Evaluating and comparing with the DataBinder.Eval statement

Why can't I do something like this, or I should say "How" can I accomplish this kind of comparision withing a databound list control


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Shawn Molloy
Seattle, WA

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I have SQL data and I know how to pull it in from my code behind pages in VB. I am just a little confused how to stick it in my page for viewing. I was adding lots of labels on my page and writing data that way but the page load was soo slow. now i want to write some extra html data too from SQL. I would like to hear what other methods you use to write things in the pages.
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hello,I have a creatUserWizard that works when i use the default connection string and provider but not when i use a custom provider. The custom provider works because if you go through the menu: Website/ configuration and add a user everything is fine, also there is no error when you select the custom provider listed. The create user button of the control does not even trigger a postback on the page. Litteraly nothing happens when you push the button after adding all the user information.The following is my web.config file code:CODE ... the following is the code on my signup page that has the createUserWizard controlCODE does anyone have some suggestions on why nothing is happening or how I can debug this contro
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I'm getting an error "run time error '800a0009' subscript out of range", the only explanation I can see is that the array is out of range... but this doesn't seem to be the case. Can anyone help with an explanation for this by reviewing the snipet of code I've included The line that is causing the error is highlighted. CODEsub sItemWriteSharePathsCombo(lvItemId,lvRowId,lvItemTypeId,lvFieldId,lvCurrentPath,lvShareWhat,lvFieldFolderPath,lvOptions) ' Find out how many folders there are: dim loRs,lvSql,loRs2,lvValue,lvText,lvNoSharingCurrentPath,lvNoPaths,lvNoLangInSite,lvSiteId,loFs,lvNoSharingThisPath dim lvNoRealFieldFolders,lvRealFieldFolders(100),lvRealFieldFoldersIsUsed(100),loFolder,n,lvFolderPath Response.Write "" set loFs=server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") lvNoRealFieldFolders=0 if loFs.folderExists(lvFieldFolderPath) then for each loFolder in loFs.GetFolder(lvFieldFolderPath).SubFolders lvRealFieldFolders(lvNoRealFieldFolders) lvRealFieldFoldersIsUsed(lvNoRealFieldFolders)=false lvNoRealFieldFolders=lvNoRealFieldFolders+1 next end ifAny help would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info I can provide it
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This is really annoying the bageebers out of me. When running the reader is skiping every other element.City and Zip5 are not being assigned values.I've even added:If reader.NodeType = XmlNodeType.Element ... andIf reader.NodeType = XmlNodeType.Element And reader.NodeType XmlNodeType.EndElement ...Any Idea
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Ok, here is what I want to do...Query 2 different databases into 2 separate datasets. That is easy enough. Then I want to compare both datasets and only output the data from dataset 1 that is NOT in dataset 2.Each dataset is going to have a few hundred records.So, what I thought about doing is, load data into both sets, then loop through the first set record by record comparing to each record in the second dataset. Then output to a webform if that record does not match a record in the second dataset.Seems that this should work fine, but I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of completing this Because with this model, I will end up looping through the second dataset a couple of hundred times....Any advice is greatly appreciated
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,I am using a repeater that esentially spits out a set of tables where each repeater item may close a table and start a new one, or just be a normal table row. I am using an asp:panel (and its visibility attribute) to dynamically show or hide the and . the problem is that the table panel generates a div tag which is completely screwing up the page. Is there a control that essentially does the same thing without generating those tags
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!I am sure this is probably a dumb question, but here it goes!I have a repeater and in this repeater I have a name, gender, etc. Ex: John Smith, Male Susan Smith, FemaleIf the gender is a Male, I need for the name, John Smith, to be a asp:linkbutton. Otherwise, to be a asp:literal.Can anyone help
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I have a dropdown in a gridview (ASP.NET 2.0) that is populated from a SQL result set.When a user clicks a ShowEditButton to put the grid in edit mode, a dropdown appears with the top record - how can I get the selection in edit mode to be the value that was currently in the grid before the user selected the ShowEditButtonExample: If a column in my grid read "M" and I was going to edit the record - I want it to read "M" when it goes into edit mode - - not "A"This is my source code -
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are the events wired to the controlsI prefer to explicitly wire my events in the Init event instead of using declartive markup.CODEpublic class MyPage : Page{ public MyPage() { Init += WireEvents; } private void WireEvents(object sender, EventArgs e) { MyButton.Click += ClickMyButton; } private void ClickMyButton(object sender, EventArgs e) { //do work here }}markup would look like thisCODEprotected void ClickMyButton(object sender, EventArgs e){ //do work here} Jason MeckleyProgrammerSpecialty Bakers, Inc.
