Change internal browser???

If possible, how do I change the internal browser to something other than Internet Explorer if I want to preview/debug my pages from the IDE I would like to use FireFox or Netscape for instance.

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The user will upload an excel file to server, the server will extract the data on the excel file, now my problem is; for each field in the excel document my webapplication needs create 2 textboxes and 1 dropdownbox, the user is not resticted to a certain amount of fields on the excel document so the user can add as many fields as he likes; i need to know the syntax for creating webforms (such as textbox or dropdownbox) depending on a variable value.Im using ASP.NET and VB.NET on VS.NET '03
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,I'm trying to call a web service via another web service over an SSL connection, but recieve the following errorSoapException:Underlying connection was closed.Unable to establish trust relationship with remote server.I can get SSL working between a WindowsApp and the first web service, but between the two services it fails.Does any one out there know a solution to this, as I'm at a complete loss
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I will need your help on this.I created a website survey that stores all the data in the Access database.User enters the data and clicks on Submit button, everything works fine.But I want to be able to get computer name from the registry, so I don't have to ask user for it, many of them don't know where to look for it.Is there a way to extract string from registry key and store it in the database with rest of the data help is appreciated
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hello , my code is long and complex (probably unnessiarily so as I am new and dont know all the coding protocol and shortcuts) but here's a snippet of the part I am having trouble with. Public Sub SetGridProperties(theGrid, num) 'declare a new datagrid and set properties theGrid.Width = Unit.Pixel(700) theGrid.BorderWidth = Unit.Pixel(2) theGrid.CellPadding = 10 theGrid.GridLines = GridLines.Both theGrid.BorderColor = Color.Blue theGrid.ShowHeader = True theGrid.AutoGenerateColumns = False theGrid.SelectedItemStyle.BackColor = Color.Yellow 'add bound columns to the datagrid Dim datagridcol As New BoundColumn() datagridcol.HeaderText = "Option Number" datagridcol.DataField = "OptionNumber" theGrid.Columns.Add(datagridcol) datagridcol = New BoundColumn() datagridcol.HeaderText = "Manufacturing Part Number" datagridcol.DataField = "ManfPartNumber" theGrid.Columns.Add(datagridcol) datagridcol = New BoundColumn() datagridcol.HeaderText = "Description" datagridcol.DataField = "Description" theGrid.Columns.Add(datagridcol) datagridcol = New BoundColumn() datagridcol.HeaderText = "List Price" datagridcol.DataField = "ListPrice" theGrid.Columns.Add(datagridcol) Dim selectcol As New ButtonColumn() selectcol.ButtonType = ButtonColumnType.LinkButton selectcol.Text = "Select" selectcol.CommandName = "Select" theGrid.Columns.Add(selectcol) 'add event handlers AddHandler CType(thegrid, DataGrid).SelectedIndexChanged, AddressOf DataGrid_SelectedIndexChanged 'bind datagrid theGrid.DataSource = GetDataSet(num) theGrid.DataBind() end sub Public Sub DataGrid_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) response.redirect("") End Sub Basically here I have created a dynamic datagrid in a placeholder, in the code above i am setting its properties and populating it from a database (set by the GetDataSet(num) function which is not shown). everything works as expected, the only problem I am having is that when you click on a "Select" button in a row in the grid, the DataGrid_SelectedIndexChanged sub doesnt seem to fire. I am not redirected to (just a test i put in there to see if the event fires, obviously not the final result) instead the page just does a post back and the datagrid disapears, which is due to it being dynamic it doesnt stick around, thats ok i just basically want to redirect to a new page with a querysting tacked on depending on which element was clicked. Now as i mentioned, im new so im probably doing something wrong here. could anyone please help me out I need to redirect to a different page and i also need to pull out some of the data in the row that was clicked to put into the query string such as the contents of the Manufacturing Part Number column.
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, i want create a online lan messenger in for my office users there is number of user in office . i wants to do like a website which run on a local computer through lan and other will access it through browser by its IP address. if any one can help me over it please email me on This post has been edited by macosxnerd101: 03 September 2011 - 11:46 AM Reason for edit:: Email removed per site policies. Please keep all work via the forums
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Calling a javascript file involves first registering it in Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock() in the Page_Load event and then call its function in a control e.g. Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("MyScript", _ "") But how do you go about calling the following javascript file call in a Visual C# code: In this case there is no function that you can call in a control. The file call as you will note is parameter based. Please assist. Thank you.
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Sir, I want to ask that, How I can capture an image automatically from an running video movie, that is running in web base media player. Please, provide help in any format "in code, in written steps, in programming etc".
