the Column Name and the Value of that column..This record set is only one record, with about 8 columns.In long hand, it would be:CODE ' Open Reader dr.Read ' Write Column Name Response.Write(dr.GetName(0) & "") ' Write Column Value Response.Write(dr.Item(0) & "") --- Repeat for all columns in the DataReader ---So, I was wondering what a looped step-though would look like. I often get confused on my loops. I'm guessing that I'm not going to use "FOR...EACH" but rather one with a counter.Maybe like: "FOR "blah" to [Count of Columns]""Response.Write(dr.GetName(blah))"Something along those lines I've very close, I bet, but as a novice, this gets confusing sometimes
regex how to find the " char in a string   (224 Views)
anyone know the expression to find the " character in a string You can better regret that you have done something than regret the fact you done nothing
Permission failure on button click   (252 Views)
We have an aspx and aspx.cs.The aspx hasand the aspx.cs public void btnCancelEvent(Object source, System.EventArgs e) { //Handle the cancel button click event ViewControls(false); lblMsg.Text = ""; }and private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { // Put user code to initialize the page here if (!IsPostBack) { GetData(); ViewControls(false); specialSecHeader.TitleText = "Special Security Pricing"; } userName = User.Identity.Name; if (userName.IndexOf("ENDEAVOUR") > -1) { string myString = userName.Substring(10); userName = myString; } }When the cancel is pressed it comes up with a connect window asking for user name and password to connect to same thing happens with another button handled in the same way (save).To display this page it has had to execute an addnew which looks like very similar functionality.I am told this was all working on Friday but not now. No one owns up to changing anything but...The code in question hasn't changed but anything else could have.Anyone any idea about what to look at ======================================Cursors are useful if you don't know sql.DTS can be used in a similar way.Beer is not cold and it isn't fizzy.
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I have a new user registration page, but whenever a new user clicks it from the login page, it just redirects to the login page. How do I exclude it from being part of the authentication process I am using visual studio 2002, building a solution project
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I have a simple function that creates a dataReader, and returns it, like belowCODEddlCountry.DataSource= dbFn.GetDataReaderSQL("Select * from tblCountry");ddlCountry.DataBind();But my Drop Down list just has the correct number of entries, but instead of country names it has n rows of'System.Data.Common.DbDataRecord' I assume that this is because my DataReader has 2 columns, an index for each country (integer) and a String of the Country Name.Am i right, and how do i fix this, so that i get a list of the strings in my ddl, indexed on the integer field
Crystal Report Security Problem   (195 Views)
Hi ,I have a web page that displays a varity of Crystal reports and then you have the option to export the reports.At the moment you can view the report but everytime I try to export it i get the error message "Error in File C:\inetpub\wwwroot\reports\report.rpt: Access to report file denied. Another program may be using it. "I had this working then i started fiddiling about with IIS and directory security settings and now it isn't working. What are the correct security settings
Can you TRIGGER the click event of a button or CheckBox in ASP.Net?   (322 Views)
Public Sub chkMy_Click(byval sender as System.Object, byVal e as System.EventArgs)...End subWorks okay when I am on the form and I click the checkbox.However .. when I am elsewhere on the same form in code, how can I trigger this event since I need to run the code in it. I do not want to cretae a separate procedure and copy the whole code into it and call that instead. Is it possible to trigger the click event in ASP.Net as in Windows
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i want to create a web user control that receives a parameter, and depending on the parameter received i want to create different menu can i do that
Updating multiple SQL tables from one ASP.Net form   (254 Views)
Please do not write my code for me, but snippets are ok. I prefer being led to the right resource where I can read and learn how to resolve my problems. Thank you very much for your assistance. I'm using ASP.Net on Win2K Server and VS.Net for development. I'm trying to update several tables with a single transaction if this is at all possible. Here are my tables with sample data:tblClientsClientID Client 1 IBM 2 Cisco 3 NabiscotblEmployeesEmployeeID FirstName LastName 1 Bob Smith 2 Mary Smith 3 Mike Randolph 4 Zack SmithtblClientTeamsClientTeamID ClientID EmployeeID 1 1 2 2 1 4 3 2 1 4 2 2 5 2 3 6 3 1 7 3 3Each client team can have one or more team members (employees). Each employee can participate on multiple teams.I need to design an input web form page that will allow end users to input this client team data. They would be adding employees to the tblEmployees table, clients to the tblClients table, and adding client team relationship entries into the tblClientTeams table..... I think.Where I'm stuck is trying to figure out how to provide a UI page that is somewhat dynamic, so the end users can enter one or multiple records based on their need. My question is this: How do I provide a dynamic way for the end user to select how many employee-client team membership entries they need to enter in one sitting, then build-up the data entry page with exactly that number of controls for them to use
Application.Get not working   (91 Views)
I put some 'constants' in the Application object. 99.99% of the time, I have no problems in retrieving them using Application.Get in ASPX pages, but there are a few instances when the Get returns null (when it shouldn't do).FYI, items were put into Application object as follows:'global.asax.vb:Imports System.WebImports System.Web.SessionStatePublic Class Global Inherits System.Web.httpApplication Sub Application_Start(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) ' Fires when the application is started Application.Add("key", "Value being a String") End SubEnd ClassThe values were obtained using:Within an ASPX page in embedded JavaScript, embedded as:var CONST;function window.onload() { CONST = ;}CONST is null in one or two instances, but when the ASPX page reloads, it works again. Using ASP.NET on IIS5.0 on Windows Server 2000.
