Creating ASP.NET/HTML pages 100% programmatically

Is it a possible create HTML pages 100% programmatically Particularly in VS2005, this would mean creating an empty .html file, putting it into a member pages folder, "figuring out" and adding HTML to the file, closing it, and associating it with a code behind file.

I'm not sure WHY I would do it, but I would like to know if it's possible to do all these step(and, if it's in fact a "standard practice" in some situations).

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Moved to ASP.NET forum. You will get a better response in this forum.
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i am doing a game project on chinese checkers. I am using Flash Cs3 professional to program my project. all in actionscript 3.0. For my database and website, i used and sql server. I used IIS 5.1 also. I found out that Actionscript 3.0 do not support web services. i want to pass my data from flash to to store into database. Do anyone have any solutions
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Problem still exists but found out some new Information. Running IE 7.0.5730.11 from any XP machine, the above session problem holds true. Running it from Vista IE 7.0.6001.18000 it works the way I need it to. I have tried several windows XP machines some with servicepack 3 and others with only service pack 2. It doesnt really matter what updates are on it, the application still ends the session. "Still waiting for the brave willing soul to venture forth and delve into this problem."
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I query a table that creates a dataset in "lastname" order. I then bind the table to a datagrid that displays the data in the proper "lastname" order. When I move to a "record layout" page I create a datatable from the Cached table and I want to navigate is "lastname" order. Instead, the navigation is in "emp_id" order.GRIDEMP_ID LASTNAME FIRSTNAME5 A JOAN3 B JOHN1 C KEVIN AFTER RESTORING CACHE IN RECORD LAYOUT I GET THIS ORDEREMP_ID LASTNAME FIRSTNAME1 C KEVIN3 B JOHN5 A JOAN Page 1 (contains grid)strSQL = "SELECT emp_id, lastname,firstname"strSQL += " FROM EMPLOYEES ORDER BY lastname"dstSearch = New DataSet()conPubs = New OleDbConnection(connection_string)dadSearch = New OleDbDataAdapter(strSQL, conPubs)dadSearch.Fill(dstSearch, "C_EMPLOYEES")dtblSearch = dstSearch.Tables("C_EMPLOYEES")dgrdEmployees.DataSource = dstSearchdgrdEmployees.DataBind()Cache("CACHED_TABLE") = dtblSearchStep 2. On the grid I have a "Select" link that shows a page with detail about the employee. On the forms are and buttons. When I press the next and prev buttons, the cached data moves in "emp_id" order rather than last name.Page 2 Record LayoutSub Record_View()Dim dtblTemp AS DataTableDim dvwRecord AS DataViewDim RowIndex AS IntegerDim numrows AS INTEGER SESSION("PREV") = 0SESSION("NEXT") = 0SESSION("FIRST") = 0SESSION("LAST") = 0dtblTemp = Cache("CACHED_TABLE")numrows = dtblTemp.Rows.Count-1SESSION("FIRST") = dtblTemp.Rows(0).Item("EMP_ID")SESSION("LAST") = dtblTemp.Rows(numrows).Item("EMP_ID"))dvwRecord = dtblTemp.DefaultView()dvwRecord.Sort = Session("LASTNAME") RowIndex = dvwRecord.Find("EMP_ID")) IF RowIndex -1 THEN IF RowIndex > 0 THEN SESSION("PREV") = dvwRecord(RowIndex-1).Row(EMP_ID")) END IF IF RowIndex dtblTemp.Rows.Count-1 THEN SESSION("NEXT") = dvwRecord(RowIndex+1).Row("EMP_ID")) END IFEND SUB
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Steve, you can use the xp_Cmdshell extended Stored procedure if you are using SQL Server.CODExp_cmdshell 'PING'Try that in Query Analyzer with some different IP addresses and you should get back several rows depending on the results. From those results you should be able to get all the info you need.You could probably write your own sproc to do this and ping a list of preconfigured ips.
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I've never used .net but I've got .net source code that i want to use. I'm currently running IIS 5.0. Is is as simple as using those files or do I need to install a program that will allow me to use .net programming
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I have an app built in asp 2.0. It allows data entery and when the data is saved to a database, it prints a crystal report. This all works fine when I run it local on my machine. But when I publish it to the server, it bombs. Here is my code and the error message.CODE'**************** this is the code that actually prints the report Dim myReportDocument As New ReportDocument myReportDocument.Load(Server.MapPath(strReport)) myReportDocument.RecordSelectionFormula = "{command.RECORDID} = " & Session("ReportID") myReportDocument.PrintToPrinter(1, True, 1, 99)Error Message:Error in File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\CaseLogDoc {39507207-A58B-48F3-ABEA-8FE633E626D3}.rpt:Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. ProDev, MS Access ApplicationsVisit me at ==> http://www.prodev.usMay God bless you beyond your imagination!!!