Basic question, but I'm a newbie   (247 Views)
I have a datagrid on my web page and am trying to update the underlying SQL database. I cannot find out how to do it, but that's another problem. The code I have found relates to the edit/update and cancel buttons. How to I access the event for these buttons If I doubleclick on the Edit button it opens the DataGrid1_SelectedIndexChanged event.I am using SqlAdapter and datasets to bind to my datagrid. If anyone can point me to some easily understood code to update my data I would be pleased.Can I substitute the datagrid for text boxes and update these as my datagrid is filtered and only ever shows one record.TIA
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Ok... I've been working on this all day with no luck so I'm writing where I'm at now and please can someone help me even if it's something really stupid that I've missed. I have a XML file to store registrations from a web site (don't ask why, that's just the way it is ) it is within the root folder of the website (and therefore on the same server). And when A registration is being recorded this is the code I have so far: XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.Load(Server.MapPath("users.xml")); XmlNode newNode = doc.CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Element, "user", null); XmlAttribute id; XmlAttribute name; XmlAttribute email; id = doc.CreateAttribute("id"); id.Value = userName.Text; name = doc.CreateAttribute("name"); name.Value = name.Text; email = doc.CreateAttribute("email"); email.Value = email.Text; newNode.Attributes.Append(id); newNode.Attributes.Append(name); newNode.Attributes.Append(email); // find the node we want to add the new node to XmlNodeList l = doc.GetElementsByTagName("users"); // append the new node l[0].FirstChild.AppendChild(newNode); // save the file doc.Save(Server.MapPath("users.xml")); And here is my XML: But I get an error like this in FireFox 3.0: XML Parsing Error: no element found Location: Line Number 1, Column 1: And in IE 8 I get nothing I have looked at using a Web Client, but it seems wrong to have to use that to access a file on my own server
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I am unsure how to cast from integer to string if that is even what is required. ID field in db is Integer. I can't seem to find any relevant advice, and also I followed the video step by step, using Access 2007 vs. SQLServer and VWD2010, so no AJAX enabled site option available, but I have included everything needed as far as I know: Imports System.Web Imports System.Web.Script.Services Imports System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptMethodAttribute Imports System.Web.Services Imports System.Web.Services.Protocols Imports AjaxControlToolkit Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDb Imports System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection Imports System.Configuration Imports System.Collections Imports System.Collections.Generic Imports System.Collections.Specialized _ _ _ _ Public Class SPGSvc Inherits System.Web.Services.WebService _ _ Public Function GetSPG(ByVal knownCategoryValues As String, ByVal category As String) As CascadingDropDownNameValue() Dim spgAdapter As New dsSPGTableAdapters.SPGsTableAdapter Dim spgValues As New List(Of CascadingDropDownNameValue)() For Each row As DataRow In spgAdapter.GetSPG() spgValues.Add(New CascadingDropDownNameValue(row("SPG").ToString(), row("SPGID").ToString())) Next Return spgValues.ToArray End Function _ Public Function GetFLOW(ByVal knownCategoryValues As String, ByVal category As String) As CascadingDropDownNameValue() Dim kv As StringDictionary = CascadingDropDown.ParseKnownCategoryValuesString(knownCategoryValues) Dim SPGID As Integer If ((Not kv.ContainsKey("SPG")) Or (Not Int32.TryParse(kv("SPG"), SPGID))) Then Return Nothing End If Dim flowAdapter As New dsFLOWTableAdapters.FlowsTableAdapter Dim flowValues As New List(Of CascadingDropDownNameValue)() For Each row As DataRow In flowAdapter.GetFLOW(SPGID) flowValues.Add(New CascadingDropDownNameValue(row("FLOW").ToString(), row("SPGID").ToString())) Next Return flowValues.ToArray End Function End Class This post has been edited by miweiser: 13 May 2010 - 10:47 AM
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Hi . I am trying to debug a website that is giving me errors in some of the SQL database calls. However I need to find out what the call looks like at runtime because they are generated in the C# code of the website. The problem is that this website relies on a DLL file and doesn't have the C# code in the directory. I have a base template of this website that has the C# code, but when I deploy a template I compile the code and the resulting website doesn't have the C#, just a dll. I am kind of a newbie at debugging this stuff... I was thinking I have to copy the C# code to the ASP.NET website I want to debug, and then change the settings so that it uses the C# code instead of the dll and I can insert breakpoints and check out what's going on. Any ideas Sorry if it's kind of confusing Edit: Just wanted to ask if it's possible to debug this while it's on the IIS server. I have debug enabled in the config file but it doesn't show me what the SQL query is that is giving the error, just the error itself This post has been edited by chiguy: 14 June 2012 - 10:39 AM
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Dear everybody, I wanna write a new login control such as what is in Visual studio but with OleDB, I wanna authenticate users with different roles and different permissions. would you please give me some advice and samples ! Best
