aspnet_wp.exe hangs on certain apps

I have an issue with a .NET web project that I cannot figure out. I have one web app that I run and from time to time, I will get the yellow error page stating Configuration Error , (I get this error immediately on access the web page) this is already have the project has been built and has been running fine for a while. Once this happens, I notice in my Event Viewer, under Application Log there is an error entry ASP.NET 1.0.3705.288, if you open it up it says aspnet_wp.exe (PID: XXXX) stopped unexpectedly. The weird thing is all my other .NET apps still work fine. This app I'm having problems with is the only app with an Oracle backend DB, the rest use SQL server. I also notice in my bin folder of my web project the file oip8.tlb is in a locked state, you can't delete or rename it because it comes back with a sharing violation. The only way around this mess is to kill the aspnet_wp.exe process which will (most of the time) recycle itselft, the other option it to restart IIS. This kinda annoying since it's only one app not working but you have to restart everything to get it working again. Any ideas what in the world is going on !! I hope the above info is useful.

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Hi - I have an updatepanel that hangs intermittently. The same exact request will get hung sometimes, other times it's super fast. I don't have this problem on my development pc (using IIS), just on the server where it's deployed. The primary difference between the two is that the deployment server is 64-bit. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The updatepanel has a dropdownlist inside it, and the trigger is also a dropdownlist.
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I have a development box running Win7 and VS2010. A User Acceptance Testing server running Windows Server 2008 / Sql Server 2008 and a Live server running Windows Server 2008 / Sql 2008. When doing development I connect to a development database on the UAT server. I have a problem that only occurs when I change the connection string to point to the database on the Live Server. So, before I start describing the problem - the app works fine in development and when published to the UAT server - but there is a problem when I either publish it to the live server or, whilst on my dev box, point the connection string to the live database. Here's an example. I have a page with a gridview on it. In each row of the gridview there is a drop down list. calls to the database are done through a Data Access class. Say I have a function on an .aspx.cs page called GetDetails(). In this - to populate the Gridview I'll have something like ... Code: DataAccess da = new DataAccess(); //new instance of Data Access class gvDetails.DataSource = da.GetDetails(ProductID); //returns a SqlDataReader gvDetails.DataKeyNames = new string[] { "DetailID", "Reference", "ReferenceID" }; gvDetails.DataBind(); And, in the RowDataBound event I'll have something like this: Code: protected void gvDetails_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e) { /* [0]DetailID [1]Reference [2]ReferenceID */ if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow) { DataKey key = gvDetails.DataKeys[e.Row.RowIndex]; DropDownList ddlReference = (DropDownList)e.Row.FindControl("ddlReference"); GF.PopulateDDL(ddlReference, key[2].ToString()); } } GF - is a Generic Function class. GFPopulateDDL takes a DropDownList and an ID and fetches a SqlDataReader with some data to populate the Dropdownlist. So, as each row in the GridView is DataBound, a call to my generic function PopulateDDL - populates the DropDownList in each row. I do this on dozens of pages in different apps and it works fine. But, when I connect to the database on the Live Server - the application hangs when I call PopulateDDL. Within PopulateDDL it will have code like Code: public void PopulateDDL(DropDownList ddl, int ItemID) { DataAccess da = new DataAccess(); ddl.DataSource = da.GetddlItems(ItemID); ddl.DataBind(); } The problem occurs in the DataAccess class function that returns the datareader to populate the DropDownLists in each row. This looks like: Code: public SqlDataReader GetddlItems(string ItemGroup) { // Create Instance of Connection and Command Object SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString); SqlCommand myCommand = myConnection.CreateCommand(); myCommand.CommandText = "GetddlItems"; myCommand.CommandTimeout = 120; // Mark the Command as a SPROC myCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; // Add Parameters to SPROC SqlParameter parameterItemGroup = new SqlParameter("@ItemGroup", SqlDbType.Int, 4); parameterItemGroup.Value = ItemGroup; myCommand.Parameters.Add(parameterItemGroup); // Execute the stored procedure and Return the datareader result myConnection.Open(); return myCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection); } (I didn't write that - but it works) As soon as you hit myConnection.Open() - the application hangs. No error messages - nothing. As you step through the code you get returned to the browser and it just sits there forever with the progress bar going nowhere. BUT, it only happens in the specific situation of populating the dropdownlists in each row of the Gridview. On the page I am having problems with - PopulateDDL has already been called a couple of times, successfully, to populate DropDownLists