File Security and Aspx pages Httphandler

I have this scenario :-
userid 66 has folder/66
userid 75 has a folder/75
do not want 66 to be able to access 75's files by changeing url.

After logging in, the user has an aspx page has a list of hyperlinks to different files Example(http://comm/66/test.doc)
I do not want them to be able to change the url to http://comm/75/test.doc which would be for another user.
aspx pages are protected but doc,pdf,txt files are not.
I created a custom httphandler but keep getting an "Unrecognized configuration section 'HttpHandlers'" Error with it.

I Would ask for any suggestions as to how to secure these files.I will paste my code if anyone is willing to help me.

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I was given one application to develop where I need to search a particular category by zipcode. I will have is Dropdownlist with the category names and the ZipCode in a text box field. I have to return all the doctors from that zipcode by returning the full details and also the distance. Can anyone help me how to get started on this application. I dont have any database setup with the zipcodes. I have to develop this functionality in ( I appreciate your help
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Need to store the details of a user when they login. The old way of doing this would be to create session variables but I believe this is now frowned upon. Ideally creating a global class and somehow implementing this in the global.asax file would be the answer but not sure if this can be done in asp and
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I'm working on a site that uses Active Directory for authentication. I want to display certain menu items based on the users' group membership. How do I do this I've tried tons of examples from around the Internet, but nothing is working. I'm guessing that I'm missing something relatively simple and probably has to do with the path that I'm using. As a test, I tried this bit of code to see if I could get the details of a user: CODEPrivate Sub Test() ' Bind to a specific user. Dim path As String path = "LDAP://CN=User Name,CN=users, DC=fabrikam,DC=com" Dim entry As New DirectoryEntry(path) ' Create a DirectorySearcher object. Dim mySearcher As New DirectorySearcher(entry) mySearcher.SearchScope = SearchScope.Base ' Use the FindOne method to find the user object. Dim resEnt As SearchResult = mySearcher.FindOne() Dim propKey As String For Each propKey In resEnt.Properties.PropertyNames ' Display each of the values for the property ' identified by the property name. Dim prop As Object For Each prop In resEnt.Properties(propKey) Debug.Print("{0}:{1}", propKey, [prop].ToString()) Next prop Next propKey End Sub What should the path be if I'm trying to find the group/OU membership for a user named "jdoe" on domain "" The user is in an OU off the root named "MyCompany Users". It hought that it would be something like this: CODELDAP://CN=jdoe,CN=MyCompany Users, DC=mydomain, DC=mycompany, DC=com but it doesn't appear to work. Any idea as to what I'm doing wrong problem   (254 Views)
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,I have a page I built that a FLASH movie that loads and XML data file with a bunch of songs in it. It loads very quickly. The problem I'm seeing is that the Images for the songs are loading each time there is a request. I want to cache them (obviously) or load them all at once. I'm not too familair with caching so I'm looking for some guidance. The images are pulled through from a image processor that resizes them and stuff. Here is the page: is what one "Song" looks like (an xml node)CODE Happy Valentines Day! /ImageProc.ashxImage=albm_16_633069117976359969.jpg&width=75&cropHeight=30 SomeMp3.mp3 102 Jenni Quick 5895402 4:05The image proc script is prolly the place to cache the images right I'd like to load them all... what is the best solution to my problem Thank you!!-- Jenni
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I have a button that I have some code in the _Click event that is not firing, I think I am missing something in the InitializeComponent... any ideas Does this even make sense