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So I've started an ASP.Net project that will require users to login/create-login. I've followed the TUT with VS Web, and have it working perfectly on my local machine. I have a host I'm trying to publish to for testing (and changing/learning). I've copied the site over, each file the same as it was in local working state, but when I goto the site I can only access the main page (that inludes loginview and loginstatus), and the createnewuser page. The page loads and I can enter the data in, but once I submit, I'm greeted with this: QuoteAn error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified)
user control : client side or server side ?   (232 Views)
I have to make a user control (reusable in many pages) for selecting days in a week.I created a user control, inside I put 7 textbox (asp:TextBox).When the user clicks on a textbox, the back-color changes to blue and the forecolor to white. If another click is made to the same textbox, the back-color returns to white and forecolor to black. Those actions are made in client-side, I don't want no refresh of the page.My problem is when I want to save the week on a button-click event (server side), the values (backcolor & forecolor) are the original values (same as on the Load). How can I get the same values as client-sideps. I tried changing the tooltip but on server side, its also the original value!sebastien*** EDITED 'July 19th' ****** added code here ***Client-Side Code of UserControlCode: // Variables // var inobitwise = 0; //================================================================ // Select or UnSelect the day and call function to set (or not) // the hiddenfield related to the day //================================================================ function validateData() { if ('blue') {'black';'transparent'; } else {'white';'blue'; } inobitwise = inobitwise + get_bitwise_ind(document.activeElement); } //================================================================ // Sets (or unsets) the hiddenfield related to the day received // and returns the bitwise of the day //================================================================ function get_bitwise_ind(oTxt) { var selected = ('white'); switch (oTxt.title) { case "Dimanche": if (selected == false) {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hD').value=0 return -1} else {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hD').value=1 return 1} break case "Lundi": if (selected == false) {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hL').value=0 return -2} else {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hL').value=1 return 2} break case "Mardi": if (selected == false) {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hM').value=0 return -4} else {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hM').value=1 return 4} break case "Mercredi": if (selected == false) {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hMm').value=0 return -8} else {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hMm').value=1 return 8} break case "Jeudi": if (selected == false) {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hJ').value=0 return -16} else {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hJ').value=1 return 16} break case "Vendredi": if (selected == false) {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hV').value=0 return -32} else {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hV').value=1 return 32} break case "Samedi": if (selected == false) {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hS').value=0 return -64} else {document.getElementsByName('UcJours1$hS').value=1 return 64} break } } D L M M J V S Server Side Code of UserControlCode:Imports System.DataPartial Class ucJours Inherits System.Web.UI.UserControl Private Const xBackColorOff As String = "transparent" Private Const xBackColorOn As String = "blue" Private Const xForeColorOff As String = "black" Private Const xForeColorOn As String = "white" Private ciJoursBitwise As Integer = 0 Public Property visibled() As Boolean Get Return Panel1.Visible End Get Set(ByVal pbVisibled As Boolean) Panel1.Visible = pbVisibled End Set End Property Public Property enable() As Boolean Get Return Panel1.Enabled End Get Set(ByVal bValue As Boolean) Panel1.Enabled = bValue End Set End Property Public Sub set_BitWise(ByVal iJours As Integer) 'set la variable de la classe ciJoursBitwise = iJours If (iJours And (2 ^ 0)) = (2 ^ 0) Then txtD.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOn) txtD.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) 'txtD.ToolTip = "1" 'txtDimanche.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) Else txtD.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOff) txtD.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) 'txtDimanche.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) 'txtD.ToolTip = "0" End If If (iJours And (2 ^ 1)) = (2 ^ 1) Then txtL.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOn) txtL.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) 'txtLundi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) Else txtL.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOff) txtL.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) 'txtLundi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) End If If (iJours And (2 ^ 2)) = (2 ^ 2) Then txtM.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOn) txtM.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) 'txtMardi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) Else txtM.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOff) txtM.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) 'txtMardi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) End If If (iJours And (2 ^ 3)) = (2 ^ 3) Then txtMm.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOn) txtMm.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) 'txtMercredi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) Else txtMm.