Multiple dependent dynamic DropDownLists problem

I have three DropDownLists. The second DropDownList is dependent upon the answer of the first DropDownList, and the third is dependent upon the first two.

The problem is that after the user tries to select a value in the first dropdown, it continues to use only the first value selected. I've seen numerous help pages on this that all recommend using the !Page.IsPostBack for the DataBind, but this doesn't work when the values for the dropdowns will change.

Has anyone run into this problem before and if so, how did you solve it I'm using the AutoPostBack property in the DropDownList to submit the values to the form and change the values of the other dropdowns accordingly.

I can supply code if need be.

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Hi ;I am developing a generic ASP.NET 2 template site that we can use for as a base for our future applications. We previously used classic ASP.My query is, is it possible for me to create a single database definition is a central location that all my controls and database classes can use to connect to a database. The reason for this is that we constantly switch between MSACCESS and MSSQL as a db based on demands.In classic ASP this was easily done as we built a central connection string in an asp file that we could simply include on our pages. Therefore, if we made a change to this include page we could switch processing easily between an MSACCESS and MSSQL db.Is a similiar approach possible with ASP.NET 2 I have been using GridView and OleDbReader to connect to a MSACCESS db. I noticed that C# has specific classes for MSSQL. Do I have to use this classes, or is there a generic database class which I can use to select/insert/update either an MSACCESS or MSSQL dbAny and all recommendations/advice/help would be GREATLY appreciated! Sean.
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I have an ASP.NET application with many pages. A lot of the pages make calls to a MSSQL database to retrieve data. On each page, I have functions that connect to the DB, execute a T-SQL statement or stored procedure, and return values, etc.I want to avoid having to re-write a lot of the same code in the function across multiple pages. Therefore, I am thinking of creating a new class file and adding functions to connect to the database there, and then calling these functions from other ASPX pages. Here is the problem then...Let's say that I want to call a stored procedure that returns a scalar value. So my function prototype would be something to the effect of:private string GetScalarValue(string storedProc, string returnValue, SqlParameter sqlParam) { ... }Now, what if I have two parameters that I want to pass I could have an overloaded function that takes two SqlParameters.But What if I have x parameters Having my programming background in C++, my thought is to create an array of SqlParameters (SqlParameter paramList = new SqlParameter[count]) and use a for() loop to add each parameter. While this will probably work, I was hoping there was a built-in mechanism to do this. I remember reading or hearing about collections a while back. Is this what I need to be using Arrays seem old-school to me.Any suggestions are appreciated.Varol
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I am working on a project which query some data from a database. I put the rows in a datatable.Just for example, the 2 row fields looks like the following:(orderID, orderDate)where the same orderDate can have many orderID .I , then, need to group the data by orderDate and display them into a datagrid as the following format:orderDate, orderID_a, orderID_b..........orderID_xI tried to convert the dataRow into an ArrayList form, which contain another arraylist for the orderIDs, but I then I have a problem to bind to the orderID's arrayList.Anyone get any idea, please
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I am new to programming ASP.NET and using Visual Studio. Is there a way that when you add a Web Control to a Panel you can position it I can not see the style tab in the properties.
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I set up RequiredFieldValidator enable = false in property and use code to set enable = true. But RequiredFieldValidator did not work. Someone know why
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Hi ,Is it possible to have a CheckBoxList control with scroll bars My application needs to allow the user to select multiple items from a list and my boss wants each item to have a check box next to it. Currently I'm using the CheckBoxList control. The problem I have is that there are too many items and the CheckBoxList doesn't seen to use scroll bars. I know I can have it display multiple columns but my boss doesn not want that. Can anybody tell me how I could create a CheckBoxList control that has scroll bar
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I have a mouse over event that will change the graphic of a button using javascript pretty straight forward. I use the same logic on a hyperlink, but the mouse over event does not seem to change the object. Here's my code'Image ButtonImgBtnChoice.Attributes.Add("onmouseover", "this.src='/GalleryCatalog/Image/arrow_sel.gif';")ImgBtnChoice.Attributes.Add("onmouseout", "this.src='/GalleryCatalog/Image/arrow_unsel.gif';")'HyperlinklnkAdvanceBid.Attributes.Add("onmouseover", "this.src='/GalleryCatalog/Image/arrow_sel.gif';")lnkAdvanceBid.Attributes.Add("onmouseout", "this.src='/GalleryCatalog/Image/arrow_unsel.gif';")If I make the hyperlink button an image button it works fine. Any ideas Jason MeckleyDatabase AnalystWITF
