Controls on WebUserControls

Newbie here so feel free to laugh ...

I created a webusercontrol based on a GridView, so I now have a 'myGridView' WebUserControl.

Go to a new webform, add the control, and voila .. I now have my modified GV.

But ... no smarttag option to set datasource or autoformat etc.

There is an option to 'Edit User Control' but that changes the source file .. and to be honest that scared me, is it possible to block that option I don't want my source file being altered by error !

So have I missed something realy obvious, or am just barking up the wrong tree altogether

Can I create a WUC giving all the normal functionality of a GridView, that can be used multiple times within a page as seperate instances with seperate datasources


Posted On: Tuesday 1st of January 2013 11:41:39 PM Total Views:  212
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