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOff) txtMm.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) 'txtMercredi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) End If If (iJours And (2 ^ 4)) = (2 ^ 4) Then txtJ.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOn) txtJ.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) 'txtJeudi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) Else txtJ.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOff) txtJ.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) 'txtJeudi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) End If If (iJours And (2 ^ 5)) = (2 ^ 5) Then txtV.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOn) txtV.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) 'txtVendredi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) Else txtV.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOff) txtV.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) 'txtVendredi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) End If If (iJours And (2 ^ 6)) = (2 ^ 6) Then txtS.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOn) txtS.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) 'txtSamedi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOn) Else txtS.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xBackColorOff) txtS.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) 'txtSamedi.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(xForeColorOff) End If End Sub Public Function get_BitWise2() As Integer Dim iBitWise As Integer = 0 'MessageBox.Show(Request.Form("get_bitwise()")) If Request.Form("UcJours1$hD").ToString = "1" Then 'activ iBitWise = iBitWise + 1 End If If Request.Form("UcJours1$hL").ToString = "1" Then 'activ iBitWise = iBitWise + 2 End If If Request.Form("UcJours1$hM").ToString = "1" Then 'activ iBitWise = iBitWise + 4 End If If Request.Form("UcJours1$hMm").ToString = "1" Then 'activ iBitWise = iBitWise + 8 End If If Request.Form("UcJours1$hJ").ToString = "1" Then 'activ iBitWise = iBitWise + 16 End If If Request.Form("UcJours1$hV").ToString = "1" Then 'activ iBitWise = iBitWise + 32 End If If Request.Form("UcJours1$hS").ToString = "1" Then 'activ iBitWise = iBitWise + 64 End If 'set la variable de la classe ciJoursBitwise = iBitWise Return iBitWise End FunctionEnd ClassI drag and drop the usercontrol onto a blank aspx page, and on the load, I call:"UcJours1.set_BitWise(45)" and it fills the controlI add a button onto the same aspx page, and on the click event (server side) I call that:MessageBox.Show("bitwise = " & UcJours1.get_BitWise2.ToString)
Heavy Traffic Web Application Design Guidelines   (441 Views)
I received a SRS for a new web application project. The client states that they want to support 14 to 15 million users in the proposed web application which is to be developed using .NET 2.0 and SQL server 2005. I have no experience in developing a web application that supports these much # of users and data. Please give me some guild lines on the following:1. To handle this huge amount of requests to the web application 2. Handling huge amount of data to be stored in the database and process it.3. The system design / architecture design and database design My planning for this project: 1. Using WINDOW CLUSTERED SERVER and NLB with multiple systems for handling huge amount of request2. Using data partition in SQL server 2005 tablePlease let me know if I am correct with the planning And also give your valuable suggestion for this scenario. It would be great a help for me
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helloi am working in with c#.i have a datagrid.inside the datagrid i am placing an image button.on that image button click event i have to display another datagrid inside the datagrid that already presents.i have tried out nested datagrid.any suggestions along with coding part is me to get rid of this problem pleasee 2.0 gridview sort   (355 Views)
There are gridviews in different webforms which have the sorting functionality. the gridviews sorting functionality on forms work fine except on one form.The only difference between this form and the other forms is that the gridview is using extra events such as : grid_RowCommand and grid_RowDataBoundI can not work out why the grid_Sorting event is called twice. For example: first time the sort for a column is "ASC" then you click on the column and then sorting becomes "DESC" which is fine so far, but the grid_Sorting event is called again and therefore the sorting becomes "ASC" again.I believe this is to do with the extra events that I have in the grid i.e. (grid_RowCommand and grid_RowDataBound). Most probably the grid_RowDataBound event.The problem does not seem to be the code and I have come to the conclusion that this can be solved if there is a way to cancel the grid_sorting event being fired from the grid_RowDataBound event.What do you thin
{RESOLVED} - Is it possible to use the .NET dll in the ASP files?   (594 Views)
Hai , Is it possible to use the .NET dll in the ASP files ( not ASP.NET ). If yes how. if no why.
[RESOLVED]Parser Error   (331 Views)
I am getting a Parser Error and I'm not sure why. Here is a link to what I am working on (customErrors is turned off here)I wasn't sure if this was because ApplicationName conflicted with the default website (which is located on ). I am running this on my development computer and I still get the same error.In case you're not able to see the error, this is what I'm getting:Quote:Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately.Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'WilsonZone.Header'.Source Error:Line 1:"; %>Source File: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\wilsonzone\Controls\Header.ascx Line: 1 Any suggestionsTIAEDIT: Oops, I forgot to resolve it.
