Data transfer

I want to transfer a form data from one server to another in . Can you please help me.

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I can show 10 records in a datagrid, But there are so many fields my data grid is too wide and is clumsy.I want to open my page with the first record showing as a single record on the page with navigation buttons where I can step forward or back through the 10 records inthe dataset. Is this possible If so, is there any sample code out there TIA
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hi i want to know how to insert scroll bars vertical and horizontal in a datagrid it is becoming tooo large for the pagethanx
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I have a site where I will have clients logging into. Once logged in they may use more than one service. Each service has a database. I want to know which layout would be better. I use Entity Framework with the front-end, MSSQL, and VS2010. Where you read service - I don't mean a Windows or Web service object. Option #1) 1 solution, 1 project, multiple folders with there ASPX pages related to that service provided, multiple Entity models. Option #2) 1 solutions, 1+ projects, each project defines the service provided and uploads to a subfolder on site. I feel like #2 is more correct due to the Global.asax file, but honestly I don't need the scaffolding of tables if that is only for the template pages. With option #1 does each model go into the folder for that service or in the main directory
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There is an example on a website with a dropdownlist and a textbox in the same column in the edititemtemplate of a datagrid. The text box is underneath the dropdownlist. However, when I drag a textbox onto my grid it will only position itself alongside the dropdownlist , not underneath it. How do I do this TIA
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I cannot access the data I have assigned to a gridviewrow. The following code will not work: protected void QueryPaneResults_RowCommand(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName == "SelectionData") { int index = Convert.ToInt32(e.CommandArgument); GridViewRow row = QueryPaneResults.Rows[index]; Label1.Text = row.Cells[1].Text; } } Does anybody know why this causes the following error: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index
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, I'm working in an mvc3 project on visual studio. The web app is a display of 20 metrics. Currently, the data for the metrics is collected by email and I have to go in and edit them individually. I've set up a database where users can update their own information, and so I'd like to be able to link the information from the database straight to my .cshtml pages. So, instead of doing something like this and having to update manually: Operational Definition: long definition here Objective:Objective text goes here Strategy:Strategy text goes here. Key Improvements:Improvement 1Improvement 2Improvement 3 Key issues:Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3 Key Take-aways Takeaway1 Takeaway2 Takeaway3 I can simply call whatever the user put into the database. Here's what I have so far. I created a .sdf database in my visual studio project following this example: This created the database and created a link where users can go and edit their information. I'm pretty unfamiliar with databases and in general, but this is what I have so far: @using WebMatrix.Data; @{//title of tab ViewBag.Title = " Metrics"; var DB = Database.Open("Metrics") ; } @{ string[] metrics; foreach (var row in DB.Query("SELECT * FROM Metrics")) { metrics = @row.MetricName; } for (var i = 0; i < metrics.Length; i++) { metric = @metrics[i] } } The thought is that if I can pull into an array, then I can simply call whichever information I need like this: @metrics[0] all other information about the first metric here the above code gave me this error: QuoteCompiler Error Message: CS0165: Use of unassigned local variable 'metrics' Source Error: Line 17: } Line 18: Line 19: for (var i = 0; i < metrics.Length; i++) Line 20: { Line 21: metric = @metrics[i]
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I have the following situation:I have a datagrid on a webform displaying one column(this column contains question items that i populate from my datasets). I add another column dynamically to the datagrid depending upon the type of question , i.e.,i) if questiontype has 1 answer i need a radio button list. ii) if questiontype has MULTIPLE(say 2 to 10) answers i use a check box listiii) and for one of the questiontypes i need to have a textbox, 2 buttons (Add, Remove) and a listbox controls i am doing all this dynamically for the third case i need to add event handlers for the dynamically loaded buttons ...i am able to create a button and add eventhandlers to it , but i am unable to make the button to showup in the datagrid column where i want it to be displayed can any one please suggest me any solutions