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Not sure what I need to include to make this work. WshShell.SpecialFolders has the blue line under it stating "Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference. I added a reference to Microsoft Scripting to the project and I Import IWshRuntimeLibrary.Dim DesktopDir As String = _ CType(WshShell.SpecialFolders.Item("Desktop"), String) Dim shortCut As IWshRuntimeLibrary.IWshShortcut ' short cut files have a .lnk extension shortCut = CType(WshShell.CreateShortcut(DesktopDir & _ "\QPMSOffice.lnk"), _ IWshRuntimeLibrary.IWshShortcut
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all,I'm not too familiar with the web controls as I am used to console apps. I'm trying to get a crystal report to print be viewable and printable on the web. I added the Crystal report to the project, then put a crystal report source control on the page and set its report source to my report (via the dropdown list on the web view). I then drop a crystal report viewer control and set its report source to the report source control previously placed. Now I need to pass my report two values dynamically. The code I've been fooling with looks something like this: Dim myTableLogonInfos As TableLogOnInfos = New CrystalDecisions.Shared.TableLogOnInfos() Dim myTableLogonInfo As TableLogOnInfo = New CrystalDecisions.Shared.TableLogOnInfo() Dim myConnectionInfo As ConnectionInfo = New CrystalDecisions.Shared.ConnectionInfo() With myConnectionInfo .ServerName = "SQLTest2" .DatabaseName = "AccountsReceivable2" .UserID = "sa" .Password = "pass" End With myTableLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo = myConnectionInfo myTableLogonInfo.TableName = "rpt_Schedules" myTableLogonInfos.Add(myTableLogonInfo) viewerRptSchedules.LogOnInfo = myTableLogonInfos 'the crystal report viewer Dim myParamField1 As New CrystalDecisions.Web.Parameter Dim myParamField2 As New CrystalDecisions.Web.Parameter Dim myParams As New CrystalDecisions.Web.ParameterCollection myParamField1.DefaultValue = "1" myParamField1.Name = "strCompanyName" myParamField2.DefaultValue = "015210" myParamField2.Name = "strEmployee" myParams.Add(myParamField1) myParams.Add(myParamField2) I tried for the longest time using crystaldecisions.shared.parameterfield(s) and similar, but it wasnt working. Figured I'd give the .web.parameter thing a shot. However, I couldnt find any logonInfo classes objects under .web. What to do Oh, by the way, my error is always either "Could not log on, etc." or "Invalid parameter values", depending on what I fool with. I'm using 2.0
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I have a datatable that I'm using as a shopping cart. I need to be able to remove rows from this datatable. I have an aspx page that displays the datatables contents and I have a button which I want the user to be able to click to remove that particular record. The button's CommandParameter is set to one of the other column's databound field. When the remove button is clicked I get the following error: "Input string was not in a correct format." My method is as follows:protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { int index = int.Parse(e.ToString()); DataTable tempTable = new DataTable(); tempTable = (DataTable)Session["Cart"]; tempTable.Rows[index].Delete(); Session["Cart"] = tempTable;
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Hi i have a FormView control with a DropDownList in like so:And in the Page_Load event handler i have the following:Dim lstCategoryID As DropDownList = CType(FormView1.FindControl("lstCategoryID"), DropDownList)lstCategoryID.DataSource = Utilities.GetCategoriesList(_sectionID, 0, "")lstCategoryID.DataBind()Which populates the DropDownList fine but i need to select the appropriate value based on the CategoryID for the item i am editing.I tried putting SelectedValue='' on the dropdownlist but it returned the following error."'lstCategoryID' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items"The trouble is the value for CategoryID is the item i am editing is in the DropDownList. I have had no problem in the past when the DropDownList was statically populated. Therefore i think the problem might be that i am binding the data in the code behind file but i don't know how to solve it.Appreciate your help.