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I have some Javascript code that dynamically creates an HTML image element and assigns a function call to its onload event when a user takes a certain action in my user control. The problem is that the function call that I've assigned to the onload event is not firing. Does anyone know why this might be I'm thinking it must have something to do with the user control, since using the same javascript in an aspx page works fine.Thx.
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Is there a way that I can view all current users using the membership provider. I want to create an admin page to where I can view who is logged in.
Web Service without a return value?   (183 Views)
here's my scenario.1. web page to select multiple reports to view2. web page to input parameters for selected reports3. process reports asynchronously (generate as pdf, save to db)4. when all reports are done, send email to user with results.Processing time is an issue. so all i want the webpage to do is send a request somewhere (web service, msmq, ...) to generate the reports. I don't want a return value from the async process.At first I was thinking MSMQ. I could still use this, but it just dawned on me that a web service would also work, and is much simpler.For all my years of web programming I haven't ever written a web service. say it takes 5-10 minutes to process a given request for reports.1. does a web service time out2. must the client (aspx) wait for the reply from the service (asmx)I basically want my code behind to look like thisCODE --> MyWebPage.aspxvoid Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs 3){ if(page.IsValid) MyReportBatchWebService.Process(...);}then the web service would look something like thisCODE --> MyReportBatchWebService.asmxpublic void Process([listofreports]){ foreach (report in listofreports) { generate(report); savetodatabase(report); } sendemailtouserabout(listofreports);}this is valid right Jason MeckleyProgrammerSpecialty Bakers, Inc.
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all,Here's the situation -Say that you've caught an exception, and you want to manually redirect to the standard ASP .NET server error page, and you want the page to display all the appropriate information about the exception that you caught. Is this possibleHere's the background information -I'm working with AJAX .NET, which has a really lame way of handling exceptions. I'm able to get around some of the lameness by handling the AsyncPostBackError event. What this does is allow my code to catch the exception, which is great. However, here's the catch - I can't just throw the exception from my AsyncPostBackError handler. If I do, then AJAX .NET's lame exception handler kicks in, and ruins the whole show. What I want to do is take the exception that I've caught, and somehow 'throw' it to the standard ASP .NET server error page. This seems like something that I should be able to do.Any thoughts on the matter
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Can some kind person explain how to calculate a string length in Pixels in an page(I know that this must depend on the Font and Font Size etc).I want to size a textbox depending on the contentsThank you and Merry Xmas
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I have a DataGrid and insert a dropdown box in the grid in HTML like this How do I fix the data that appears in teh combobox What is the property for width of teh value displayed in DropDown List I have tried different things but cannot find it
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First of all, you update command. I think it should beUpdateCommand="UPDATE [litems] SET [qty] = @qty where indx = @indxSecond, your gridview is bound to the data source control, so do not use the control ID of the gridview, instead You may read through UpdateParameters property in the Visual Studio Book online.Here are some text from it.UpdateParameters property gets the parameters collection that contains the parameters that are used by the method that is specified by the UpdateMethod property.The names and types of the parameters that are contained in the UpdateParameters collection must match the names and types of the parameters in the UpdateMethod method signature. Parameters are added to the collection from three sources:1. From the data-bound control, at run time.2. From the UpdateParameters element, declaratively.3. From the Updating event handler, programmatically.First, any parameters that are generated from data-bound controls are added to the UpdateParameters collection. For example, if the ObjectDataSource control is bound to a GridView control that has the columns Name and Number, the parameters for Name and Number are added to the collection. The data type of these parameters is string. Next, the parameters that are listed in the UpdateParameters element are added. If a parameter in the UpdateParameters element is found with the same name as a parameter that is already in the UpdateParameters collection, the existing parameter is modified to match the parameter that is specified in the UpdateParameters element. Typically, this is used to modify the type of the data in the parameter. Finally, you can programmatically add and remove parameters in the Updating event, which occurs before the Update method is run. The method is resolved after the parameters are merged. Method resolution is discussed in the next section.Seaport
Using a datagrid in ASP.NET 1.1 (VB.NET) how can i display an entire with strike through font For example, says my grid contains multiple columns of work todo (status, issue, date, assigned to). I want to display all of the completed items with a strike thru font.