[Resolved] Set OnClick at Runtime   (417 Views)
General question.. You have a on an .aspx page. Lets say you want to catch the OnClick event of that button. So you add the appropriate code plus you add to the linkbutton to let it know what method it will be calling when the event is captured. Is it possible to set that OnClick event for that particular linkbutton at runtime in the codebehind (Keep in mind, Code was left out not pertaining to the question)
Submitting a form...   (240 Views)
I have read a lot of posts here in the forum, but none of the solutions I try seem to work. I want to do is force a postback to a form after a certain process is successfull.The form is a single parent form with no children.1) When a DELETE button is pressed on a row in a datagrid, it obviously posts back the form, which I expect. Since this is a postback, it doesn't get the data from the database again, which I expect.2) Some processing is done that deletes a record from the form (code snippet below).3) Upon successfull execution, I would like the form to force a SUBMIT, so I can get the data from the database again without this deleted record. Postback would be FALSE in this case.The name of the form is MbrAdmin.However, the form never gets submitted...Here is the snippert of code:Private Sub DataGrid1_ItemCommand(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs) Handles DataGrid1.ItemCommandIf e.CommandName = "Delete" Then Dim blnTransSuccessfull As Boolean Dim clsNCVACEMT As New NCVACEMTBLL.Scheduling(CType(Application("strDataSource"), String)) Try Dim txtFirstName As Label = CType(e.Item.FindControl("txtFirstName"), Label) Dim txtLastName As Label = CType(e.Item.FindControl("txtLastName"), Label) blnTransSuccessfull = clsNCVACEMT.DeleteMember(DataGrid1.DataKeys(e.Item.ItemIndex), txtFirstName.Text, txtLastName.Text) If blnTransSuccessfull Then strErrMsg = "Member " & txtFirstName.Text & Chr(32) & txtLastName.Text & " successfully inactivated." Response.Write("alert('" & strErrMsg & "');") RevalidateCache(DataGrid1.DataKeys(e.Item.ItemIndex)) End If Catch ex As OleDbException strErrMsg = ex.Message() Response.Write("alert('" & strErrMsg & "');") Catch ex As Exception strErrMsg = ex.Message() Response.Write("alert('" & strErrMsg & "');") Finally clsNCVACEMT.Dispose() If blnTransSuccessfull Then Response.Write("document.all[MbrAdmin].submit();") End If End TryEnd SubThe code "Response.Write("alert('" & strErrMsg & "');")" above gets executed and so does the "document.all[MbrAdmin].submit();", but the latter never submits the form.How can I get the form submitted
Custom UI controls   (342 Views)
Hi I've just started designing in ASP.NET. I would be really grateful if some one could tel me whether there are custom controls in ASP.NET to design a good UI. I'm trying to display some hyperlinks on an aspx page such that they form the shape of an ellipse. The hyperlinks which are away from the centre should look faded while the hyperlinks nearer to the center should look bright.
No definition for parameter error   (439 Views)
Hi. I have a code where it will store values from textbox to gridview temporarily without sending to database. Now i have created a button,trying to send the values in temporary gridview to database. Here's the cs code : protected void BtnSendToDatabase_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows) { Console.WriteLine(row["name"].ToString()); } SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(); cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Table1 (Company_Name) VALUES (@compName)"; cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@compName", TxtName.Text); foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows) { cmd.Parameter.AddWithValue("@compName", row["name"].ToString()); cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); } cmd.Dispose(); conn.Close(); conn.Dispose(); } But i'm getting this error: CS1061: 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand' does not contain a definition for 'Parameter' and no extension method 'Parameter' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference) Source error: cmd.Parameter.AddWithValue("@compName", row["name"].ToString()); I tried to use command instead of cmd,but it still gives error. Any ideas This post has been edited by eclipsed4utoo: 17 September 2010 - 04:40 AM Reason for edit:: please use the code tags... [code] your code here [/code]
Tally Integration   (263 Views)
hi, I want to acess the data of tally 9.0 to create some other web application using ASP.NET.
