***RESOLVED*** sqlconnection technique for deploying

Hi all,

I created a web app(forms) on my test machine and I deployed it on my web server. Now everything was working fine on the test machine but I'm having problems on the web server. This is my first time deploying a web app so I noticed that my code needed some changes. For exemple, I have images in the forms and on my test machine I had them just about anywere on the hard drive. But I didn't think about what would happen on the web server. Anyways I figured out that I had to place them in the directory of the web app in inetpub/wwwroot and had to write the path relative to my application directory. Just an exemple of begginers mistakes.

One problem I can't seem to figure out is the sqlconnection I have. I created an swlconnection in the form but the connection string is for the test machine db. SO on my web server this doesn't work since the machine name isn't the same. I don't know how to change it so it works on both machines at the same time. I thought using localhost would work but I'm having trouble with that.

Here's my string:

workstation id=MYMACHINE;packet size=4096;integrated security=SSPI;data source=MYMACHINE;persist security info=False;initial catalog=Demo2

My db have the same name on both machines (Demo2) but not the workstation id and data source.

What is the best way to write this string so that when deploying I don't have to change everything

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