Binding to DropDownList problems

i'm having problems binding to the DropDownList control. Here's my code:


and here's my code behind (Page_Load event handler):

CODEDim lstCategoryID As DropDownList = CType(FormView1.FindControl("lstCategoryID"), DropDownList)

lstCategoryID.DataSource = Utilities.GetCategoriesList()
When i run the application i get the error:

'lstCategoryID' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items.
Parameter name: value

This seems a strange error since there is a value in the DropDownList which is the same as the value i am trying to bind to. I think it might be something to do with me loading in the contents of the DropDownList with the Page_Load event handler (since i have had no problems with dropdownlists with static options). I have also tried putting in the Page_Init event handler but this did not work either.

Appreciate if someone could help.

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In Scott Guthrie's article titled Efficient Data Paging with the ASP.NET 2.0 DataList Control and ObjectDataSource he returns his total rows in the same SPROC as his rows of data. He suggests this as a performance optimization and so Im trying to utilize it. But In his example his ObjectDataSource directly accesses the DAL. Ive implemented it this way and it works great. But when I try to have my ObjectDataSource use a BLL Ive setup for my DAL my totalRows are getting returned as 0. How do I properly setup my BLL to return my totalRows This is my BLL code:Public Function Test_Select(ByVal TestID As Integer, ByVal startRowIndex As Integer, ByVal maximumRows As Integer, ByVal totalRows As Integer) As Test_DAL.Test_DataTable Return Adapter.Test_Select(TestID, startRowIndex, maximumRows, totalRows)End FunctionAnd here is my ASPX code:
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I have an ASP.Net page that has two text box controls on it. One if to collect an email address, and the other to collect a home airport code.When the page loads, in the text boxes, I want to have appear "Enter e-mail address" and "Enter Airport Code", respectively. I've set the Text property of the text boxes to show this, of course. However some javascript I'm using is creating behaviors that isn't quite right.In the textbox's onfocus event, I have "this.value=''" which works properly, but I do not want it to fire off on page load because it is clearing out the first of the two text boxes I have. The only other control I have on this page is a submit button, and in my code I placed btnSignup.Focus(), but that button is not receiving focus on Page Load. So this method isn't quite right.The behavior I am after is, after page load and the text boxes display their initial values, if the user types something other than the default value in either of the text boxes, I dont want the text to be cleared if the textbox gains focus again; otherwise, if a text box gains focus and the text in the box equals the initial values, I want them cleared.Any help and direction to some web sources would be great. I've searched Google but I don't think I'm searching the proper term because I'm not finding anything useful. As always,
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Hi Group,How can I detect whether a datgrid control has any records I need to check for no records being present.TIA
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I am using third party controls in my page. They are infragistics controls and i need to validate the choosen date on a webdatechooser on client side and dont know how to get the chosen date ont eh clietn side without postback.any suggestiosn
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.We are required to disable ActiveX controls and plugins - and therefore we cannot use ActiveX controls on our webpages. However, we were using a treeview control supplied by Microsoft (available after installing IEWebControls). Does anyone know how we can imitate a treeview control's functionality (expandable nodes, scrollbars, etc.) on a webpage without using an ActiveX control Any information or insight will be helpful.
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hi, I wonder how Can I go out of scope of a class objectexampleBook myBook = new Book();myBook.Title = "American History";......(is there a code that take the instance of the book out of memeory, )I read that to test the value of reference type, I used if (myBook == null) that means that I am checking if my object has a reference or not. I am not sure if this is correct, please advice.Ehx
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I am implementing adding a popup calendar to a datagrid and I have everything working as it should however I would like the image that fires off the popup to appear in a different location withing my datagrid.Int32 iLastCellIndex = e.Item.Cells.Count-1;String sLink2 = ""; //The HTML to add to the Edit celle.Item.Cells[iLastCellIndex].Controls.Add(new LiteralControl(sLink2)); //Add the HTMLthis obviously adds it to the end of the already created there a way to insert the control in the middle of those controls so that the image for the calendar popup appears next to the textbox to which the value for the date will be returned.
Need Help with ASP.NET Label Control   (183 Views)
I have a simple label control that I need to display in a ASP.NET application and I need to get the label to display in a red colored font. I have tried the following code several times and the text of the label will not change to red, it still displays as black text: (The code is within a table tag.)Total Man Hours: Some one else programmed the application that I'm working with in ASP.NET. I just just changed the .aspx web page on in notepad and then just did a copy and replace but the code did not work. Do I need to reboot either just IIS or reboot the server that this application is located on to get the change in code (I added the ForeColor attribute.) to work and turn the text Total Man Hours to redAny assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Response.Redirect() to open new browser window....   (264 Views)
I'm hoping this is a simple problem...I tend to make use of Response.Redirect to navigate between pages within my web application.In a few instances I want to be able to navigate to a different page - but in the scope of a new browser window.How can I do thisI want this to happen when the user clicks a standard asp button control.I'm using ASP.NET with C# code
Need to know the entire Sowftware developement cycle   (145 Views)
Hi Everyone.I am excited to know the entire software development lifecycleof .net .I mean how it goes in a proper company.Are there any websites which provide this info in detail.Please reply if any one knows
Enumerator (newbie question)   (213 Views)
I'm trying to understand what an Enumerator is..Is it similar to defining user-defined data typesThis is what msdn says:"Enumerators can be used to read the data in the collection, but they cannot be used to modify the underlying collection.
ASP Discussion Forum Software with AD authentication   (228 Views)
I'm hoping to establish a simple forum/bb on our intranet and I was hoping to have users automatically authenticated. Can anyone point me in the direction of discussion forum/bulletin board software that is built to use AD-integrated authenticatio
Write ID3 Properties to an MP3 file on the server   (204 Views)
Does anyone know a way to alter the ID3 attributes of a mp3 via .NET These properties are read/write so I'm thinking there should be some way of accomplishing this...