DDL not retaining selecteditem   (317 Views)
Below you will find the offending code. The TableRow snippet is contained within a InsertItemTemplate section of a FormView object. Problem: When i click the cboINSColor1 dropdownlist (DDL) control, it performs the postback event but also reloads the datasource into the control. In effect, clearing the SelectedItem field and setting back to the 0 index. This problem only occurs on the DDL i manually databind to a source. The other controls that i have a DataSource object (SqlDataSource) attached to them, they operate like they are supposed to. The one thing i do not have is a DataBound event method but the times i used it, it didnt change the operational problem i am having. ...alot of other useless code ... Protected Sub cboINSColor1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) With frmProductionData If Not (CType(.FindControl("cboINSColor1"), DropDownList).SelectedItem Is "Select a Color:") Then CType(.FindControl("trINSColor2"), HtmlTableRow).Visible = True CType(.FindControl("trINSColor1Units"), HtmlTableRow).Visible = True CType(.FindControl("trINSColor1Adjust"), HtmlTableRow).Visible = True 'Fill the Drop Down List box with the information Dim tbcolors As prodsum.colorsDataTable = Me._taColors.ActiveColorsByPID(Me._data.pid1) CType(.FindControl("cboINSColor2"), DropDownList).DataSource = tbcolors CType(.FindControl("cboINSColor2"), DropDownList).DataBind() CType(.FindControl("cboINSColor2"), DropDownList).Items.Insert(0, Me._listItem) Else .. other control hiding code... End If End With End Sub First off, i have some project scope methods that handle the repetitive action of the CType that you see but need to resolve the problem first before i use the consolidated action. lets see if we can get this resolved
jQuery FixedHeaderRow script - dynamic scroll width (parameter to jQue   (233 Views)
$(document).ready(function() { jQuery('#').Scrollable(400, 2000); }); When column count is about 20 it looks like perfect (except: I can't see vertical scroll bar before scroll horizontal scrollbar to the right scope) But when column count is 4 I've got same 2000 width and 500pt for each column and horizontal scroll :-S that's fail. Is there some way I can control this width Is there some ways how can I send an Parameter to jQuery function
How to Display values in the Dataset into the HTML Table   (240 Views)
Please anyone tell me how to dispaly the values in the dataset into the HTML Table in ASP.NET
c# class to concat two strings   (314 Views)
Hi all, I am beginner in ASP.Net/C# and I would like to create a 'class' in C# to concatenate two textbox values to another control. Can anybody help me
dynamic gridview   (256 Views)
I have a drop down list that fetches the data for the Products or the Order table into a dataset. This dataset gets bounded to a gridview. The data in the gridview has to be editable. I was thinking of dynamically creating itemtemplates w/ textboxes depending on the number of columns in the dataset. I've been using this link as a reference: But I can't figure out how the InstantiateIn method gets called. After stepping thru the code, the InstantiateIn method runs after the page load even. But again I don't see code that calls this method. Any help would be appreciated. This is what I have so far: CODEpublic class GridViewTemplate : ITemplate { private DataControlRowType templateType; private string columnName; public GridViewTemplate(DataControlRowType type, string colName) { templateType = type; columnName = colName; } public void InstantiateIn(System.Web.UI.Control container) { switch (templateType) { case DataControlRowType.Header: Literal lc = new Literal(); lc.Text = columnName; container.Controls.Add(lc); break; case DataControlRowType.DataRow: TextBox txtMapping = new TextBox(); txtMapping.DataBinding += new EventHandler(this.Mapping_DataBinding); container.Controls.Add(txtMapping); break; default: break; } } private void Mapping_DataBinding(Object sender, EventArgs e) { TextBox t = (TextBox)sender; GridViewRow row = (GridViewRow)t.NamingContainer; t.Text = DataBinder.Eval(row.DataItem, columnName).ToString(); } } public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { LoadGridView(); } } private void LoadGridView() { Database SqlDb = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase(); DataSet dsMappingTable = SqlDb.ExecuteDataSet(CommandType.Text, "SELECT * FROM " + ddlMappingTable.Items[ddlMappingTable.SelectedIndex].Value.ToString()); gvMappingTable.DataSource = dsMappingTable.Tables[0]; gvMappingTable.DataBind(); for (int i = 1; i < dsMappingTable.Tables[0].Columns.Count; i++) { TemplateField tf = new TemplateField(); tf.ItemTemplate = new GridViewTemplate(DataControlRowType.DataRow, dsMappingTable.Tables[0].Columns[0].ColumnName); tf.HeaderTemplate = new GridViewTemplate(DataControlRowType.Header, dsMappingTable.Tables[0].Columns[0].ColumnName); gvMappingTable.Columns.Add(tf); } } protected void ddlMappingTable_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { LoadGridView(); } }
Get Output of Stored Procedure   (196 Views)