Load page Asynchronously   (263 Views)
I want to load my page Asynchronously. I tried using Page.RegisterAsyncTask( new PageAsyncTask(new BeginEventHandler(this.BeginAsyncBindGrid), new EndEventHandler(this.EndAsyncBindGrid), new EndEventHandler(this.TimeoutHandler), true) );BeginEventHandler returns IAsyncResult but i dont have it as i have to create a object of a class and call a method to get the dataset. I can't call a web service and i cant use SQLCommand.BeginExecuteReader. I want to return the dataset that i am getting as ASyncResult. Is there any way to do this.What i want to do is to load the page and then the grid should be loaded. The user shouldnt wait for the page to load as it takes time for the grid to load. Is there any other way of doing this.I am using 2.0
Newbie? - Response MailTo Tag   (211 Views)
First off, my experience is primarily with windows apps, so I appologize for the simplicity of this.This is using v1.1 of the framework:I've added a button to a aspx page that generates a new email - contents, who it's going to etc. info generated in code.The entire value of the link is in a string called MailStringI've confirmed the email is opened on the client machine etc. viaCODEResponse.Redirect(MailString);The problem is this is obviously not quite what I want -- this clears the page in the browser. I want to leave the user on the page and just open the new mail message.Any suggestions
Dynamically add guid src to iframe   (629 Views)
. I am working on a single sign on solution that generate a guid. This guid will need to append to the address to complete the string. I dont believe it is working. Limited experience with iframes. I can generate the guid and save it to a lable control and then append there, howver, I dont think it is working. Is there something wrong with this code
Email error notification   (247 Views)
I have an application in that sends an email when an error occurs. In the email, it sends the subject line, then in the body, I have the error that occurred and the ID of the person. In the body, it is sending this: Invalid object name.4 I need something like this: Error is: Invalid object name ID: 4 I've tried doing this but it doesn't work also. Can anyone help me out emailerror.SendEmailError("An Error Occurred", "Error is: " + response + "ID: " + id); I have the email class here: CODEpublic void SendEmailError(string subject, string message) { try { string[] emailto = { "" }; string[] emailfrom = { "" }; string emailsubject = subject; string[] emailcc = null; string[] emailbc = null; string[] emailbody = { message }; string[] emailatname = null; int attachcount = 0; byte[][] emailattach = new byte[attachcount][]; TEST.MailService.MailServices MS = new Test.MailService.MailServices(); string temp = MS.SendService(emailto, emailfrom, emailcc, emailbc, emailbody, emailatname, emailsubject, emailattach); } catch { } }
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I have a page that contains a number of validators.Ive inherited this page, and the navigation to Print is triggered by a html tagIve been asked to make sure that before they can print, that the page is validated.If I add the validators to the page, then the new page is clicked and nothing happens.If I add a RunAt="server" tag to the then the page is opened ina new window for print, but the validators are now triggered and showing on the original.Is there anyway I can trigger the client side javascript off the OnClick event of the tag likeCODEClicky(The above doesnt work, as I see the alert, but then the page redirects.)ValidatorOnSubmit() is the code added to the Form Submit action, it just seems that I cant manually trigger it.Any Suggestions, or Should I just write my own javascript for the client side K
Ajax Problem - Slides Control with URL rewriter   (165 Views)
OK, I really think this is the problem with the ajax code not working correctly with the Rewritten URL. This URL is in a new form (there is no id=105). You can use (open source) to test it...1) This WorksMysite\mypage.aspxid=42) this does not:Mysite\ID\4
when image changes imagUrl shows old image.   (179 Views)
Hi I have an aspx form with a hyperlink. The imageUrl is a document relative gif file.If I change the image (but not the file name) the old image still appears on the form even though it no longer exists in the directory.Why is this and how can I get the new image to appear
Label only showing text when below Calendar   (216 Views)
I have a label whose text I set in code after I retreive data from a database. For some reason though, the text will only be seen if I place the label below the calendar that is on my page. Does any one know why that is
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Hi ,I am really lost in this and all help will be highly appreciated. I want to make a database driven menu which can go 4 levels deep in 2.0I cannot use menu control due to the css and layout of the control (which I cannot achieve with this control). The layout will be something like:Home Aboutus More details Committee Members Member1 Member2Its not going to be dhtml menu and every click on the menu item will post back to expand if there are sublevels.It would be great if somebody has done something like this (I am sure!), I was thinking about recursive looping
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HiI try to write out a querystring value on my page, but the querystring contains a value like this....mypage.aspxK=l%F6vand when I try to write that on my page with ..Label1.Text = (Server.HtmlEncode(Request.QueryString("K")))only 'lv' is written on the page when it really should have been lv (o with two dots over it). How can I get this to work
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I'm new to ASP 2.0 so I have some questions.I have mutiple users of my website.Let's say I have a db table called mytable.There is a column on this table called userid which tells which of the users to which this row belongs.I put a login view control on my page.Where do I pull the value of the current logged in user from so I can write a query like the following:Select * from mytable where userid = "whatever user us logged in"I only want to display the rows for the user that is logged in
