Checking if a dataset is empty

I use a session variable to store the data filled in three form pages registration. On every page I create a dataset with a table object in it and then I assign the dataset to the session.

If the user decides going back to the previous form page I want to refill all the form fields with the data stored in the session, now I am trying to do it thus on the second page: (in the case of user comes from the third page)

CODESub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
If Not IsPostBack Then

Dim ds2 As DataSet
ds2 = CType(Session("UserData"), DataSet)
If Not isNothing(ds2.tables(0).rows(0)) then

name.Text() = ds2.Tables(0).rows(0).Item("companyName").ToString
state.SelectedValue = ds2.Tables(0).rows(0).Item("State").ToString
city.SelectedValue = ds2.Tables(0).rows(0).Item("city").ToString

End If

End If

End Sub
But I receive this error just when I come normally from the first page to the second:
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
Line 73: state.SelectedValue = ds2.Tables(0).rows(0).Item("State").ToString

I don t understand this error because the subroutine says that only set the values from the session to the form fields if the data exists in the dataset: 'If Not isNothing(ds2.tables(0).rows(0)) then'. And if I come from the first page the dataset of the second page it doesn t exists yet...

Somebody knows what is the problem

On the first form page:
CODESub userData(Sender As Object, e As EventArgs)

Dim ds As New DataSet()
Dim dt As New DataTable()

Dim row As DataRow
row = dt.NewRow()
row.Item("Mail") = mail.Text
row.Item("Password") = password.Text
row.Item("userType") = userType.SelectedItem.Value
row.Item("zipCode") = zip.Text

Session("UserData") = ds

End Sub
On the second form page:
CODESub userData(Sender As Object, e As EventArgs)

Dim ds2 As DataSet
ds2 = CType(Session("UserData"), DataSet)

Dim row As DataRow
row = ds2.Tables(0).Rows(0)
row.Item("companyName") = name.Text
row.Item("State") = state.SelectedItem.Value
row.Item("City") = city.SelectedItem.Value