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Using .NET 2.0 and VS2005 I'm creating a new website and I'm trying to utilise the new controls and features were possible.At the moment I'm making a simple update / add record form and initially tried creating the textboxes and using a ObjectDataSource Control set to a TableAdapter to add the fields. This worked but I can't for the life of me work out how to read a record from the ObjectDataSource and populate the textboxes ready for an edit to occur. I'd still be interested in hearing how to do thisAnyway, so I decided to try the detailsview control. At first I couldn't work out how to validate it and add multiline textboxes, but some time playing with templates has got most of that ironed out. However I'm trying to work out the best practice for updating some default fields in the table that the user should not see in the details view. I have a field for modified date to enable basic auditing of the updates and want to update it with the current date and time when the user clicks the update command in the detailsview. How can I do this / what method is best advice greatly appreciated.Cheers, Steve G (MCP)
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Hi ,I have a problem. I need to generate a PDF from a crystal report on a web form. Thats no problem, that works, but for some reason, my page behind the PDF disapears. What i mean is the page that made the request (even though it has the same URL) is blank and the PDF opens up in acrobat over the web code CODE Private Sub cmdGenerate_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdGenerate.Click ExportReport() End Sub Sub ExportReport() Dim oStream As New MemoryStream ' // using System.IO ' Select Case format ' Case "PDF" oStream = cr.ExportToStream( _ CrystalDecisions.Shared.ExportFormatType.PortableDocFormat) Response.Clear() Response.Buffer = True Response.ContentType = "application/pdf" '-------------------------------------------------------------- Try Response.BinaryWrite(oStream.ToArray()) Response.End() Catch err As Exception Response.Write("< BR >") Response.Write(err.Message.ToString) End Try End Su
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Does anyone have Javascript for limiting the number of selected items (lets say to 5) in a multi-select ListBox using ASP.NET
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Hi ALL,For some reason, I've lost my SQLDataAdapter, SQLConnection, and Dataset icons that appear at the bottom of the design page. Of course, I need these to make property changes. Anyway, I closed VS and reopened it, but it didn't make any difference. The version I am using is: Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 69461-270-0000007-18910Has anyone seen this before Any thoughts, ideasTIA, Randy
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,I am creating a web service and I want it to retrieve and return a row of data. I know I can use a dataset to do this but its overly bulky to do so. For example, it takes a quite awhile for a pocket pc to interpret the dataset from the web service. Im looking for something lighterIs there any less bulky way to send a data table or a data colum
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fairly new to web programming.i have a webpage containing an asp:textbox (textbox1) and an asp:label(label1).As the user is typing into the textbox i want the label to show the amount of characters they have typed.i think this should probably be done on the client side.How do i go about doing this
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hi. sorry for the gui problem but i am having a suprisingly difficult time getting the various components on the top of my form to behave appropriately. i am trying to acheive the effect of with a panel on top and tabstrip just below. when i try to move the tabstrip up just a little, it want so move a huge leap to beneath the panel. messing with margins, etc doesn't work. i have tried this in both flowlayout and gridlayout and neither offer a way (that i have discovered) to have components nicely line up without overlap. i'd appreciate feedback at this point.
FolderBrowserDialog   (215 Views)
I am trying to use the FolderBrowserDialog option to allow users to browse for a folder. I can't seem to get it to import System.Windows.Forms which I assume I need - it says: Namespace or type...cannot be found.I am using VB.NET and .NET v1.