ASP.NET and Webdav   (199 Views)
I have set up a server that has Webdav enabled. From a remote client, I am able to open Microsoft Word, use the server/virtual directory url to open the file on the server, make revisions and save the file successfully.I am struggling with how to make the call to open this file using webdav from a web page using (vb). Does anyone have any experience with this
RegisterStartupScript and MasterPages?   (245 Views)
Is there any way to do something like what the page.RegisterStartupScript does in a masterpageIt seems to play ok if you aren't using masterpages, but if you are it fails.. even if I place it in the pageload of the Content Page.As a workaround (what I needed to do was set a java script variable) I used the following trickCODE Then I initialazed the variable from the Input controlCODE msg = iptMsg.value;It seems to do what I need, but it might be nice to know how to use the RegisterStartupScript Method in the future.I tried both the page.startupscript and the clientscript.startupscript methods and had a resounding failure.Any thoughts welcomeRob
Trouble accessing web config for connection string   (247 Views)
I have the following entry in my web.config file: I am trying to access the connection string as follows:Dim lcConStr As StringlcConStr = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("ConnectionString")txtLocation.Text = lcConStrWhen ran, the textbox comes up empty. What could be the problem
User Control inheritance   (229 Views)
I am working on a web app that has nested user controls, one control displays the other.Both controls have code behid files.Inner control ascx file calls a function in its code behind,like I need to put the implementation of the function ReturnText in the code-behind of the outer control (wrapper). Is there implicit inheritance between members of code behing in inner and outer user controls so that the implementation of ReturnText in the outer conrol is inherited by the inner control or is there a need to do extra wor
Quick and Dirty Grouping with a Repeater Control   (414 Views)
Does anyone know of a quick and dirty way to do grouping with a repeater control.ExampleParent Record-Child Record-Child RecordParent Record-Child Record-Child Record-Child RecordI've found some tutorials out there that are way above what I need.Suggestions
Error: You tried to assign the Null value to a variable that is not a   (229 Views)
Hi I keep getting the following error:Error: You tried to assign the Null value to a variable that is not a Variant data typeWhen trying to insert a new record into an Access 2003 Database using the Details View tool. I have tried using a seperate entry page as well as adding the insert option in Details View but each time I still get the above error. Any help will be gratefully recieved.Here is the code I'm using:           
CreateUserWizard FindControl ID   (265 Views)
When using the default CreateUserWizard controls for signup. How do I reference the id for each control (Username, password, ConfirmPassword, Email and the submit button) I've tried "TextBox emailTB = (TextBox)CreateUserWizard1.CreateUserStep.ContentTemplateContainer.FindControl("Email")"But this doesnt seem to work.
How to create a csv file   (281 Views)
I am using the below code to create a csv file and It works fine but the apps that i am working on right now has three different girdviews and I would like to create one csv files for the three of them togher.My question is can i this code to create that....and if it is possible can someone give me a clue how i can accomplish this. thanks......drc = CSVLetting.ExecuteReader() sb = New System.Text.StringBuilder 'for field name For i = 0 To drc.FieldCount - 1 If i < (drc.FieldCount - 1) Then sb.Append(Chr(34) & drc.GetName(i) & Chr(34) & ",") Else sb.Append(Chr(34) & drc.GetName(i) & Chr(34) & vbCrLf) End If Next 'for field value While drc.Read() For i = 0 To drc.FieldCount - 1 If i < (drc.FieldCount - 1) Then sb.Append(Chr(34) & drc.GetValue(i).ToString.Replace(Chr(34), Chr(34) & Chr(34)) & Chr(34) & ",") Else sb.Append(Chr(34) & drc.GetValue(i).ToString & Chr(34) & vbCrLf) End If Next End While drc.Close() Response.ContentType = "Application/x-csv" Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "attachment;filename=""" & filename & """") Response.Write(sb.ToString) Response.End()
Move Site to another web server   (240 Views)
all,Just looking for a few pointers here. I developed a Web site in ASP.NET v2 on my laptop. Fairly Basic stuff masterpage a few pages and some database reads and displays, so nothing really fancy.I now want to port this site to my "real" web site, so I thought rather than break the brochure ware that is already there I would port it to another laptop to test the port process.I Installed IIS & asp V2 on new laptop and basically copied the files across, and hey presto it didn't work, cant say I was terribly surprised, but there you go. So here are the questions :-1) I know the web.config file will have references to the old laptop sql stuff, and I can change that to the new one without too much difficulty, however is there a better way to do it rather than to hack about with config files I should explain I developed using Visual express & SQL express.2) Even though the web.config is not right, I don't understand why my first page wont load becuase it doesnt have any db access on it it is straight HTML stuff masterpage etc. I did the aspiisreg thing and that has not fised it. Any other pointers 2) This feels awfully clumsy way of doing things and I want to put it live as smoothly as possible given the web server "lives" 2 hours away. What could I do better A perspective from the other side!!CheersScott
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hi folks,I have a pdf files that I would like to publish for our customers and I am just wondering how this can be done. Is it possible to display this pdf files as a hyperlink using gridview Thank you for the help.