I am trying to get output of my Stored Procedure. When I check the stored procedure in SQL it returns 8, but I get 0 in my VB.NET function. stored procedureCODECREATE PROCEDURE spCofC_GetRecordCount( @JobNum int, @TotalCount int OUTPUT)AS DECLARE @Count1 int SELECT @Count1 = COUNT(anCofC) FROM tblShipping_CofC WHERE CertNumber = @JobNum DECLARE @Count2 int SELECT @Count2 = COUNT(anInvTrack) FROM tblShipping_InvTrack WHERE woNum = @JobNum DECLARE @Count3 int SELECT @Count3 = COUNT(anMaterial) FROM tblShipping_MaterialSup WHERE woNum = @JobNum DECLARE @Count4 int SELECT @Count4 = COUNT(anProcessSup) FROM tblShipping_ProcessSup WHERE woNum = @JobNum DECLARE @Count5 int SELECT @Count5 = COUNT(anMaterialHeatLots) FROM tblShipping_MaterialHeatLots WHERE woNum = @JobNum DECLARE @Count6 int SELECT @Count6 = COUNT(anProcess) FROM tblShipping_ProcessItem WHERE woNum = @JobNum SELECT @TotalCount = (@Count1 + @Count2 + @Count3 + @Count4 + @Count5 + @Count6) RETURN @TotalCountGOmy functionCODE Public Function GetRecordCount(ByVal iJob As Integer) As Integer Dim myConn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection Dim myComm As New SqlClient.SqlCommand myConn.ConnectionString = sConn myComm.Connection = myConn myComm.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure myComm.CommandText = "dbo.[spCofC_GetRecordCount]" Dim parmJob As New SqlClient.SqlParameter("@JobNum", SqlDbType.Int) Dim parmTotal As New SqlClient.SqlParameter("@TotalCount", SqlDbType.Int) parmJob.Value = iJob parmTotal.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output myComm.Parameters.Add(parmTotal) myComm.Parameters.Add(parmJob) Try With myComm .Connection.Open() Dim i As Integer = .ExecuteScalar .Connection.Close() Return i End With Catch ex As Exception Return -1 End Try End FunctionCan anybody tell me what I have done wrong. This is my first time to try and use an OUTPUT in a Stored Procedure. CharlesQuality Assurance/Developer
UserControl drawing / funciotn issues   (247 Views)
I have a menu that is set up as a user control. The buttons on the control all work, so the code behind is being called.Now for ease of use, I wish to change the enabled / disabled status of some of the buttons depending on who is logged on / off. But the code (placed in the control constructor function) is not executing (I have placed a breakpointon it and it is never called).If I put the code on a page, and use it I can toggle a buttons enabled state, so I know that the code works, its just accessing it through the control.So I assume that there is a method I need to add to my control that is called whenever it is drawn, as if I need to add in code in each page that uses the menu, then I lose the benefits of having a user control.if it was C++ It would be something like the OnDraw() function, but that doesnt work in Vis Studio. Any advice / help greatfully receivedK
Which Control caused PostBack?   (249 Views)
I have a dropdown list and button that cause postback, each with events that are getting fired correctly after Page_Load. How can I determine which control caused the postback in OnInit()
ASP.NET   (170 Views)
I am trying to get the value of tag. Here is my example.I haveTest1Test2I want to get this value using ASP.Net. I am using Request.Form("select1"), Getting only the value but not text. Any inputs
Altering an A tag within a string...   (319 Views)
Merry Christmas all!What I want to be able to do is to take a string of HTML and check if there are any 'A' (link) tags that do not have a 'class' attribute and if there are, then add the class attribute to any of the 'A' tags that are lacking one. So, if I had:This is some text and here is a link and here is another linkI'd like to end up with:This is some text and here is a link and here is another linkI'm completely stumped as to how I would achieve this.
VS Data formatting in textboxes   (276 Views)
In Visual Studio, is it possible to format data in textboxes For example, how could a currency value of 50 be displayed as 50.00
Spell Checking   (219 Views)
Does anyone know of a good way to do spell checking in an ASP.Net application I am using a form to send an email and I would like the option to check spelling before sending the email.
[ASP.NET]: howto read client devices (like usb pendrive) via web?   (333 Views)
Hi all!I must to read and write from/to a specified usb pendrive insert into my client pc via web.I'm trying to open a web page, list all client dviers (C:\,D:\ ... ), click on a driver, and if is an removable device write a txt file or (reverse operation) read a txt !I've tried some code about drivers listing, but this reads only local (so if I run the page from my iis serve, I view server drivers not my local ones).Any solution or ideaMany thanks for all posts, and sorry for my english the bestFrancesco Cabigliera - Italy Francesco Cabigliera "Tadan"----------------------------Italiano Amateur Radio Station----------- IW3IDS ---------On Echolink - APRS Active
disable page   (391 Views)
How to disable page(make it gray) while loading data on to it I'm using ajax updatepanel.