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Greetings y'all,I'm looking to dynamically turn on/off a couple requiredfieldvalidator controls - the easiest way possible.I have a dropdownlist and some textbox controls:CODERepeating Does Not Repeat Same Day of the Month Every ___ Days Day to Repeat OnNo. of RepeatsAnd the DDL fires fires some javascript to show/hide textbox fields:CODE function toggle_repeat_fields(fld) { if(fld.value == 1) { document.getElementById('repeatfield1').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('repeatfield2').style.display = 'none'; } else { document.getElementById('repeatfield1').style.display = 'block'; document.getElementById('repeatfield2').style.display = 'block'; } if(fld.value == 2) { document.getElementById('lblRepeatDay').innerHTML = "Day to Repeat On"; } else { document.getElementById('lblRepeatDay').innerHTML = "Day Interval"; } }Not exactly radical new therapy in web design. What I want is to add a requiredfieldvalidator to the two textboxes if they're visible.Thought about a custom field validator, but that might be overcomplicating the obvious.Any help is appreciated. I am using ASP/VB 2.0 "If it's stupid but works, it isn't stupid." -Murphy's Military Laws
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I have a master page, which an ASPX page inherits from. The master page has a bunch of ASCX controls within it.On one particular page, I have the log in control visible (where a user types in the regular username, paswword) and in the middle a control for Registering. This registration control has many validation controls within.The problem I am having is that the user can't log in from this page because it sets off all the validation controls. Is there a way I can bypass these validation controls when pressing the submit button on the totally seperate log in control
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HiI have a created a simple ASP page that return a row of 7K records using a data grid control and created a link for whomever to download the code as a CSV file. Everything works fine but for the result to be displayed on the data grid control is slow and it takes a lot longer to open a link for a CSV file. I am just guessing there is something inside the code that slows the whole process.My question is: 1-Can I use one connection string and use it with two different objects.2-Can I use one sql statement for both CSV file link and display the record in a data grid control.3-Can I combine the code I use to create a CSV file with data grid and still get the CSV file and display the record in a data grid control.I really apprecite if someone could take a look at and give me an advise where to make the correction.Below is the code
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For some reason, when I right-click on one of my DATAGRIDS and select Export to Microsoft Excel, it starts to export the data, but eventually the process stops and all I see is the headers from the datagrid, but no data.I have been able to export other tables/datagrids to excel without any problem - what may be the issu
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I'm sure there's a really easy way of doing this, but I haven't found it yet.I have a bunch of asp:hyperlinks. I have their IDs stored in a database. I want to be able to pull a record from the database and get a handle on the control with that ID.I thought FindControl might work something like this:FindControl(IDvalueFromDatbase).CssClass = blahBut that doesn't work. How should I be using findControl Or how about another way of doing i
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I have been asked to Create a Business logic layer for my company. I have to create an Order.cs class with Add,Delete and Update methods and a OrderCollection using IEnumberable. The Data Access layer we are using is Microsoft's SQLHelper Class Library. The part where Im having trouble is OrderCollection.cs creation and how it gets used in the Order.cs class.Im quiet new to designing C# classes and components and was wondering if someone could provide me with a sample source code or a reference link
Problem in xml web service   (235 Views)
hi, im trynig to build a xml web service in c# in visual, i want the service to get a xml document as a parameter and sava it to code looks like this: CODE[WebMethod] public string writeFile(object xmldoc){ XmlDataDocument xmldoc1=(XmlDataDocument)xmldoc; DataSet ds=new DataSet(); ds=xmldoc1.DataSet; return ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count.ToString(); }and i call it like this from an ASP form, after setting the web reference to it: CODEXmlDataDocument xml=new XmlDataDocument(ds1);localhost.Service1 Prxy= new localhost.Service1();TextBox1.Text=Prxy.writeFile(xml);but when i run the page, and click on the button, i get this error:"The type System.Xml.XmlDataDocument may not be used in this context."i added the using statements i need at the begnining of the web service file.. can anybody help me
C# and Visual Studio Problem ... please   (110 Views)
Hi all,I have got a weired problem with Visual Studio. I am trying to use C# as default compiler. what i am doing is after starting VS i select -> My Profile and then from Profile Combobox i select-> Visual C# developer. But by the time i select it Profile is changed instantly back to Visual Studio Developer. I don't know why I checked my instllation if C# is installed, everything looks ok.What can go wrong Any other alternative way to do itregards,rahman