Just want to Delete a record from a database   (269 Views)
I can't figure this out. I've been trying this for days and don't know what to do at all. I'm usingVisual Studio 2003, programming in Visual side to make an ASP Application.Also, I'm not using the straight coding that I find everywhere with databases. I'm using the featurethat the software says works which is dragging and dropping the database objects from the toolboxto the webform. (I think it's called dao, but not sure)The Update and Insert work fine, but the Delete sucks. what's odd is that it worked for one record,but when I wanted it to delete any other record, it gives errors.Here's the code used for Deleting---------------------------------------------------------- Public Function DeleteAccount(ByVal Name As String) As Boolean ' Delete an account If Name = "" Then Return False Dim acct As Account ' This is an AccountSet from the AccountAdapter acct = GetAccount(Name) ' This loads the current record from the database If acct.account.Count > 0 Then ' account found acct.account(0).Delete() AccountSystem.Update(acct) End If Return True End Function----------------------------------------------------------The above function worked for one record, but when I asked to do it again, it didn't work anymore.Below is a sample Update function that works for updating but the procedure I used for it didn't evenwork for the delete part. ---------------------------------------------------------- Private Function UpdateLastLogin(ByVal Username As String) As Boolean Dim Data As String Data = "UPDATE Account SET LastLogin = '" & Now & "' WHERE username = '" & Username & "'" AccountSystem.InsertCommand.CommandText = Data AccountSystem.InsertCommand.Connection.Open() AccountSystem.InsertCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() AccountSystem.InsertCommand.Connection.Close() Return True End Function----------------------------------------------------------For some reason, when I create the DataAdapter (drag and dropping it on the webform) I can do the"Configure Data Adapter" to get the wizard. When done with it, the Update and Delete commandscome back with an error about not being created. Only the Insert and Select work. What's up with that anyways, here's the error message I get with the delete function===========================System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: ExecuteReader: CommandText property has not been initialized at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Update(DataRow[] dataRows, DataTableMapping tableMapping) at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Update(DataSet dataSet, String srcTable) at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Update(DataSet dataSet) at SecureXML.Service1.DeleteAccount(String Name, String Key) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- ===========================Can anyone help me with this or if reluctant on advice, maybe just a website that shows the graphicaldrag and drop creating of a database I can't find ANYTHING.ThxRyan
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I have to POST data to different server (and redirect user to this page), dont have any problem with this in ASP:"; method="post" name="fSearch" id="fSearch"> BUT PLEASE TELL ME HOW CAN I DO THIS IN ASP.NET I can not put form inside form so how I found something like this :Dim sURL As String = " " ' url of target page Dim sQry As String = "qSearch" & txtSearch.text ' querystring Dim req As System.Net.HttpWebRequest Dim resp As System.Net.HttpWebResponse req = System.Net.HttpWebRequest.Create(sURL) req.Method = "POST" resp = req.GetResponse resp.Close() req.Abort()The problem is that when I press button not to much is happening user is not redirected to
problem in inserting data in myql database in   (312 Views)
hi Iam making a registeration web form using c# ,mysql database and here is my code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.UI; using System.Web.UI.WebControls; using MySql.Data.MySqlClient; namespace aaa { class program { public string GetConnectionString() { //sets the connection string from your web config file "ConnString" is the name of your Connection String return System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["MyConsString"].ConnectionString; } private void ExecuteInsert(string name, string username, string password, string gender, string age, string address ) { MySqlConnection conn = new MySqlConnection(GetConnectionString()); string MyConsString = "SERVER=localhost;" + "DATABASE=register;" + "UID=root;" + "PASSWORD=123456;"; MySqlConnection conn = new MySqlConnection(MyConsString); MySqlCommand command = com.CreateCommand(); MySqlDataReader Reader; string sql = "INSERT INTO test_user (name, username, password, gender ,age , address) VALUES " + "(Name,UserName,Password,Gender,Age ,Address)"; try { conn.Open(); MySqlCommand cmd = new MySqlCommand(sql, conn); MySqlParameter[] param = new MySqlParameter[5]; param[0] = new MySqlParameter("Name", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 50); param[1] = new MySqlParameter("UserName", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 50); param[2] = new MySqlParameter("Password", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 50); param[3] = new MySqlParameter("Gender", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 6); param[4] = new MySqlParameter("Age", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 12); param[5] = new MySqlParameter("Address", MySqlDbType.VarChar,50); param[0].Value = name; param[1].Value = username; param[2].Value = password; param[3].Value = gender; param[4].Value = age; param[5].Value= address; for (int i = 0; i < param.Length; i++) { cmd.Parameters.Add(param[i]); } //Response.Write(CommandType.Text+ " cmd.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text; cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); } catch (Exception ex) { string msg = "Insert Error:"; msg += ex.Message; throw new Exception(msg); } finally { conn.Close(); } } protected void Submit1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (TxtPassword.Text == TxtRePassword.Text) { //call the method to execute insert to the database ExecuteInsert(TxtName.Text, TxtUserName.Text, TxtPassword.Text, DropDownList1.SelectedItem.Text, TxtAge.Text, TxtAddress.Text); Response.Write("Record was successfully added!"); ClearControls(Page); } else { Response.Write("Password did not match"); TxtPassword.Focus(); } } } public static void ClearControls(Control Parent) { if (Parent is TextBox) { (Parent as TextBox).Text = string.Empty; } else { foreach (Control c in Parent.Controls) ClearControls(c); } } } } my errors starts to appear from this sentence cmd.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text; I don not know if I am writing it right or wrong and after that in the following part if (TxtPassword.Text == TxtRePassword.Text) { //call the method to execute insert to the database ExecuteInsert(TxtName.Text, TxtUserName.Text, TxtPassword.Text, DropDownList1.SelectedItem.Text, TxtAge.Text, TxtAddress.Text); Response.Write("Record was successfully added!"); ClearControls(Page); } else { Response.Write("Password did not match"); TxtPassword.Focus(); } } the visual studio tells me" txtAag,TxtName does not does not exist in the current context" also another error "the name response does not exist in the current context" can any one tell me what should Ido
How bind data in href link   (206 Views)
This piece of code doesn't work I can't seem to figure it out. Im trying to make it join the artist name from the database into the link. [ View Profile ]
implementation of different algorithms and data structures   (178 Views)
There are different data structures and algorithms I've read. Like: SORTING bubble sort, insertion sort, heap sort, quick sort, selection sort etc. SEARCHING BFS, DFS, Binary Search, A* Search etc. MERGING Simple Merge etc. and many other data structures and algorithms. What are the applications of these algorithms and data structures in building websites Where can we implement these algorithms in building efficient websites Generally in building dynamic websites, we rely on database system and write queries for retrieving required information. So where can we implement these data structures in building websites Can anyone elaborate me the use of the data structures and algorithms in building efficient websites Is there any e-book to learn about this stuff
published webservice on IIS7 returns no data   (291 Views)
I have published web service on IIS7 and when i have tested it , it always returns no data from database from all methods although it returns data when it is running on Visual Studio!
code to delete records from database when a checkbox in gridview is   (219 Views)
I have few checkboxes in the gridview.When I click any checkbox I am able to insert records into the database.But when I am deselecting the previously selected checkbox I want to delete that record from the database. I need the code to do it please. mvc with database connection   (134 Views)
hi I have download the sample project from the website (Visual studio and MS sql server 2008 with mvc2 framework).I am new to MVC so need help. I have all the source files and sql scripts. I have to deploy in my local enviroment . Able to open the mvc project from Visual SVN.For Database Connection i tried to edit the web config file,but amnot able to open the web config file its says it can be moved, renamed,or deleted. without the web config file , i execute the project & it creates one web config file with two option (release & Dedug mode files).Inside the web config file there is no connection string content to connect the db. please tell me to restore the default web config file. Please help me.... .
