Windows 7 fezzes when I change power plans!!

When ever I change power plans from High Performance to Power Saver my computer freeze a little after it changes .. Did a clean install 2 times still the same thing .. Any ideas what is happening I have a Acer Extensa 4420 Amd athlon Dual Core Processor, 2 gigs of ram

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windows 7 ultimaye still rocks   (296 Views)
Thank you Bill Gates for being a great human being as my Windows 7 build 7100 ultimate is still fully functional and is the work horse of my computing life. Yes that is correct..Build 7100 that I made to function without the two hour shutdown and Aero is still fully active. not giving away my work around but let me say this though, windows 7 is way superior to the windows 8 development preview I have running on my desktop with the metro apps and hoping Microsoft does a complete better job with the W 8 beta release as W 8 is really designed for touchscreen technology. never the less, my W 7 is great and it works with everything available and the resource demand from anything I download, weather it be third party software is still 3% demand across all platforms, and that's a far cry from W 8 which averages 30% draw continually, and Monzilla Firefox is a complete disaster with it's ever changing builds as it continues to get worst in connection and performance. I do miss the fact that my version of 7 will not let me upgrade to Explorer 9 or 10, but I could alter the build number, but that's another story. I received an email from the forum, stating I was missed, and I don't know why, but I say today to ,
Is their away i can save my favorite from windows 32 and put it in windows 64bit?   (394 Views)
I have Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and I having a friend build me a New Rig and I am getting Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and I was wondering is their a way the i can save my favorites In the 32bit to move to 64bit. Without having to write them all down Roger
windows update conspiracy   (298 Views)
I have had windows 7 installed from an OEM disk for about 6+ months. I have always had auto updates disabled. last night I shutdown the computer just to find 98 updates being installed. I was just a little disappointed, for a couple of reasons. one reason is it seems to take longer to boot after updates have been installed. Two I liked manually updating hardware. Three ISP's threshold limited bandwidth. I am the only user of this pc so no one re enabled it. The only thing I can figure is that the night before last, I installed windows live mail 2011 for the first time. So the Microsoft software decided for me that I needed to have auto updates turned on. Without even a warning it was going to be done. Now I may be totally wrong about this because I have not found a log when the change took place. But due to the spike in bandwidth, which just about broke my threshold, happen yesterday. Windows live mail was installed just before seems reasonable to me. As much as I like windows 7 this kind of behavior always bugs me. Makes me wonder if they can log on to my system and do what ever they want. I know its a conspiracy! ttb
creating windows shortcuts en-masse (scripted)   (373 Views)
Setup: Windows 7 Home premium (64bit) I have need of creating many windows 7 shortcuts to a pile of video files. This is the first of what will likely be many occasions . I don't know any of the windows based scripting languages but do program in perl somewhat. So my first hope is someone may have a perl script that can create windows shortcuts. Barring that, if someone can explain the mechanism to me, I can write the perl. But all I know of windows shortcuts is how to create them on context menu, not the mechanism that really tells windows to create one. If it means I have to learn enough windows programming to do it, then maybe someone can get me started
Help! Do i buy a Windows xp home netbook or windows 7 starter edition netbook?   (349 Views)
I've just bought a netbook with windows xp home edition for $229 at London Drugs..i have 14 days from purchase date (Friday Dec 10)to change my mind and return it for a windows 7 starter edition netbook (there's only one left on the shelf at the sale price of $279). The difference in cost is about $50 plus tax, but what's more important is...will the starter edition be better than xp home I have a pc laptop already that i will be networking my new netbook with. My current pc laptop is already running xp home. If i go to the store and exchange my netbook for the windows 7 starter edition, will i still be able to network to my current xp home laptop On the microsoft site, there's very little information on window 7 starter edition. Does this edition really have some better features over xp home Will it be worth it I will also be networking a new mac that's arriving in a couple of weeks, will i be able to network a mac with my pc's:-s Both of these netbooks have just 1GB of RAM. Please help.. is xp home better or w7starter better I realize there are differences, like no dvd playback and cant change the desktop to customize it to my own picts and colors, but is that all There's no dvd drive on the netbook anyways, so that's not an issue to me, and i don't care if i have a fancy or boring picture on my desktop. What i want to know is, is w7 starter a better OS, and why
Windows in the future, and windows a monopoly. Share your thoughts   (422 Views)