Data Connection Integrated Vs. SQL login   (269 Views)
all. I have returned from the dead or jobless whichever.I was just wondering if anyone here had opinions on using data connections with integrated security or using a SQL login. Security risks, problems, concerns, whatever is on your mind speak and be heard. That'l do donkey, that'l do MarkIf you are unsure of forum etiquette check here FAQ796-2540
Server Error in '/xyz' Application:   (129 Views)
When I am executing a SQL Server Stored procedure which is taking more than a min. through aspx i am getting the error.Server Error in '/net' Application.------------------------------------------------------------Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.-----------------------------------------------------------Anybody have any idea
Parser error with codebehind on global.asax   (195 Views)
Coming in at 6:30 AM is not productive, as much as they might think!K, Here is what I get:Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'theimageconnection.Global'.Source Error: Line 1: That's the assembly name... there is nothing in the global.asax or global.asax.vb. Can I delete these
Still on my search for controls   (322 Views)
I know this can be done, but I can't figer out how.How can I build a web control that uses more than html components on it If you look at .NET components, you can find several components that have their only style, not depending on the html controls. For instance, the RTF control shows a sort of textarea, where you can have multiple colors, fonts and font sizes. This is not a html textarea. Besides, it exposes it's properties and events both to client script and server script. How can I do something like it NetAngel
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I have a page that has 2 gridviews and 3 or 4 charts. It takes it a few seconds to load depending on a couple of items.1. How many items are in the gridviews2. The number of days the charts spanMy question is this1. Is there a way to make the page display like Gridview1 then continue to load the rest2. If not, is there a way to just databind the gridviews and like the first chart on page load then have checkboxes for when you want to see the other charts - Matt"If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness"- Windows 2003 Server, 98 SE, XP- VB.NET, VSTS 2010, ASP.NET, EXCEL VBA, ACCESS, SQL 2008
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Hi all,I just started working on ( a newbie). I could so far build some pages and got them running on my own machine. Right now, I have in my hand the code for a website that is currently running. I just want to know the procedure to open this website. I followed these steps:1. Save the project in a folder on a local drive.2. Go to VS-> choose Open Website->Build Website->Debug using the config file.3. This just opens up the home page (home.aspx).I'm not sure if this is it. I'm unable to get any images displayed nor am I able to browse through the debugging version. Also, I need help in setting up the IIS for this. I know this is way too much to ask but I really need this help
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I have been asked to take some information that comes in on a communcications port and present on screen like a wallboard. I would appreciate any sort of guidance on this project. I am not sure if it is possible to read a communications port and am I really struggling. I was thinking about using a seperate application to collect the data and then read the file. The problem I have is the info is real time and is extremely simple.The file comes out real time and the data is already collated so all I need to do is take it and format it and display on the screen.The info comes out in raw text.Something like this 87 4000 4 5000 85 3800 4 5001 88 3900 4 5002This happens every second and I would like to display this on a real time wallboard. Is this possible and if so would anyone please offer some guidance. The info would be displayed as below.Temperature RPM motors run time 87 4000 4 500
Hiding controls conditionally in formview   (180 Views)
I'm working with a client who has a FormView on an ASP.NET (VB) page, displaying a single record pulled from SQL using a SQLDataSource on the page. Some of the data are address or phone fields that may be blank. If they're blank, there should be no white space/blank lines, and any accompanying labels must be hidden.Example:123 Any TownSomewhere, NY 10101Phone: 212-555-1212Toll-Free:Should look like:123 Any TownSomewhere, NY 10101Phone: 212-555-1212("Phone:" appears in a label)Two questions:1. Is a databound FormView the best choice of control in this situation2. What's the best way to hide controls, without leaving white space (thinking use of a panel would do the trick if that's not overkill, but wasn't sure ofhow exactly to refer to the controls within ItemTemplate of a formview
Framework Question   (531 Views)
In my project I am connecting and pulling some data down from an as400 using the .net Provider=IBMDA400. Now, when i update my IIS server with the new pages etc. I get an error message telling me that IBMDA400 is not registered. What would cause that I am using the built in .net provider not the IBM client access provider.any help would be appreciated