insert data into sql2k via a dataset   (268 Views)
i'm having a problem doing this, and i think i might be headed in the wrong direction so i'm looking to the gods for some help. I have a web form and on this web for is text boxes, and on the bottom of the form i have a button. when the user clicks the button it should (key word should) add a row to my sql 2k server, but it's giving me problems. i have do aside for the buttons and the textboxes is this: i went to server explorer went to my database, click and draged the table that i'm working with onto my webform. it created my sqlconnection1 and sqldataadapter1 obj's. then i clicked on sqldataadapter1 and clicked on generate dataset and of course it made dataset11. now then in my button (which should add the row) i added this, "client")dim newRow as DataSet1.clientRow 'my table name is clientnewRow = DataSet11.client.NewclientRownewRow.Item("clientID") = me.textbox1.textdataset11.client.addclientRow(newRow)'add the row to the dataset'open up connection and update database insRow as = dataset11.getchanges(datarowstate.added)me.sqldataadapter1.update(insRow)me.sqlconnection1.close()'then i run and test and no matter what i try i get errors'this error states Me.sqldataadapter1.update(insRow) input string was not in a correct formatthank you for any help.john --------------how would it be to work as a programmer again. I don't think i'll ever know.
CustomValidator ValidateEmptyText   (100 Views)
Afternoon all,I'm hoping that someone can save me from drink tonight by helping out on this one.I have a CustomValidator as follows:The ClientValidatonFunction "doStuff" isn't fired when the the text box is empty. Any thoughts / workrounds I'm in the tricky position of needing bespoke validation and as such requiredFieldValidators are not an option. I thought this problem had been fixed on .net 2.0 but I guess not!For info the doStuff presently just presents an alert which I know is functioning fine
Please please tell me what the &*$% I'm missing!!!   (375 Views)
I'm trying to do the right thing by using stored procs but i'm really leaning toward ad-hoc if I can't figure this out. I've been working on this for two days now and I'm getting no where.In short the page is loaded with ONE line in a datagrid with a button to order. The page load works great, it populates the cells and I'm tickled about that. Now I want to send the data back to the database.Please help me wrap this up today. I'd like to end my work week on a plus.ASP Side: VB Side: (minus the page load) Sub Insert_Record(ByVal src As Object, ByVal args As DataGridCommandEventArgs) KBCS.Open() Dim PNOrder As Label = args.Item.FindControl("lblPartNumber") Dim UName As String = Environment.UserName Dim OrdQty As TextBox = args.Item.FindControl("txtQty") Dim datenow As Date = Now If args.CommandName = "Insert" Then Dim SqlCmd As New SqlCommand("SPVSKB_ORDERNOW", KBCS) SqlCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure SqlCmd.Parameters.Add("@PartNumber", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = PNOrder SqlCmd.Parameters.Add("@Uname", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = UName SqlCmd.Parameters.Add("@QtyOrdered", SqlDbType.Int).Value = OrdQty SqlCmd.Parameters.Add("@datenow", SqlDbType.DateTime).Value = datenow SqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery() End If KBCS.Close() End Sub
Viewing current users   (195 Views)
Is there a way that I can view all current users using the membership provider. I want to create an admin page to where I can view who is logged in.
get a datagrid value in c#   (209 Views)
Sorry for the stupid question but I have been looking for a while to get the syntax.What is the c# syntax for getting a value from a selected datagrid the vb is "dg.Items.Item(1).Cells(20).Text"
database driven menu   (186 Views)
Hi ,I am really lost in this and all help will be highly appreciated. I want to make a database driven menu which can go 4 levels deep in 2.0I cannot use menu control due to the css and layout of the control (which I cannot achieve with this control). The layout will be something like:Home Aboutus More details Committee Members Member1 Member2Its not going to be dhtml menu and every click on the menu item will post back to expand if there are sublevels.It would be great if somebody has done something like this (I am sure!), I was thinking about recursive looping
ASCX and Validation Control Problems   (158 Views)
I have a master page, which an ASPX page inherits from. The master page has a bunch of ASCX controls within it.On one particular page, I have the log in control visible (where a user types in the regular username, paswword) and in the middle a control for Registering. This registration control has many validation controls within.The problem I am having is that the user can't log in from this page because it sets off all the validation controls. Is there a way I can bypass these validation controls when pressing the submit button on the totally seperate log in control
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I am trying to find a WebForm control that acts like a details ListView on Windows Forms. I have tried the DataGrid, but I can't get it to select the row or react to SelectedItemChanged event. The DataGrid doesn't have the AutoPostBack attribute. Is there any generic control that I could use I have this working on a Windows Form application. I can select a row of the ListView, and it updates another table. I also need to color the cells according to my criteria.