Session("UserData") = ds2


End Sub
Thank you

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HiI have an xml document read by an xmldatasource.Bound to this is a repeater.I have a button - in the click event I want to add an element to the xml doc and redisplay in the repeater.I have the new element being added OK, but it's hit & miss whether the just added item appears in the repeater. Seems to be every other postback, but sometimes every postback.Probably something to do with when/how I'm rebinding. I'd appreciate your assistance.CODE Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load xmlDSBACSPayment.DataFile = "\\ldnps0001\daar01$\Visual Studio 2005\WebSites\WebSite1\Payments\BACS\" & Date.Today.ToString("yyyyMMdd") & ".xml" xmlDSBACSPayment.DataBind() rptPayments.DataBind() End Sub Protected Sub btnSavePayment_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSavePayment.Click 'add the new payment detail into the xml file & display Dim myXml As New System.Xml.XmlDocument myXml.Load(xmlDSBACSPayment.DataFile) Dim path As String = "bacs/payments" Dim paymentsNode As System.Xml.XmlNode = myXml.SelectSingleNode(path) Dim elem As System.Xml.XmlElement = myXml.CreateElement("payment") Dim attr As System.Xml.XmlAttribute = myXml.CreateAttribute("beneficiaryname") attr.Value = "benename" elem.Attributes.Append(attr) Dim attr2 As System.Xml.XmlAttribute = myXml.CreateAttribute("amount") attr2.Value = "0.00" elem.Attributes.Append(attr2) Dim attr3 As System.Xml.XmlAttribute = myXml.CreateAttribute("sortcode") attr3.Value = "203507" elem.Attributes.Append(attr3) Dim attr4 As System.Xml.XmlAttribute = myXml.CreateAttribute("accountnumber") attr4.Value = "888888" elem.Attributes.Append(attr4) Dim attr5 As System.Xml.XmlAttribute = myXml.CreateAttribute("reference") attr5.Value = "the ref" elem.Attributes.Append(attr5) Dim attr6 As System.Xml.XmlAttribute = myXml.CreateAttribute("order") attr6.Value = "the order" elem.Attributes.Append(attr6) paymentsNode.AppendChild(elem) myXml.Save(xmlDSBACSPayment.DataFile) xmlDSBACSPayment.DataFile = xmlDSBACSPayment.DataFile xmlDSBACSPayment.DataBind() rptPayments.DataBind() End Sub
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Can anyone tell me how I can replace a string in the Response And in which event to do this.I have a 3party tool that injects some javascript function into the page. I want to filter this function
Compare effeciency   (282 Views)
i have a table like thisUserId Score1 152 301 452 50This is the basic SQL i run to get the score per user:select UserId,count(Score) from Table1 group by UserIdNow i want the Total Score(=15+30+45+50) also in the resultset (AS i need to calculate the %).i.e. i am looking for a display like this:UserId Score Total1 15 1402 30 1401 45 1402 50 140I can do this in either SQL server or in .NETIf i do this i SQL i would write something like this:select * from (select UserId,count(Score) from Table1 group by UserId) Table1Left Join(select count(Score) from Table1 group by UserId) Table2on 1=1How effecient is thisIf i have to use .NET then i have to use DataSets (as calculations with datareaders is difficult after the DataReader s bound)So the comparison i am making is calculating in .NET(Using a DataSet) Vs writing the query in SQL server... Known is handfull, Unknown is worldfull
Databind Problem w/ Label Object   (146 Views)
I am trying to get a lblName binded to a DataSet11. Specifically a Field on a Table named Written Name. I realized that there is a way to code this but I was trying to get it to work with Visual Studio .Net (Connection,Adapter,and DataSet). I have a SQLAdapter & DataSet Object but for some reason when I select the Databind Property on the label to Bind it, it allows me to find the Table and Column but won't place it in the property for use. I know this sounds strange so I can clarify if need be..if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Someone told me that I must code some of it out prior to trying this. However, this is not a diffilcult task and I think Visual Studio does all this for you...
Another Crystal Question   (175 Views)
Sorry for so many questions regarding crystal but here goes..How to do you connect a report to an SP or a dataset or reader any help would be appreciated
Refer parent function in custom control???   (275 Views)
i want to build a custom control that has a overridable function. This function can be overridden by the implementing page.e.g.:.ascx file has this functionpublic overridable FunctionName() as booleanend functionin .aspx i need to be able to override this function. like so:overrides FunctionName() as booleanresponse.write("Yeah!!!")end functionbut since the aspx file inhertis from page it is unable to override the custom control function.Can this be done I am open to other suggestions for implementing the same functionality... Known is handfull, Unknown is worldfull
Custom validation only works on localhost   (137 Views)
Hi . I got a custom validator that only seems to fire if i use my localhost. The minute i put it on the web server the validation stops fireing.Any ideas
whats wrong?? dataset expected type... (from a newby)   (179 Views)
. i am trying to learn!! but stuck here. gives me type expected" error for "dataset". couldnt understand... help..Public Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Dim ds As dataset = New dataset Dim tablo As New DataTable("customer") tablo.Columns.Add("name", System.Type.GetType("system.string")) tablo.Columns.Add("surname", System.Type.GetType("system.string")) tablo.Columns.Add("occup", System.Type.GetType("system.string")) tablo.Columns.Add("old", System.Type.GetType("system.int32")) 'ds.tables.add(tablo) Dim a As DataRow = tablo.NewRow a("name") = "abc" a("surname") = "cde" a("occup") = "fgi" a("old") = "29" 'tablo.Rows.Add(a) End Sub