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Using .NET 2.0 and VS2005 I'm creating a new website and I'm trying to utilise the new controls and features were possible.At the moment I'm making a simple update / add record form and initially tried creating the textboxes and using a ObjectDataSource Control set to a TableAdapter to add the fields. This worked but I can't for the life of me work out how to read a record from the ObjectDataSource and populate the textboxes ready for an edit to occur. I'd still be interested in hearing how to do thisAnyway, so I decided to try the detailsview control. At first I couldn't work out how to validate it and add multiline textboxes, but some time playing with templates has got most of that ironed out. However I'm trying to work out the best practice for updating some default fields in the table that the user should not see in the details view. I have a field for modified date to enable basic auditing of the updates and want to update it with the current date and time when the user clicks the update command in the detailsview. How can I do this / what method is best advice greatly appreciated.Cheers, Steve G (MCP)
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I want to setup a mailing program which allows the user to enter an email message on a aspx page and click submit to their membership list. However when we test it the process has not completed when the http request times out. Is there a way to spawn a seperate thread that continues to run and allows the http response to the requestI am looping through the email list and calling SmtpMail.Send for each individual email address at an interval of 10 seconds. (Some ISP's in my area will consider it spam if they come faster than that from the same host.The process obviously does not complete before the request times out
Null Vales to Stored Proc From SQL datasource...   (220 Views)
Using VS 2005 and SQL Server.I Set up an SQL datasource that connects to a stored procedure with 2 date parameters. The default value for each parameter is set to NULL in the stored procedure.Basically, if a start and end date is sent -- they are used in the "where clause". If not -- then there are no date restrictions applied.In setting up the datasource in .Net, I associated each parameter with a text box control on the web page. of this is being done at design time.When associating the parameters to the controls, I want don't want to pass any value for the parameters when the text boxes are blank.When I run the page and execute the datasource with blank text boxes, it seems to send blank values for the parameters. However, I would like to either send NULL as the value or nothing at all.Can I set it up to a)Not send date parameters when the text boxes are blank or b) send NULL as the values when the text boxes are blankAlso, is there a date validation control available that can be used with a text bo
TemplateField helper function passes variable name not value   (320 Views)
I have the field user_is_active in a table - 1 = active, 0 = inactive.I have a GridView set up and I want it to display text "active/inactive" instead of 1/0. Easy rightIt seems to be passing the variable name "user_is_active" instead of the value 1 or 0 so all records are showing "inactive" in the status column.------------------------------------my Template field: ---my C# Codebehindprotected string GetStatus(string program_status) { if (program_status == "1") { return "active"; } else { return "inactive"; } }------------------------------------I know it's passing the variable name since I put:return program_status + "inactive"; for the if/else and got "user_is_activeinactive" in the status column. I tried variations of "Container.DataItem" which I saw in so many examples but got errors.Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong here
Reporting Service output   (146 Views)
I have an page which uses a SQL Server 2000 reporting service in the code behind (c#) to generate reports based on the parameters set within the page.The code below shows how the report is output to the screen.The variable result holds the output of the reporting service.CODEResponse.ClearContent();//Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";//Response.ContentType = "application/";Response.ContentType = this.OutputFormat.SelectedValue;Response.BinaryWrite(result);Response.Flush();Response.Close();On some machines this will embed the report within the current page and on other machines it will open either adobe or excel and display the result in a new window.Is there a way of forcing the machine, through the code, to display the report in the way that I want it I.e. so that its always in a new adobe/excel window or always embeddedAlso, is there a manual way of setting how the report is output (ie embedded or in own window) through adobe/IE/excel
how to use style tags inside a label?   (232 Views)
