Data Grid with Excel Capabilities


I am looking for an control to perform the following tasks
wrap text when too long for the current cell
auto size cell to wrapped contents
display a popup comment similar to what is found in excel
comments are user editable
allow all comments to display when loading the control
merge cells rows/columns
insert image into cell, allow user to paste image into cell
capable of asynchronous calls

Have tested several controls and most of these features are available. However, I routinely get stuck on displaying comments in the intended manner.

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hi,I was wondering. Is it possible to use a C++ dll file, created in MS visual studio 6 with an applicationIf so, could someone provide an exampleThankx in advance.
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Hi all.Having a lttle trouble with UserControls. I am wanting to use UserControls to create reusable form elements, such as an address-entry set of TextFields etc. The only trouble is that I have no idea how to access them from a page that contains the control.For example, if I have a WebForm called UserDetails, which contains an AddressDetails UserControl that is comprised of several text boxes, when the form is submitted, how do I access the values of the text boxes in the AddressDetails contro
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I have a submit button onClick method. Does anyoneknow why does it get executed twice How do I fix mycode so it doesn't get executed twice. I am writingthe code in
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Hi-I just installed VS.NET 2003, and when I tried to open a new .net web app project, i get the following has detected that the specified web server is not running version 1.1. You will be unable to run web applications or services.So I downloaded the .net framework 1.1, installed that, and the same thing happens. is there something else i need to do
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Hi ,Is it possible to have a CheckBoxList control with scroll bars My application needs to allow the user to select multiple items from a list and my boss wants each item to have a check box next to it. Currently I'm using the CheckBoxList control. The problem I have is that there are too many items and the CheckBoxList doesn't seen to use scroll bars. I know I can have it display multiple columns but my boss doesn not want that. Can anybody tell me how I could create a CheckBoxList control that has scroll bar
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Hi all,i am creating a page that depending on the viewType shows information about a particular venue, for instance, the query string:http://mypage/venue.aspxviewType=Facilitieswould only show the facilities section. Now, i need some help deciding the best way to tackle this, do i:A) pull all the data from the database and then pull what i need from the database, might be a bit trickier to code.B) pull the data from the database on demand, using a case statement to tell the page what to get from the database and what to display on the page Can someone please give me some advice
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In Visual Studio, is it possible to format data in textboxes For example, how could a currency value of 50 be displayed as 50.00
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I tried to run a simple ASP.NET application and when I tried to compile and run the project I got this error message: Error While Trying to Run Project: Unable to Start Debugging on Web Server. Then when I go to the Event Viewer I am getting this message in the Application Log: "aspnet_wp.exe could not be launched because the username and/or password in the processModel of the config file are invalid."When it talks about the config file, is it referring to the web.config file located within the project When I opened that file I looked at this information: I am running Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5.0. I have no problems at all running regular ASP pages, but can't seem to get anything going on the ASP.NET pages. Please help...
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. What are you using as your ASP.Net development tool and why
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HiHaving never done any kind of serious user registration (except some intranet stuff), I figured I'd see what you typically do. I'm working on a site that will allow users to register, so that certain preferences, favorites, etc are saved. I'm assuming I'll just do something like save the users username and password as a cookie, and set everything in the session or do people typically pull everything from a db each timeI guess i'm just looking for general practices that most people use
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I get the message:Type 'underclassOrders.School' is not defined.This was an XSD file generated by Visual Studio. When I open the file I see:targetNamespace="" What is up with that. Shouldn't it be my namespace, 'underclassOrders' Why does Visual Studio break my code!!!
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HiI am pretty new to doing this hard core .Net development. I come from a web design background and have been building database driven sites for a year or so in ASP. However now im trying to learn ASP.NET and I am using Visual Sudio .Net. I have been learning .Net and Visual Studio for a few weeks and find V Studio really hard to use as a website development tool. Its design view is really limiting In the past I have used Dreamweaver and found this really good, I tried Dreamweaver MX which has .Net support and found it so much easier. I am considering using Dreamweaver MX as my development tool, is this a bad idea I have noticed that it doesnt offer code behind pages Does this mean I will lose the speed of .Net as the code is not pre-compiled etc... I am only looking to develop Websites so I dont really need the functionality of the Windows App's etc... I think basically im trying to work out what .Net functionality do i lose by using MX.In the past I have found that Dreamweaver is not considered as a devlopment tool but is it really that badMany
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When trying to access a web service on one machine from the client app on another machine I get the following error:The request failed with http status 405: Method not allowed.Any ideas
Drop Down List Max Items?   (229 Views)
,Anybody know if the drop down list box has a maximum amount of items that can be added to i
secure files using Form base Authentication   (199 Views)
I'm using a Form base authentication (with logon.aspx) to secure all files/subdirectory within the root directory where my web.config file is located. The problem is i have images, PDF, HTML files within that directory that are still accessible to any user by typing the full URL path of the files, for example: there any way to secure all these types of file