ASP.NET and connecting to an HP3000 image database   (302 Views)
I hope somebody has done this before. We use a MiniSoft ODBC driver to connect to the HP3000 database. I can get to it with Access just fine, but Visual Studio2003 doesn't connect to it. I using the OLEDB provider for ODBC drivers, but then I get an error messgae: "The connection you have created does not work with the current data adapter."But the weird part is, when I click on test connection, it is succeding.Do I need a different providerThank you for any help,Steve
Trying to count records in a dataset   (158 Views)
Here is my code for a button. It loops through dates selected in a list box and adds a record to tblITAbs_AbsenceWeeks for each one.I want to make sure the items in the listbox are not added twice to the table. It adds them fine, but RowCount only ever returns 0. Private Sub btnAddThem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnAddThem.Click Dim Nval As String = "" 'Add records to tblITAbs_AbsenceWeeks Dim li As ListItem For Each li In DatestoAdd.Items If li.Selected = True Then Dim strSQL As String = "Insert tblITAbs_AbsenceWeeks (EmpNo, Employee, Surname, Firstnames, WE, MonAM, MonPM, TuesAM, TuesPM, WedAM, WedPM, ThursAM, ThursPM, FriAM, FriPM, Reason) " _ & " select EmpNo, EmpName ,Surname ,Firstnames, '" & li.Text & "','" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "', '" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "','" & Nval & "' from tblITAbs_Employees " _ & "Where EmpNo=" & Me.SUEmpNo.Text Dim myConnection As New SqlConnection("workstation id=NW2898;packet size=4096;user id=ITAbsence;data source=PCCAPPS1;persist security info=True;initial catalog=Intranet;password=itabs") Dim Cmd As New SqlCommand(strSQL, myConnection) myConnection.Open() SqlDataAdapter3.SelectCommand.Parameters("@EmpNo").Value = Me.SUEmpNo.Text SqlDataAdapter3.SelectCommand.Parameters("@DatetoAdd").Value = li.Text Me.DsChkDatetoAdd1.Clear() Me.SqlDataAdapter3.Fill(Me.DsChkDatetoAdd1) myConnection.Close() 'Fill the RowCount Integer Dim RowCount As Integer = DsChkDatetoAdd1.Tables(0).Rows.Count countLabel.Text = RowCount.ToString() If RowCount > 0 Then GoTo tag1 End If myConnection.Open() Cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() myConnection.Close() End Iftag1: Next End Sub
Storing data when offline   (215 Views)
I am currently making an web application using i want that if the internet connection is not available than all the work done in that application should get automatically updated in the server when the internet connection is available.. Can any one help me out this please
sqldatasource and binding   (443 Views)
This is the error I have: Incorrect syntax near 'nvarchar'. Must declare the scalar variable "@RELEASEDATE". [SqlException (0x80131904): Incorrect syntax near 'nvarchar'. Must declare the scalar variable "@RELEASEDATE".] I have a movie table and everything is varchar(30) or varchar(50) except that the Release Date is of type date. here is my insertcommand Insert New Movie Asin: Movie: Run Time: Release Date: Add Movie        Cancel my update command Edit Movie Data Movie: Run Time: Release Date: Update Movie        Cancel However there is no way for me to interact with the controls that have asp id with them in the code behind page, which is one of the reason I cannot fix the errors. I am just wondering if anybody could help.
Open new window from a datalist item   (163 Views)
I'm doing a real estate website whereby I have an aspx page with a datalist which lists all the properties in the database. One of the attributes is a hyperlink called 'more info'. When this hyperlink is clicked i want more details to be shown on a new page. I know I have to write some coding on page load however i don't know how to link the datalist in the the first page to show more details of the particular property in another page. I am using c# and aspx.