Application Hangs Up on Pocket PC Only   (222 Views)
I have an ASP .NET web application that is used to scan parts for orders. I have tested with both a Windows XP Professional workstation using IE and a Pocket PC using Pocket IE. Basically, the process is to enter 3 text fields, either by scanning or typing, then press the "Add" button. The added parts are stored in a cookie on the client and then displayed in a DataGrid on the same page. These accumulate until another button is clicked. After "Add" is clicked for the 68th part, Pocket IE just sits there with the Windows logo moving; it will not continue. I have run the app in debug, and nothing appears to happen on the server side once "Add" is clicked. The Page Init, Load, and PreRender are not executed, and the button click procedure is not executed. I have checked this with Debug and Trace statements, as well as setting breakpoints in the code. I have also tried doing a "Break " at the point the app hangs, and I get the message "There is no source code available for the current location." There is no problem if the exact same test data is used on a Windows XP machine; it can add more than 68 parts. The Pocket PCs have 64MB of memory, and are connecting to the network via a wireless connection. Any ideas of what I can check next to find the problem Is there a limitation on the amount of data a Pocket PC can post back to the server Or a cookie size limitation on Pocket PC
Single record update - need advice   (279 Views)
I'm learning at the moment to develop my new websites. Iv'e used traditional asp for a number of years. I did a course on .net a few weeks ago and covered things such as datagrids, datasets etc. Iv'e managed to create datagrids that edit/update/delete records, and have forms to add a new record to an table in MS SQL in .net. The one bit I'm missing is where I want to update a single record where its number of fields is to big to fit in a datagrid row and therefore needs displaying in a single I have a record withTitle of workshopDescriptionStart dateEnd dateLinkTutorCommentsetc...What I did in asp was pass the ID of the record to an asp form read the database with a 'SELECT * FROM table WHERE ID=" + Request.QueruString("ID") which poulated the fields with the existing data in this record, the user then alters what they want and the data is written back to the table (theres only one administrator doing this so I don't have to worry about locking records etc). Where I get stuck in .net is how do I populate the fields Datasets seem too much for what is essentially reading just a single record, as does a datagrid. Really I want a form with a set of text fields and submit button, and someway of binding a single record field value to each of these fieldsFrom looking on the web it seems using a datatable might be the solution, but we didn't cover this is the course and its unclear to me the best way to get a single record into a datatable and then 'bind' it to each of the controls.The lack of data on the web suggests to me that I might not be understanding the .net paradigm rather than implementing. What is the best way of dealing with updating single records where the number of fields/size of fields is too big to display in a datagrid.The database I'm using is MS SQL Serve
How many layers are best practice?   (478 Views)
I occasionaly, while being in a deep "flow" of programming, run into these mind-design-problems, which i seem to forget but today i wrote one down. Suppose you have an item class, an item collection class, a dataclass (which fills the collection class with items stored in a database or flat file) and an e.g. "weblog" classto fill a collection you could instantiate the collection class in the weblog class as well as instantiate the dataclass in the weblogclass and fill it in the weblog class. In this way the collection class does not have to have a method called "fillme", which could be called to fill the collection class.On the other hand if the collection class would have a method called fillme it would make the weblog class much more simple since you would simply have to call something like weblogitemcollection.fillme and it would be filled... nog direct access needed to a dataclass whatsoever but... the single classes would be not so reusable since this specific dataclass in the collection class would always be needed.So you would have always have a item.cs, collection.cs, data.cs and weblogs.cs but the way you would call each other and which methods to include in each of these classes, in other words, the relations they have would differ.Another way would be to include an extra class, something like collectiondata.cs which would enable collection.cs to call something generic in collectiondata.cs to call data.cs.Which is the best way according to best practices --
asp / javascript checkbox enable/disable issue   (180 Views)
I have a 4 sets of checkboxes and text boxes on an aspx page. The checkboxes are disabled by default but when the text box next to it has text entered into it, the checkbox is supposed to enable.The problem is, the value is changed when I step through it in the debugger but the page is not. (checkboxes stay disabled on the page, but the value of checkbox.disabled = false)If i REVERSE this, making the checkboxes enabled by default and then try to disable them when text is entered, it works fine.Any suggestionsmy code looks like:CODE//elemArray[6] has checkbox.ClientID valuedocument.forms[0][elemArray[6]].disabled = false
Where is my .xsd file?   (198 Views)