Im using a label to display articles posted by users on my site.if the user enters word im wanting it to convert the text around the strong tags to bold text.but i cant seem to find a way to do there anyway to do this any help would be appreciate
Datagrid: Multiple Rows Per Dataset Row   (570 Views)
If a row of data in a dataset has a lot of columns the row displaying thedata in a datagrid will run way off the screen. What I'd like to do isdisplay a row of data over two datagrid rows so the user doesn't have toscroll horizontally. Essentially, I want to wrap a datagrid row (not text inindividual columns) with as much control as possible. For example, 10 columns on the first row and then 3 columns on the second row for the same physical record in the dataset.Is this possible Or is a datalist the only straightforward way to do thi
General ideas to allow user modify data in a repeater control   (199 Views)
I have a repeater control that renders a grid of data about offers (products to sell on my website). The fields of that grid are: Offer date, Title, Reference, State and Visits. This grid of data appears in the user private menu, and consists in all its published offers. With this grid, the user can control these offers seeing its date, state of the offer (active, eliminated, not available or modified), and the number of visits for each published offer. Now I want the user can modify the sate of each offer when necessary, and I don t know which ASP.NET technique to use so that is fast, easy and has good appearance for the user. The grid example:Date Title Reference State Visits2/12 Furniture at good price F-52-B Active 1421/12 Science book (nature) SB-256 Not Available 530Any ideas (general and/or specific)Thank you,Cesar
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I've got a datagrid in my aspx page as follows:CODEWhen the button is clicked I dynamically build another datagrid and add it to a column of the first datagrid. The code for the dynamic datagrid is:CODEif ( ((LinkButton)e.CommandSource).CommandName == "getRaces" ) { //If the ItemType is Item or AlternatingItem, //Create a new DataGrid object named OrdersDataGrid DataGrid dgRaces = new DataGrid(); #region format the datagrid dgRaces.Width = Unit.Percentage(90); dgRaces.CssClass = "dg2"; dgRaces.ShowHeader = false; dgRaces.AutoGenerateColumns = false; dgRaces.ItemCommand +=new DataGridCommandEventHandler(dgRaces_ItemCommand); dgRaces.EnableViewState = true; #endregion BoundColumn bc = new BoundColumn(); //Race Title ButtonColumn btc = new ButtonColumn(); btc.HeaderText = "Race Title"; btc.DataTextField = "raceTitle"; btc.CommandName = "getHorses"; btc.ItemStyle.Wrap = false; dgRaces.Columns.Add(btc); //Bind the DataGrid. string mtgId = e.Item.Cells[0].Text; dgRaces.DataSource = GetRaceData(mtgId); dgRaces.DataBind(); //Add the dg to the original dg. e.Item.Cells[2].Controls.Add(dgRaces);}It gets added fine. I now want to be able to click on any row of this second datagrid and deal with the onClick event but I can't see how. Currently when I click on the row the second datagrid is lost Can anyone help me out here In case it is needed my page_load event looks like this:CODEprivate void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e){ if (!IsPostBack) { // Put user code to initialize the page here dg.DataSource = GetMeetingData(); dg.DataBind(); }} i love chocolate
Howto refresh datagrid after update database   (264 Views)
how can i refresh datagrid after updating database.First of all i'll describe my problem.I have a webform with a datagrid and a save button. The datagrid consist of row of fields: ID, Name Price, Price is a editable textbox. User can edit as many of the price Textbox as needed, click save button to update all changes back to the database, and the grid will be rebind. The problem is that after rebind , I get thegrid with 6 field as ID,Name, Price, ID,Name ,Price.Do i miss something here or how can i clear the content of the Grid before rebindAny help would be much appreciated. ( please refer to my code below
How to write a software support agreement   (254 Views)
Not a programming question, but i did originally post in "The corporate Water Cooler" forum section my original post wasQuote:I am a new delevoper in the lease my very first real world project is an ecommerce store for this tourist atraction company. I am leaving them and going off to school again, I was(currently am) the sole inhouse developer. When i was hired it was on a temp bases but became full time, i never signed anything there was no contract nothing.Now that i am leaving they seem to realize if the store crashes they are in trouble. So "ethichly" the right thing to do is to give them support to fix the site or what have you.Sense i will be off to school i don't want them bothering me for every little thing, its database driven and very dynamic in there interaction with the site is minimal and far from pain saking.How do i go about writing an agreement are there sites to help with this Any guidlines or things to considerI'm basically thinking a high hourly fee for any recodeing i have to do, new feature fall under new development and would be under a new contract.not responisble for hardware failure, lost of data, user neglagance things like that.I would basically like an agreement that is a deterant to contact me if you will, can't say i like the company and i don't want them to constantly be bothering me when i'm in school. The only thing i should be responisble for is updating the code if needed or rebuilding or what not if the software crashes or has a bug. Not updating the content or new features.In the original thread thread654-1069192It was agreed that I am not obligated to do this but would be a new buisness adventure so liability has to now be take to effect. Any advice on this