outside of the Gridview. Now, you might think this is a Connection issue - that a Connection is opened to populate the SqlDataReader that populates the Gridview and that, as you loop through the gridview, more connections are opened and closed to populate the DropDownLists. But, all functions that return SqlDataReaders are closed with myCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection) so Connections are definitely closed. So ... sit there on my dev box and point at the database on UAT server - and it works fine. Point at the database on the Live server and, at that specific point (described above), it falls over. (Earlier calls to live database all work fine). Same database (SQL Server 2008) - same operating system - Windows Server 2008 R2. So, why does it hang on the live database on that particular myConnection.Open but not on the UAT or development database And why does it only do it in that specific situation. Most database calls work fine. And why no error messages You just get moved back to the browser - which has hung. On my development box I am having to restart IIS sometimes - one error message that does appear sometimes is to do with something (damn, can't remember the terminology) like - a debugger is already attached - something like that. Any help much appreciated. At the end of my second day on this now. By the way - it isn't anything to do with errors in the code above - I just typed that from memory - the actual code works fine on dozens and dozens of pages - it's just this issue with the different databases that is behind this.
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Hi , I have a zipcode database in mssql which has the zipcode, lat and long. I need to write a query in my using to show all records with a zipcode within a certain number of miles. I have seen calculations to show the distance between two zipcodes but I need to find the ones within say 10 miles or 25 miles. Has anyone done this before
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I am trying to make it so that when a user logs in, they are directed to a certain page. This page will change depending on the user. How is this done Can this be done through the Website Administration Tool that comes with the login control If so, where I have looked through it and can't seem to find where this is done. I know it has to be pretty simple but no luck so far.
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I'm sorry if this has been asked before,But I would like to hide a LinkButton in rows of a DataGrid upon a special condition:for example column one contains the "Owning User" of the object, and the "Edit" and "Delete" buttons must only be visible if the current authenticated user (User.Identity.Name) is the same as that one (Container.DataItem("Owner")).Can anybody help me with thi
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HiI have the following code which onclick of the pager buttons it hides them during postback, but has the page is reloading you can quickly resubmit form before it has finished posting back. Is there anyway I can add 1 second etc onto the just to give the postback enough time to finish what it is doing.e.Item.Attributes.Add("onclick", "'none';"
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Hi Guys, I have a website I created for people in our database to update their information. So an email is sent with a link to each person. Once they click the link their profile is loaded. Now I need to stop them accessing the site because the update period has expired. How can I redirect to a page that says "Update Period has expired" at all times. please advise
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Everyone, Really, this is an amateur question, but I need to ask it anyway. How do I capture other events in an textbox on a webpage in more of a way in which a windows app does For example, if I want to handle when someone just presses a key (keydown) on a textbox in a webpage The functionality that we want to create breaks down like this: We want to create a "smart" search box at the top of our page. When the user starts typing, a little panel or some element should become visible and it will have some check boxes on it. They can search for one or many different types of searches: First Name, Last Name, Business Name, ZIP, Customer Number, and Contact Info. As they begin typing their search, we need it to execute some code that attempts to figure out exactly what they are searching. So if it can tell they are typing in alphabetic characters and not numbers, then we know to NOT check the Customer Number box, but we will want to check the First Name, Last Name, and Business Name boxes. If they start typing a number, we know that we can check the Customer Number box and leave the First Name and Last Name, etc boxes unchecked. If they type a number that is 5 digits, then we know to check the ZIP and Customer Numbers both. Any other length number characters and the ZIP will be unchecked. And any other rules like these that we might want to implement in the future. The idea here is we will almost always be able to tell what someone is searching, but the user can always check any box that they want to search for if they so choose. For example, if a business is named "123 Plumbing Company" and they just want to search the Business Name field for a number, they can over ride it and do that. Otherwise, they