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Any help will be greatly appreciated! Heres the problem: in edit mode the first 3 fields firstName, middleName and lastName have special formatting. Those 3 fields are a different color and have a 3-D shadow effect. The other two socialSecurityNumber and amount appear as a normal textbox. The real problem is I dont know where in the following code the special effects comes from or is it in my code behind. Can anyone point me in the right directionThank you!iReadList Contacts Add New Contact | Main Menu First Name Middle Name Last Name Social Security Amount
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Is their a way to make an aspx page poat backSituation..Child window "CompleteAccount.aspx" that sets a session. Need to check that session when the Close button is clicked.on Parent "Account.aspx" in vb code behind in a sub()Dim s as strings = "'CompleteAccount.aspx' ,'alert','width=400,height=200 resizable=yes scrollbars=no');"Response.Write(s)After the user completes the work on the child page how can I make the parent page postback
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I am trying to create Nested Datalist and it doesn't like my relation statement. Any help would be great. Visual Studio tells me that "Override Resolution failed because no accessible add can be called with these arguments. selectCMD1 = New SqlCommand() selectCMD1.CommandText = "Select * from medicalreimb where loginID = '" & employee.SelectedItem.Value & "' and theyear = '2003'" selectCMD1.Connection = dbconn selectCMD1.CommandTimeout = 30 dbconn.Open() Dim empDA As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter() empDA.SelectCommand = selectCMD1 Dim empDS As DataSet = New DataSet() empDA.Fill(empDS, "medicalreimb") dbconn.Close() empDS.Relations.Add("myrelation", empDS.Tables("medicalreimb").Columns("loginID")) medicaldata.DataSource = empDS.Tables("medicalreimb") medicaldata.DataBind()
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Hi. I'm using VS2008. My problem is that I need to configure my ODBC data source with a custom stored procedure, but when I get to the "define custom statements or stored procedures" page in the configure wizard, stored procedures bullet is greyed out. I need to use this data source to populate a gridview
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I am converting an access application to .net. We are keeping the date in access - oh joy...Any way, I have a query that I am using to populate a gridview. Since gridviews will not display a blank row if there are no records I added a union to my query in access to select a blank row from the database. This worked when we did it in SQL but in access every time I add the union into my select I receive IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with e_fail. PARAMETERS intEmployeeKey Short, TaskDate DateTime;SELECT TaskTime.Pkey, TaskTime.TaskDate, TaskTime.Hours, TaskTime.Notes, Task.TaskNameFROM Employee INNER JOIN (Task INNER JOIN ([Position] INNER JOIN (EmployeePosition INNER JOIN TaskTime ON EmployeePosition.Pkey=TaskTime.EmployeePositionKey) ON Position.Pkey=EmployeePosition.PositionKey) ON Task.Pkey=TaskTime.TaskKey) ON Employee.Pkey=EmployeePosition.EmployeeWHERE (((Employee.Pkey)=[intEmployeeKey]) AND ((TaskTime.TaskDate)=[TaskDate]))UNION SELECT '', '', '', '', ''FROM Employee INNER JOIN (Task INNER JOIN ([Position] INNER JOIN (EmployeePosition INNER JOIN TaskTime ON EmployeePosition.Pkey=TaskTime.EmployeePositionKey) ON Position.Pkey=EmployeePosition.PositionKey) ON Task.Pkey=TaskTime.TaskKey) ON Employee.Pkey=EmployeePosition.EmployeeWHERE (((Employee.Pkey)=[intEmployeeKey]) AND ((TaskTime.TaskDate)=[TaskDate]));Can I not do this in access
.NET component within web application   (191 Views)
I have created a COM+ component that can be accessed either through ASP or ASP.NET applications.I have created this as a .NET class library.I have noticed that the component fails intermittently in the ASP applications but not in the ASP.NET applications. I'm not seeing anything on the event logs on the web server. It will fail on the ASP applications at Server.CreateObject(). I suspect some sort of permissions issue is causing the problem.This question spans different architectures, but checking to see if anyone has run across this problem.Anyone have any clues on this
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, i need some help because i'm new at this and i'd like to save a record with Asp.Net and visual web developer from a form. I really thank any support that you can bring me. , I've noticed that the table involved here, was empty, but shouldn't the system check this
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I am hosting a usercontrol on a masterpage that builds a dynamic menu based on the user name I retrieve based on the user's windows logon. I have a table in the database that retrieves role information based on their logon id.I want to display this usercontrol based on the user's logon, which I have captured in a session object. Different users will have different menu items based on their role in the database.I am not using the menu control shipped with ASP.NET. I'm using an Oracle database, which doesn't lend itself well to building a membership provider.How should I approach building a fragment cached user control in this scenario that display a different cached user control based on the user's logon