windows XP   (295 Views)
forgive me for being dim. I have XP SP2 and have installed VS.NET, .NET framework 1.1 and ASP.NET framework 1.1 and FP extensions 2002, but can't get my machine to run aspx files that are being served out be the webserver on the PC when I browse to them with IE6. Instead it asks if I want to open or save them (and open goes to Visual Studio .NET).Presumably I have missed a step somewhere that maps in IIS 5.1 the ASPX extension to the appropriate program on the PC Please point me in the right direction or to the appropriate docs
ListBox Javascript   (193 Views)
Does anyone have Javascript for limiting the number of selected items (lets say to 5) in a multi-select ListBox using ASP.NET
Infragistics control javascript client side   (663 Views)
I am using third party controls in my page. They are infragistics controls and i need to validate the choosen date on a webdatechooser on client side and dont know how to get the chosen date ont eh clietn side without postback.any suggestiosn
Lost SQLDataAdapter on page design   (695 Views)
Hi ALL,For some reason, I've lost my SQLDataAdapter, SQLConnection, and Dataset icons that appear at the bottom of the design page. Of course, I need these to make property changes. Anyway, I closed VS and reopened it, but it didn't make any difference. The version I am using is: Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 69461-270-0000007-18910Has anyone seen this before Any thoughts, ideasTIA, Randy
DataSet Null in DropDown Binding   (263 Views)
This is probably a straight forward problem but I can't seem to figure out what is causing the dataset to be NULL -- I am trying to bind a dropdownlist using simple binding:''The entire test page, which calls for the table records and to fill a DataSet, results in the following error:Exception Details: System.ArgumentNullException: Value can not be null. Parameter name: dataSetSource Error: Line 26: cnnWk.Open() Line 27: daType = New OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT Zip, ZipCty FROM tblZipCodes", cnnWk)Line 28: daType.Fill(dsType)Line 29: cnnwk.Close()Line 30: dvType = dsType.Tables(0).DefaultViewThe code, in it's entirety is as follows:CODE Dim daType As OleDbDataAdapterDim dsType As System.Data.DataSetDim dvType As System.Data.DataView Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) GetZip()End SubSub GetZip()'open database...Dim cnnWk As OleDbConnection = New OleDbConnection( _ "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; " & _ "Data Source=" & Server.MapPath("fpdb\WkshpReg.mdb;")) cnnWk.Open() daType = New OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT Zip, ZipCty FROM tblZipCodes", cnnWk)daType.Fill(dsType) cnnwk.Close()dvType = dsType.Tables(0).DefaultViewEnd Sub TestAny ideas what may cause this I believe the declarations and Imports are fine, and the the table name & field names are also Ok.
Bind data in a repeater to an editable textbox   (166 Views)
Here's my repeater:CODE I'm getting an error with the textbox, saying:"System.Web.HttpException: 'TextBox' cannot have children of type 'DataBoundLiteralControl'."I'd like to pull the data from the table and display it in the textbox, allowing the user to update it. The data is multiple rows returned.
Formatting Unbound Datagrid Columns   (292 Views)
HiCan anyone tell me if I can do centering on a datagrid column when the datagrid does not use bound column
How can I extract information from an image header?   (276 Views)
I am trying to get information from an image that contains a header with parsable fields. Does anybody know how I can extract information from the header of an image I have never done this before, but know it can be done
displaying tree structure   (320 Views)
how do i create & render a tree structure of categories in using vbi want to render the following on a web page...Animal->Dog ->Cat ->meow ->HorseTree -> Pine -> Redwood -> Some other tree ->Big ->not too bigi am hoping there is some kind of data structure that already does this. src code or links to is appreciated.
FSO and write to files   (215 Views)
Hi togetherI use the code below to write datas to 2 Files (.htaccess and .htpasswd (which wil be used by IISPassword to protect Folders)------------------------------------------------------------