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I am inserting an asp:RadioButton control into an asp:Table control using Visual Studio.NET. On the design tab it seems necessary to insert the asp:RadioButton control onto the page outside of the table and then switch to the HTML tab to move the asp:RadioButton tag into the asp:TableCell tag to place the RadioButton in the table. Anyone know of a way to put a RadioButton control into a Table control in design mode


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Hi ThereI have a datagrid with a textbox control in column 2 which is set to autopostback=true.I have linked the OnTextChanged event to a sub in the vb code but I cannot determine which row the textbox event was triggered from!My sub looks like this :Public Sub tbAddExtension_Text_Changed(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) 'get the row number (corresponds to year number) End SubI thought the row index would be sent here as either 'sender' or 'e' but I cannot get the syntax right!Does anyone know how to do thi
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If possible, how do I change the internal browser to something other than Internet Explorer if I want to preview/debug my pages from the IDE I would like to use FireFox or Netscape for instance.
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hi Guys, need your help. I am developing a site using want to add a page which contains a space for narratives, information, news updates.I am not sure how to do it. I thouhgt of the following:1. use word doc and save as html2. create an aspx page with a panel, then write down all what I need inside the panel3. Other option that I am not familiar with,Your guidance is appreciated.By the way, the information will not change by the user, It will chance once every month, so I guess, I d not need to connect to the database and pull the narratives or what do you think
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I use a session variable to store the data filled in three form pages registration. On every page I create a dataset with a table object in it and then I assign the dataset to the session. If the user decides going back to the previous form page I want to refill all the form fields with the data stored in the session, now I am trying to do it thus on the second page: (in the case of user comes from the third page)CODESub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) If Not IsPostBack Then Dim ds2 As DataSet ds2 = CType(Session("UserData"), DataSet) If Not isNothing(ds2.tables(0).rows(0)) then name.Text() = ds2.Tables(0).rows(0).Item("companyName").ToString state.SelectedValue = ds2.Tables(0).rows(0).Item("State").ToString city.SelectedValue = ds2.Tables(0).rows(0).Item("city").ToString ... End If End IfEnd SubBut I receive this error just when I come normally from the first page to the second: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.Line 73: state.SelectedValue = ds2.Tables(0).rows(0).Item("State").ToStringI don t understand this error because the subroutine says that only set the values from the session to the form fields if the data exists in the dataset: 'If Not isNothing(ds2.tables(0).rows(0)) then'. And if I come from the first page the dataset of the second page it doesn t exists yet...Somebody knows what is the problemOn the first form page:CODESub userData(Sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Dim ds As New DataSet() Dim dt As New DataTable() dt.columns.add("Mail") dt.columns.add("Password") dt.columns.add("userType") dt.columns.add("zipCode") dt.columns.add("companyName") dt.columns.add("State") dt.columns.add("City") ...Dim row As DataRow row = dt.NewRow() row.Item("Mail") = mail.Text row.Item("Password") = password.Text row.Item("userType") = userType.SelectedItem.Value row.Item("zipCode") = zip.Text dt.Rows.Add(row) ds.tables.add(dt) Session("UserData") = ds End SubOn the second form page:CODESub userData(Sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Dim ds2 As DataSet ds2 = CType(Session("UserData"), DataSet) Dim row As DataRow row = ds2.Tables(0).Rows(0) row.Item("companyName") = name.Text row.Item("State") = state.SelectedItem.Value row.Item("City") = city.SelectedItem.Value ... Session("UserData") = ds2 response.Redirect("Form3_NewUser.aspx")End SubThank you
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Hi all,On one of our web applications, an image is created dynamically. On this image the user can hover the mouse over some parts of the picture to get certain information, and can then click on these same annotations to edit them. In order to do this, I create an image map along with the image. The image map has onMouseOver and onClick properties for the image.The problem is that the image map for this picture can get quite large, and when it gets too large it drives internet explorer nuts. In one example, the image map alone is 1.5 MB of information, and when internet explorer tries to open it the browser will not show the image, the buttons go haywire (i.e. radio buttons are replaced by j's), and after closing the browser, windows will act weird (such as right-click menus coming up all black) until I restart the computer. I have tried to run the app on a few different computers, all with the same symptoms. I can run it in Netscape 7.0, but cannot get it to run in IE. Does anyone know why IE does this Kevin B..Net Programmer
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By "it runs for 3 minutes" do you mean its doing processing and not showing a page for 3 minutesIf so, you could have some memory leak and are actually bringing down your web server!Could you give more detail of what your page is actually doingD'Arcy , 1 to 3 HOURS!ok...we should look at the architecture of this then, because a web app may not be what you want here. Let me explain:Each session has a timeout value. This is necessary because if it didn't, your webserver would get jammed up with processing and storing variables, and it would cease to function (usually showing a familiar Server Application Unavailable error). The idea though is that if someone is actively interacting with the site, then the session stays live. But if inactivity happens, the session will die.Whats happening in your case is that you're page is calling some code that is doing some MAJOR processing. The timeout of your IIS is probably kicking in before the processing is complete, effectively killing your app.HOWEVER, I wouldn't suggest bumping up your timout to 3 hours, because that means that if I log into your site, and close my browser, unless you can catch that and abandon my session, my session will stay active for 3 HOURS! Multiply a few hundred users, if not thousands depending on usage and traffic, and your site won't last too long.So here are some options for you:1. Create a Windows Service. This is a program that runs in the background of the server. When you need some processing done, you could have your aspx page pass some vars to the service and get it going, while telling your users to "come back later" to retrieve their data. This will do a few things:a. It will take the processing load off of IISb. You're users won't have to have their browser open for 3 hours just to see the results; they can come back later.2. If its something like report generation, try and automate the process during non-busy hours.i.e. if a financial report is run every thursday morning, instead of the users having to request it, just have a service or some other application automatically crate the report at a pre-determined time (like 2 am for instance), so all the users do in the morning is grab the finished report (which also was processed during a non-busy time, so it probably won't take as long)If you'd like more insight on how to rectify this, let us know a bit more detail about what it is you're trying to do (and why its taking 3 hours max to do it; although I'm guessing its report related)hthD'Arcy