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Hi allIs there a maximum number of columns for an OLEDB dataadapter to handle I'm trying to configure a dataadapter to generate select, insert, delete and update commands for an Access table with over 100 columns. I'm going to customise the SQL later because I won't use all 100 columns at the same time, but I just need the Wizard to configure it to start with.However the configuration wizard fails and doesn't tell me the reason. It generates the select statement only.I've tried generating it with fewer fields and it works, so my only conclusion is that the table design is too big for the wizard to handle.Can anyone confirm or otherwise If this is true, any suggestions, other than reducing the table size.Julia
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, I have a text field which hold a whole body of an Article. When I display this field using DataList, it becomes 1 paragraph. Seems like the 'enter' key disappear.In classic ASP, I have this function to resolve that. How would I do the same thing in ASP.NE
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I am currently developing on a workstation. My ASP.Net app resides on a separate server. I can copy over my application and have it work easy enough. However I'm concerned about overwriting data in the ASPNETDB.MDF. I have live data on the production server, but I'm constantly updating and adding to the DB.What is a good strategy to keep the production and development database in synch without overwriting the live data on the production server
Adding controls at runtime   (519 Views)
A better way to handle this would be to create individual objects and add the textboex etc, to the table cell, then add the tablerow then add the table to the page. , you need to set up another variable to keep track of how many controls you have because with each postback you must recreate all programmatically created you hit add 1 time, checking control variable count, its at 0 right now, so set variable to 2, loop through control creation code.hit add button again. retrieve control creation variable. value is currently 2, add 2 more to it, then do your loop to create. etcetc. , here is part of my code in a submit onclick event where i get my textbox values. you must create textbox controls to get their values - you canty refernce them by name.sorry this is in C# but you'll get the ideaCODE protected void cmdSumbit_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e) { // get dynamic textbox for phonenumbers values int n = Int32.Parse(Session["NumberOfPhones"].ToString()); string[] strPhoneValues = new string[n]; string[] strPhoneIDValues = new string[n]; for (int x = 0; x < n; x++) { string boxName = "txtPhoneNumber" + (x + 1); string idboxName = "txtPhoneID" + (x + 1); strPhoneValues[x] = ((TextBox)FindControl(boxName)).Text; strPhoneIDValues[x] = ((TextBox)FindControl(idboxName)).Text; } // get dynamic textbox values DataSet ds = DatabaseFunctions.GetOrgItems(Convert.ToInt32(Session["SiteID"]), "OrganizationData"); int i = Int32.Parse(ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count.ToString()); string[] strFieldName = new string[i]; string[] strFieldNameValues = new string[i]; int y = 0; foreach(DataRow dr in ds.Tables[0].Rows) { string strfieldName = dr["fieldname"].ToString(); string strfieldNameValues = "txt" + dr["fieldname"].ToString(); strFieldName[y] = strfieldName; strFieldNameValues[y] = ((TextBox)FindControl(strfieldNameValues)).Text; y++; }........ , on which line do you get the error , Of course the problem is that controls created at runtime have to be recreated each postback and won't maintain viewstate unless they're recreated in Page_Init So here's the solutionCODEPrivate Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Init InitializeComponent() Dim myTextbox As TextBox Dim myRow As TableRow Dim myCell As TableCell If Not IsPostBack Then Session("TextBoxCount") = -1 For counter As Integer = 0 To Session("TextBoxCount") createTextBox(counter) NextEnd SubPrivate Sub myButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles myButton.Click Session("TextBoxCount") += 1 createTextBox(Session("TextBoxCount"))End SubPrivate Function createTextBox(ByVal iIndex) Dim myTextbox As TextBox Dim myRow As TableRow Dim myCell As TableCell myTextbox = New TextBox myTextbox.ID = "txtMine" & iIndex myCell = New TableCell myCell.Controls.Add(myTextbox) myRow = New TableRow myRow.Cells.Add(myCell) myTable.Rows.Add(myRow)End FunctionNow your textboxes are created before viewstate is applied to the controls so you can let Microsoft handle it. Let me know if this works out for you.
CSS Control Adapters   (332 Views)
Has any one ever used CSS Control Adapters How do you install it in to VS 2005.netBabloome
how define demension dynamically   (317 Views)
I have on a Default.aspx this tag:...................Now i will to make the height of the image dynamically:PS:myParameter is a Parameter, which i retrieve it from database 1-How do thisWhere should be myParameter defined, in Default.aspx or in codebehind....2-Is There maybe better technique in to define the Hight instead of to write style="height:250px ,i mean some other controll, Grid or whatever i dont know them!PS:i use C# as to write my Classes, codebehind a.s.
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I've found some sample regexs for dates, but they dont work in my validator. Does an yone have one they could share that will work with my reg expression validato
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