just can blindly type their search and hit enter and the program will usually know what kind of search they are trying to do. I come from a strong windows app development background and have just recently tried to do some web development professionally. A quick few sentences on what philosophy I am missing out on as far as a more robust and "Windows App-like" webpage would be appreciated if anyone wants to coach me on that area and point me in the right direction! Also, in my example we are using master pages. So if you can imagine a typical master page that has a logo top left and a search box and button top right, then you can picture what we have. Its simple looking. But with the content page being a separate aspx page, we are having trouble referencing it after a search is performed anyway. So what I mean by all this is The masterpage.master has a search textbox. They type something, hit enter. We then want a gridview that is on our default.aspx page to update with the results of the event that was fired from the masterpage.master. My windows app background tells me to just point to it like I would from two different forms. Like if I had a form1 with a search box on it and I wanted it to show up the results on form2, I would just say Form2.Show: Form2.GridView = whatever. Of course, with my confusion of what the scope of these pages is, I am having a difficult time just visualizing everything and how they are inter-related. So I guess to recap here: 1) How do I tap into more events with textboxes or any other control. Is the answer AJAX If so, can you elaborate just a little bit 2) How would I use the keypress or keydown type of event to make a panel or some kind of content holder to become visible when the textbox gets focus from the cursor and go back to being invisible if it loses focus. 3) What about the scope in which pages behave I hope I haven't fudged up the question too bad. I went ahead and put some screen shots online that might help explain what we are trying to pull off. As the topic subject suggestions, this actually reminds me of what the search box looks like here on except that we want there to be some active code that fires without a postback.
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I have as ASP.Net 2.0 website with SQL Server as database and C# 2005 as the programming language. The website is almost complete and all the links are working fine. But I want to prevent normal users from opening a couple of pages. When any user clicks on those specific links, another page opens which contains a ASP Login control. The user has to supply a valid userid and password to display the links pointing to the restrictive pages. But being a newbie, I don't know how to leverage the full power of the ASP Login control. Because, if a user gets to know the exact url of the restricted pages, then he/she can bypass the login control and directly access those pages by typing the url into the address bar. I want to prevent this. If the user types the url directly in the address bar, I want that the page itself should check, whether the user has been validated through the Login control and either display the page or point the user to the Login page. How do I implement this feature Thank You. Lalit Kumar Barik
Prompt User after a certain amount of time, "click" a button (Web App)   (195 Views)
Well I was asked to add some features to a program which has been made by some guy who has already resigned from this office, so it's too bad I can't talk to him about his stuff. But basically all I need is to have maybe some message box to pop out after let's say 3 minutes. This would give the user a choice to either save his/her work and refresh the page, or not to refresh the page at all to continue his/her work. There already is a functional save command in the form so what I want to do is to call that button click event in case the user wants to save, and then refresh the page as well i got is vbscript which refreshes the page after a certain time // The time out value is set to be 10,000 milli-seconds (or 10 seconds) setTimeout(' document.location=document.location' ,10000); I did make it work, but I can't figure out how to only refresh when the user chooses to Now the problem is, I can't make the timer control work like in windows apps, so I can't simply just use the tick event, I also can't seem to use the msgbox... is there a way to So to sum it up: 1. What is the best way to prompt and let the user choose between the two options 2. And how can I call the click event and refresh (depending on the choice in #1)
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So the user adds a new item to the database. I want the status label to appear telling them the add was successful, then after two seconds, execute another set of actions... basically a redirect. ASP.NET 2.0 with VB2005. Any ideas
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Hi , This may belong in the database section, not sure. Anyway, I am selecting approx 1000 rows in a storedprocedure into a dataset using a dataadapter (sql Server 2k) I know I can say "SELECT TOP 100 from etc" but what I wanna do is select records 100 to 200. Is there a way to do this with sql/dataadapters or are you gonna tell me to select the top 200 then advance 100 I just didnt wanna waste me memory... unless anyone thinks selecting 1000 records will make hardly any difference...
