Overcoming large image map problem in IE

Hi all,

On one of our web applications, an image is created dynamically. On this image the user can hover the mouse over some parts of the picture to get certain information, and can then click on these same annotations to edit them. In order to do this, I create an image map along with the image. The image map has onMouseOver and onClick properties for the image.

The problem is that the image map for this picture can get quite large, and when it gets too large it drives internet explorer nuts. In one example, the image map alone is 1.5 MB of information, and when internet explorer tries to open it the browser will not show the image, the buttons go haywire (i.e. radio buttons are replaced by j's), and after closing the browser, windows will act weird (such as right-click menus coming up all black) until I restart the computer.

I have tried to run the app on a few different computers, all with the same symptoms. I can run it in Netscape 7.0, but cannot get it to run in IE.

Does anyone know why IE does this Kevin B.
.Net Programmer

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Here is my requirement:1. I have a text box (lets say txtStore), which accepts some integer values. This is a mandatory field. User can just enter an number and if he/she hits enter we need to retrieve some values and display it.2. Screen also has some other fields, which are mandatory when user clicks on Save button.I have used validator controls for all the mandatory fields, but I dont want to validate any information when user hits 'enter' inside the txtStore text box.Any ideas/solutions will be of great help
Best way to specify length parameter of TEXT field in ASP.NET code   (169 Views)
Which of the following would be better to set the length parameter for a SqlParameter object in ASP.NET code for a field of type TEXTcomm.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@paramName",SqlDbType.Text,16));comm.Parameters["@paramName"].Value = someValue;-- OR --comm.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@paramName",SqlDbType.Text,2147483647));comm.Parameters["@paramName"].Value = someValue;
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I try to connect remote server via IP address and got error: requested registry access is not allowed bellow is my web.config file. Can some expert help me fix it
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Hi ,I have a page in which I need the following functionality: First, I need two radio buttons (that's easy enough). Next, when one of the radio buttons is clicked, I need a set of controls (which include radio buttons and check boxes) to be displayed. When the other radio button is clicked, I need the controls to be hidden. Now, this behavior must be accomplished without a post back so I guess I'll need some java script to do the job. Also, I must still be able to retrieve the user selections (which of the view/hide check boxes were selected, for instance) from server code.Can anybody tell me how I could accomplish thi
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i am trying to open the project which one is developed in other version of .net. It is giving message like" unable to read the project file". Project was created with the newer version of visual studio which is incompatible with your version. You can only open this with the newer versions of visual studio."please give me suggestion to open this project.
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can anybody recomend a free server where i can test my aspx pages i need one with access to the bin directory for code behind. ____________________________________________________If you like a post, show you care by giving it a .
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,I am making a web App that allows the Owner of the app to customize what they want User to see. For Example, One set of user may want: (the underlines represent a textbox)First Name: ___________Middle Name: __________Last Name:__________and another :First Name:____________Last Name:_____________I have a model in Which I am storing the whether the Control is visible and what the label text should be stored in a SQL database. Currently I have the Codebehind page load the controls dynamically, then I assign any data to the controls.What I am wondering is if I can instead of Building the page dynamically adding the controls at run time if I can build it one time with an admin program and then have the page only rebuild (Place controls) if the admin program has a change.I am thinking that instead of haveing a code behind that runs on the server at run time I would like a Windows app that does the same thing and then places Server script and
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