Windows has been around for as long as we could remember. It's installed in 90% of computers in the world leaving only 9% for mac osx and 1% for linux. I personally think Microsoft came up with great business ideas, such as making deals with every single computer company in the world to have windows installed on their platforms. Xp came out in 2001 and is still the most used operating system in the world. Microsoft had an increasingly high shock price, the same apple is now. Then they got sued for having a monopoly. If you don't know, Microsoft was sued by the government for having a monopoly. Usually, companies have competition, but Microsoft didn't (And still doesn't.) have competition. They stated that people should have a choice, if Microsoft was to expensive to get another operating system, but that just wasn't the case, and still isn't the case which is why there upgrade prices remain so high. Then came windows vista, the fall of Microsoft, like they always say, nothing last forever. Personally, I've never ran into problems with Windows vista, my mother has it installed in her laptop, never an issue, but I'm basing this off reviews I've read off the internet from users. They claimed Windows Vista crashes to often, it isn't stable, it's slower than XP, the only good thing they had to say about windows vista was it original glass design which I like. I personally think they tried to add to many new features in windows vista which caused all these issues. I'm not going to even discuss windows vista SP2, lets move on ahead to windows 7. Personally, although windows 7 isn't my main operating system, I sort-of like it. I mean, it's nothing far from vista, it's just a less annoying version of vista with new aero features in which are very CPU consuming. I don't think windows 7 is worth the 170 dollar upgrade. I know, you could get it cheaper from other places, but I feel Microsoft owed there customers a cheaper price. They want to encourage windows XP users to make the switch, but most won't. Why not you ask Well, most computers users use the computer to browse the internet, and talk to friends etc. Some people can't afford the 170 dollar upgrade, it's just way to expensive for what your getting for your money. Maybe a 50 dollar price tag would've been better... And now as we look at Windows, we wonder where it will be in the future. The stock prices aren't doing to hot, and they plan on coming out with a Windows 8 which they claim will be a huge risk on there part, so I'm left here to wonder, what do they mean by that. Back to my other point, Microsoft is definitely a monopoly. What other choices do you really have. If you want MAC OSX you'll need to purchase a mac, or you could go with linux, but it's free which therefore means Microsoft is a monopoly (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Anyways, where do you think Windows will be in the future Will windows 8 be this huge risk What do you hope to see in windows 8 Do you ever think mac osx or even linux will take windows slot, I personally don't think so, but I'm sparking up a conversation. -Windows7helpguy
Linux user switches back the windows 7   (339 Views)
Well this is not easy for someone who enjoys linux as much as I do but I (keep in mind I have used computer sense the commadore 64) have to admit I have made the switch to back to MS with windows 7. I bought my new dellI 1564 with the intention with converting it to Ubuntu, however, I wanted to road test windows 7 for fun first and well Im in Im I will never replace my servers with windows server but as a desktop Im in. Its light, fast and actutlly well done. I like the theme managment and the memory managment even better. Dont get me wrong I still run all my other apps open source (open office, scribus, VLC media player ect). but I like the compatability and with going to collage this will make things allot easier as far as my online classes (I could do it in linux but the set up is not fun). Now don't get me worng windows 7 still has quarks, with permissions and security that are never going to go away. Im not fond of paying 55 bucks a year for ESET (yes I know there is free stuff but this is my computer and I take nothing to chance) with linux I checked for viruses once a month only but I did get carbonite online back up as well and that is a nice feature. long term, I just don't know what the future holds...I hate mac os and linux I have embraced (will always run linux server) but for now will use windows 7. I could talk about my whole history with MS and my stuggles with them (Im an MCSE, A+, network + and novell certified tech) but that would take way to long LOL. Bottom line is MS made a good product....not great......but good. (man this is painful for me to admit) but its healthy LOL
guide for differences between windows XP vs. windows 7   (355 Views)
guide for differences between windows XP vs. windows 7 I am looking for a site or guide that tell you the differences between these version of windows and I have not found one yet. any one come across anything like this on the internet yet if so send me a link. I know I can go out and get a book on windows 7 but looking for this first
windows 7 slower to boot in comparison with ubuntu   (415 Views)
Just did a comparison with my Acer 1,7 mhz dual processor 3 gb; OS Ubuntu 9 and my brand new HP dv6 2,3 mhz AMD turion dual processor and 6 gb; OS 64 bit Win7; From boot to 'on the web' (64 bit IE with the HP and Firefox with the Acer) is my windows 7 system no less than 30 seconds SLOWER than my Ubuntu. Also very disappointed with the whole 'vista' experience, I was hoping there would be a completely new lay-out with windows 7 but for me it looks like some specced up Vista... (which was crap anyway). A bit of a bummer if you ask me, other people who share my opinion
Tiny system windows on 30" screen   (265 Views)
Hi , have you ever tried to take a thing, why some system windows {msconfig, etc} is impossible to enlarge It is silly, {and really frustrating}, when I have almost 30" LCD and I have to scroll in both directions in tiny 10 x 15 cm window, without any possibility to scale it up, when I am looking for something. I understand, that 15 years ago, with 14" CRT, there was no need for enlarging... What the hell is wrong Maybe the programmer, who is responsible for this died 10 years ago... Maybe it's Microsoft philosophy...