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hello there, I have a multiview which contains many views, inside these views are controls (webparts), what I am trying to do is make all the controls within a webpart zone on the active view read only or dissabled: VB Code: currentView = MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex currentZoneId = Menu1.Items.Item(currentView).Text For i = 0 To MultiView1.Views.Count - 1 For b = 0 To MultiView1.Views(i).Controls.Count If MultiView1.Views(i).Controls.Count > 0 Then If MultiView1.Views(i).Controls(b).ID "" Then myZone = MultiView1.Views(i).Controls(b) If myZone.ID = currentZoneId Then For Each myControl In myZone.Controls If TypeOf myControl Is TextBox Then myTextBox = myControl myTextBox.ReadOnly = True End If If TypeOf myControl Is DropDownList Then myDropDownList = myControl myDropDownList.Enabled = False End If If TypeOf myControl Is Calendar Then myCalendar = myControl myCalendar.Enabled = False End If Next End If End If End If Next Next however i get this error: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index on this line: If MultiView1.Views(i).Controls(b).ID "" Then could any1 help
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Using a datagrid, populating from data from a database. I have some link buttons for approving records. I want the next column to show a link after I click the approve link. I got code working in the onitemcommand routine to work but only after I commented out the routine to reload the datagrid. So, I need something that does it when it loads. Something like so: If @REQUSR_APPROVAL_CD = 0 Then lnkProcess.Visible = True Else lnkProcess.Visible = False End If But done for each record added to the datagrid. I started a routine (dgrdCurrentRequests_ItemDataBound) for OnItemDataBound but coming up short. 'part of codebehind VB Code: #Region " dgrdCurrentRequests_ItemCommand " Sub dgrdCurrentRequests_ItemCommand(ByVal s As Object, ByVal e As DataGridCommandEventArgs) Dim iRequestID As Integer iRequestID = dgrdCurrentRequests.DataKeys(e.Item.ItemIndex) Select Case e.CommandName Case "Decline", "Approve" Dim SortedProc As String = "sp_UpdateRequestApprovalCD" Dim ClientConn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("sitename.DB")) Dim cmdApprovalCD As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(SortedProc, ClientConn) cmdApprovalCD.SelectCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure Dim iApprovalCD As Integer If e.CommandName = "Decline" Then iApprovalCD = 0 Else iApprovalCD = 1 End If cmdApprovalCD.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@REQUSR_APPROVAL_CD", SqlDbType.Int, 4)) cmdApprovalCD.SelectCommand.Parameters("@REQUSR_APPROVAL_CD").Value = iApprovalCD cmdApprovalCD.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@REQUSR_ID", SqlDbType.Int, 4)) cmdApprovalCD.SelectCommand.Parameters("@REQUSR_ID").Value = iRequestID Try cmdApprovalCD.SelectCommand.Connection.Open() cmdApprovalCD.SelectCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() Catch exc As Exception lblWarning.Text = exc.Message.ToString lblWarning.Visible = True End Try ClientConn.Close() Case "ProcessRequest" 'NO CODE YET End Select sbGetNewRequests() End Sub#End Region#Region " Function - fnApprovalCD " Function fnApprovalCD(ByVal iActiveCD As Integer, ByVal iControl As Integer) As String Dim sRetVal As String sRetVal = "" If iActiveCD = iControl Then sRetVal = "" Else sRetVal = "" End If Return sRetVal End Function#End Region#Region " dgrdCurrentRequests_ItemDataBound " Protected Sub dgrdCurrentRequests_ItemDataBound(ByVal Sender As [Object], ByVal e As DataGridItemEventArgs) If e.Item.ItemType = ListItemType.Item Or e.Item.ItemType = ListItemType.AlternatingItem Then Dim lnkProcess As LinkButton Dim iApproveCD As Integer lnkProcess = e.Item.FindControl("lnkProcess") If iApproveCD = 1 Then lnkProcess.Visible = True Else lnkProcess.Visible = False End If End If End Sub#End Region HTML Code: 'REMOVED COLUMNS
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how to have a web page to be refreshed at every particular interval..any help is appreciated..
Post back to a certain area of a page within a datalist   (202 Views)
, I used a DataList to show some data from my database. I have an edit button that allows me to update the field but when I click on edit it takes me to the beginning of the page. It would be a whole better if after clicking edit, the page would stay at the same spot. I tried using an anchor but have not been able to make it work. Here is the datalist code Software Name Software Name: Path: Software: Path: protected void SoftwareList_EditCommand(object source, DataListCommandEventArgs e) { SoftwareList.EditItemIndex = (int)e.Item.ItemIndex; } I tried in the itemTemplate tags and then in the EditCommand method having a Response.Redirect("#" + nameOfSoftware) command to navigate to the part of the page I just clicked on. This did not work though because I am getting a Object reference not set to an instance of an object error. Any suggestions
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