I am reading one of my books on ADO.NET and it says that XML is automatically generated for me. Is this always the case I am connecting to SQL Server, so my question is... Is XML being used for the transfer I really don't know that much about ADO.NET, but I am going to attend a class on it in Feb. and help would be appreciated.
Linkbutton color   (167 Views)
How do I change the color of a LinkButton text.I am creating the linkbutton in code at run time.I only want to change the color of a particular button not the whole pag
Stream was not readable from mscorelib with BinaryReader with PDF   (184 Views)
I am getting error when I try to open PDF documdent using binary read. Line # 106 where error is occuring is binaryReader = New BinaryReader(HttpWResp.GetResponseStream())Error Source mscorlib : Stream was not readable. System.ArgumentException: Stream was not readable. at System.IO.BinaryReader..ctor(Stream input, Encoding encoding) at System.IO.BinaryReader..ctor(Stream input) at FileNetSearch.FileNetSearch.GetReport.ReturnPictureBinary(String sUrl, String& sContentType, String& sErrTxt) in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\SearchDoc\GetPDF.aspx.vb:line 106 Does anyone has any idea what is going worng in this.
Do you know the tool to create image for image button?   (261 Views)
I knew that most graphic software can do it. What I am looking for is a tool can create image for button, I can design what type, style, color and can type text on it easier. Anyone can recommend it
binding dropdown within datagrid   (145 Views)
I have a datagrid. The datagrid has a footer, and one of the columns in this footer is a dropdown list. ... I am trying to bind this dropdown list to a column in the databaseadd_attribute.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];add_attribute.DataTextField = ds.Tables[0].Columns["ss_attribute_name_c"].ColumnName.ToString();add_attribute.DataValueField = ds.Tables[0].Columns["o_id"].ColumnName.ToString();add_attribute.DataBind();BUT I get the error that the add_attribute could not be found. I guess it is because it is a part of the datagrid.How can I bind the dropdown within the datagrid with the column in the databaseAny suggestionsThank you,Marika
Uploading all files in a particular directory   (124 Views)
Is there a way to upload all files from a particular directoryI need the user to upload pictures so, instead of one-by-one uploading (using the file control), I would like the user to be able to point to a particular directory and click "upload" then, the app will loop for each jpg file and upload it.Is that even possible Let me put it this way:While StressLevel Is High Productivity -= 1 Marriage = NothingEnd While
data reader question   (135 Views)
Can somebody please tell me if I am going about this task the right way I have a recordset that I want to read and then perform a test and an update on each record in the recordset. Should I use a datareader to read the data and then a foreach loop to do my test and update And if so, what would the syntax of my foreach loop bestring strGetCartDetails = "SELECT S.PRODUCTID AS 'Product ID', "; strGetCartDetails += "'5.00' AS 'Unit Price (GBP)', S.SIPDOMAIN AS 'SIP Domain', "; strGetCartDetails += "S.QUANTITY as 'Quantity', C.SIPACCOUNT AS 'SIP Account', N.STARTRANGE, N.ENDRANGE "; strGetCartDetails += "FROM NUMBER_RANGES N INNER JOIN "; strGetCartDetails += "SHOPPING_CART S ON "; strGetCartDetails += "S.PRODUCTID = N.RECORDNUM "; strGetCartDetails += "INNER JOIN SHOPPING_CART_SIP C ON "; strGetCartDetails += "C.SCRECORDID = S.SCRECORDID "; strGetCartDetails += "WHERE S.CARTID = '" + strCartID + "' "; strGetCartDetails += "ORDER BY N.RECORDNUM"; SqlConnection objConnectionGetCartDetails = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["strConnectTest"]); SqlDataReader objDataReaderGetCartDetails = null; SqlCommand objCommandGetCartDetails = new SqlCommand(strGetCartDetails, objConnectionGetCartDetails); objConnectionGetCartDetails.Open(); objDataReaderGetCartDetails = objCommandGetCartDetails.ExecuteReader(); if (objDataReaderGetCartDetails.Read() == true) { //do foreach
sql server   (166 Views)
Hi to all,I have some basic knowledge of sql server and Now I would like to write a program that interacts between both. Can someone give me please some guidelines, how I should do this Should this special code be added to the code or sql server code Actually, I would like to read some input values through an page and initialize some fields of sql table. Furthermore, if someone knows useful links on the matter, please tell me
redirect to new link   (163 Views)
hi, below is the code, after login successful, i want to redirect the user to a new link. The code redirect back to http://localhost/test/ How can I redirect to
Problem turning of validator client side   (199 Views)
all,I am having trouble with a required validator. I have several validators on a page that are enabled or disabled depending on what is selected in a drop down box.To disable them client side, I use ValidatorEnable(ID, true/false). This works for all the validators I disable on the form.However, on the server-side when I perform a page.isValid it fails because one of this disabled validators is now considered not valid.I have having trouble figuring out why a disable validator returns isvalid = true client side and isvalid = false when it gets to the server side. I am not sure if posting any of my code will help or not
how to color a individual search word?   (177 Views)
I created a search app to search address and display in datagrid. I used dataset to bind to a datagrid. SQL statement like: "select [address] from TABLE_ORDER where [address] like '% " & strKeyword & "'. User can input "main st" or "Franklin"... to search address. I want to color the the "main st" or "Franklin"... How to code it