Locking down windows for public system   (434 Views)
, I am putting together a computer system to be used at bars and clubs etc. It is going to contain a piece of software that will be able to run music videos out of it. Basically I want to be able to boot the system into windows 7 and have it appear on the Desktop with my icons. The icons will then be shortcuts to different parts of the software, help manual etc. I want the start menu to be minimal, maybe only have the following. - User Name - My documents - Limited Control Panel - Devices and Printers - Shut down and logoff - And a list of the shortcuts from the desktop --------------------- - I want to disable Right click on the desktop and anywhere inside folders, yet remain inside of software. - Make it so the desktop background cannot be changed. - Maybe a way to disable any display on boot up so the systems Hardware is not displayed, still have the option to boot into Bios, boot menu etc but this is pass worded. No doubt there is allot more I'd like to have locked down, but I'll get into that more later if I can get started on this. Now I have been doing a little reading, only recently started with this area of my development so help will be appreciated. So far all I know is that allot can be done from the 'gpedit.msc' tool but how is this applied to a user account that boots straight up. So an admin account is separate and obviously has everything enabled. From what ive read everythign applied in the gpedit is applied to all users, (work around on this) Have also been told there may be 3rd party software out there that could aid with this Anybody know of anyhting
windows media default sound   (293 Views)
I'm trying to set up a dual monitor pc to run wmc on a tv. But cannot get wmc to output audio to any other device apart from the default. Is there anyway to run wmc sound to the tv and all other sound to the pc speakers
Am i able to reinstall windows 7 onto a new harddive in the same computer?   (415 Views)
basically i have windows 7 installed on my computer right now. I have the full OS, not the upgrade. I want to upgrade my 320gb harddrive to a larger size. Will i be able to install windows 7 on a new harddrive with out any problem or will Microsoft tell me that the key has allready been used
Compatibility with windows mobile 6.1   (312 Views)
I removed my windows mobile device centre and installed windows 7. Can I now reinstall it and will it work with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
windows 7 default email   (472 Views)
I just got windows 7 and tried windows live email. I tried to change my default email to eudora and also to thunderbird without any luck. Even when I select eudora or thunderbird it always defaults to windows live. Has anyone got a solution
Favorite links missing in Navigation Pane in windows explorer   (279 Views)
There should be an arrow which is used to expand the favorite links in the navigation pane on the left. Interestingly, it shows nothing if i expand the favorites. It was working few days before. Dont know why how this cud happen Could anyone help on that! MANY THANKS!!!!!
windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit !!!!!!!!!   (297 Views)
Hi i have a laptop with 3 gb ram intel pentium dual core and so on. i was wondering if i use 64 bit would it be faster with the 3gb ram then the 32 bit and also software wise which is better in compatibility
Can not run windows live messenger   (404 Views)
I installed a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium on my system wich was running vista sp2 with no problems, and then I went to use live Messenger and it would not load. I install it, I go to run Messenger and it will not load. The "msnmsgr.exe" process appears in the "Processes" tab, but I cannot end the process. Whenever I try to open Messenger again, another process appear but again, the program will not open at all. I can end all the "msnmsgr.exe" processes except the one i opend 1st that is constantly running. Does anybody know how I can fix this and how I can get Messenger up and running Also with the process msnmsgr.exe running my laptop will not turn off it hangs at shut down screen.
Help me with driver audios for windows 7   (354 Views)
I need an analog device AD1888 Soundmax Can you give me any link
windows 7 cria duas redes uma domestica e outra publica   (371 Views)
My Windows 7 creates two networks one domestic and one public, that causes that do not connect to the Internet. How can I permanently eliminate the public network both use the same local area connection, it causes conflict.