Panel control   (197 Views)
Does anyone know why the panel server control doesnt display using Pocket Internet Explorer According to microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer SDK, the panel control, which renders as a Div element should work.Anyone got any ideas My page code is as follows :Untitled Page
length of a textbox   (287 Views)
fairly new to web programming.i have a webpage containing an asp:textbox (textbox1) and an asp:label(label1).As the user is typing into the textbox i want the label to show the amount of characters they have typed.i think this should probably be done on the client side.How do i go about doing this
Infragistics   (114 Views)
Does anybody here use the infragistics component when developing Web applications through Visual Studio .NET How does it work Once you download the component does it appear as an extra Toolbox on your Visual Studi
Jscript in (c#) and ascx files   (250 Views)
Hi all. I have some problems with using jscript (c#) and ascx files. Firstly, I have created several ascx files and included them in my page. For example I created an ascx file to hold logged in session information. But I couldn't send information from this .ASCX file instance to the container ASPX file or other include .ASCX instances. How can I communicate theese controls.Second, I want to use java script code but I don't know how to use that on a server side control. For example a Button control
Need an average/price quote from you guys!   (282 Views)
Hi ,Need a little help with pricing.Built a website as a favour for someone and looking now at reselling to a third party. Problem is, not a clue what it would cost on the open market.2 page database driven dynamic site with back-end GUI for admin.Graphics designed and customised by us.Admin can load images and text on to database, then retrieved using URL extensions. (e.g. www.mysite.comid=21&img=2)Other page is static welcome and landing page.The two options I have are to sell the site in it's entirety (code, warts an' all) or to maintain the hosting of the site my self and charge the client per DB entry.Can someone help me out with how much I should charge them for both option
Change CR image with code   (243 Views)
Here's a tricky one. Does anyone have any idea how to change an image on a Crystal Report via codeI have an application that I am building in VS2005 (code behind is vb). I have a report that I want to use code to change the picture based on the recordid. The pictures are stored on a network file.Anybody, somebody, help me please. ProDev, Builders of Affordable Software ApplicationsVisit me at ==> http://www.prodev.usMay God bless you beyond your imagination!!!
My css seems to be being ignored   (382 Views)
New to asp.netYesterday I was working fine on a new file based website on XP. The site was using the css and all looked ok. Today, if I make a change to the css it is ignored when I execute. The design view shows the change. In fact, I can stop vis studio, delete the css from the directory, restart the Vis Studio, and when I execute the website is as if yesterdays css is still there!
Updating information   (143 Views)
Hi I have retreived data from Active Directory and I can also update data in Active Directory. However, the field which is causing me bother is Properties("memberOf"). I can return an Array for this but I cannot update, I have tried this but to no success.CODEDim User As New System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry(adPath & "/" & adSearchResultPropColl.Item("DistinguishedName").Item(0), adDirectory.Username, adDirectory.Password, DirectoryServices.AuthenticationTypes.Secure)User.Properties("memberOf").Add("CN=Accounts,OU=Distribution Lists,DC=tom,DC=fits,DC=co,DC=uk")The memberOf field is an Array but I think that if I add another item it should work.I get the following errorThe server is unwilling to process the request. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: The server is unwilling to process the request
Design Question   (154 Views)
Say if you had 2 forms. The first form listed fruits and allowed you to delete a fruit. The second allowed you to edit a fruit or add a new one. How would you divide this out. 1) 2 separate files ViewFruit.aspx, AddEditFruit.aspx each with their own code behind files to manage associated funtionality ie delete or add etc.2) 1 file that dynamically loads separate forms (ascx files ) and 1 single code behind page that does all functionality3) A neater .NET approach Form 1 Fruit =============================== Apples edit delete Oranges edit delete Bananas edit delete ADD FRUITForm 2 ====================== Fruit Name | | ====================== ====================== Colour | | ====================== ====================== Size | | ====================== SUBMIT
.NET Wrapper to view old Crystal Reports   (177 Views)
...I have inherited some old Crystal Reports that I need to create a wrapper that enables them to be veiwed ... and the end users wanted it yeseterday .... anybody have any suggestions where I might find something quick that is already created to save some time Many