Programmatically show/hide a table row   (304 Views)
Hi allI am developing an application in that allows a user to select a number of items via checkboxes, dropdown lists etc.The results page needs to show the items selected by the user and the value for that selection in a table.I can get all the items to show and if selected their value, but i need to be able to hide the name of the item selected and its value if it is not selected by the user.Could someone please advise me how to do thi
Update web page when email arrives   (213 Views)
I've been asked to write an aspx page that will automatically get updated everytime a specific email arrives through Outlook. The email is a notification that one of our vendors system is down. Management wants the web page to display an alert notice to our users letting them know that the system is down. My suggestion was to put a rule in Outlook that just forwards the email on to the users, but that wasn't good enough. Is it possible to update the web page (or make a database entry) whenever the email arrives If so, how would I go about getting this done mwa
Using GetFiles   (166 Views)
While using GetFiles, how can I access just the file name (I currently get the whole path) and the file type, size,...
Passing Variable From .aspx To .htm(FrameSet)   (320 Views)
Hi to all,I have a .aspx page and with a linkButton I have:Dim LblKey As StringLblKey = txt1.TextResponse.Redirect("frameset.htmKey=" + Server.UrlEncode(LblKey))In the frameset.htm I have:How can I pass the (LblKey) to the frameset in the menu.aspxAny Ide
DataList formatting question   (220 Views)
I have a DataList that generates two columns:CODEThe output looks like this:Alaska [checkbox] Kentucky [checkbox]Arizona [checkbox] Maine [checkbox]Arkansas [checkbox] Michigan [checkbox]...... .......Each of the two columns need to have its own heading:State Active State ActiveAny ideas
Help me find the logical error?   (317 Views)
I know I'm missing some elemental here. I have a repeater with two labels that are databound. On itemdatabound, I want to get those values so I can create other controls, but I'm not getting a value at all, even though I see it right there on the screen plain as day. I'm not getting any error messages, so I'm pretty sure it's a logical error.Here's the code:CODEstring ButtonNumTxt = String.Empty;string ButtonDesTxt = String.Empty;Label ButtonDes = e.Item.FindControl("ButtonDesignationLbl") as Label;Label ButtonNum = e.Item.FindControl("ButtonNumLbl") as Label;ButtonNumTxt = ButtonNum.Text;ButtonDesTxt = ButtonDes.Text;Trace.Write("ButtonNumTxt is " + ButtonNumTxt + " and ButtonDesTxt is " + ButtonDesTxt);The trace statement doesn't give any more info than what you see here. Can anyone (or :) ) see what's wrongthanks!tigerjade "Always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." -- Martin Golding
Controls on WebUserControls   (224 Views)
Newbie here so feel free to laugh ...I created a webusercontrol based on a GridView, so I now have a 'myGridView' WebUserControl.Go to a new webform, add the control, and voila .. I now have my modified GV.But ... no smarttag option to set datasource or autoformat etc.There is an option to 'Edit User Control' but that changes the source file .. and to be honest that scared me, is it possible to block that option I don't want my source file being altered by error !So have I missed something realy obvious, or am just barking up the wrong tree altogether Can I create a WUC giving all the normal functionality of a GridView, that can be used multiple times within a page as seperate instances with seperate datasources Many
Authentication and Authorization?   (130 Views)
I am using ASP .NET(version 1.1). My http authentication module is called for every webpage that is under may project even though I specified in my web.config to only authentication for a specify directory Am I missing somethings or is my web.config done wrong for what I am trying to accomplishCODE My default is to allow anybody access. The location part of the web.config should have override the default no authentication for the directory "test" to use my http module. But my http module is called for every webpage under my project. Am I doing something wrong or am I suppose to do something in the http module to check for the location
Opening another web application   (327 Views)
I would like to know what is the correct procedure for opening a web application created by another user.For example i paste a folder in my wwwroot that contains all the relevant files (aspx,vbproj etc.). If this is the correct 1st step, is there anything else to be done before using VS.NET to open this web application Do i have to create anything in II
merchant services   (174 Views)
I want to user merchant service like PayPal. I want to know how you can integrate the actual payment facility into your own web page If you have the user has to go to there secure page then how do you link back to your pageI want to be able for the user to select a product pay for it and then if the payment has gone through sucessfully I want to then send a email to the dispatcher straight after.Does anyone have a service they used to do similar