Window 7 Install Freezing problem at terms and conditions screen - HELP !!

Hi ,

After a bit of help to find out if it's Windows 7, the computer or the HD that is the issue.

I am upgrading my old 80gb Hitachi HDD in my lappy to a 320GB WD Black. I changed the HDD over in the caddy for a fresh install of Windows 7(64bit) (old HDD uses Vista). The Bios recognizes the NEW WD HDD and the install disk boots to the accept terms screen for the NEW OS and then the system freezes. I did this three times and everything the same thing happened.

I put the old HDD back in with vista installed and all is well again.

The guy helping me works in our IT dept and he seems to know his stuff and it has him stumped.

The spec of my machine is Acer 5720, Intel Core 2 T7300 (2.0ghz, 800mhz FSB, 4mb L2 cashe), plus 2gb DDR2 RAM

thinking that it might be my motherboard that is somehow preventing the install due to compatibility problemsMy friend thinks that the HD might have a problem with it
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, because the only alternative I have is to send it back and exchange it for a new one and try again, but I would like to think that I have exhausted all the other avenues before i did this, especially as there might be a quick fix or reason why I am getting this repeat fault.

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Thank you Bill Gates for being a great human being as my Windows 7 build 7100 ultimate is still fully functional and is the work horse of my computing life. Yes that is correct..Build 7100 that I made to function without the two hour shutdown and Aero is still fully active. not giving away my work around but let me say this though, windows 7 is way superior to the windows 8 development preview I have running on my desktop with the metro apps and hoping Microsoft does a complete better job with the W 8 beta release as W 8 is really designed for touchscreen technology. never the less, my W 7 is great and it works with everything available and the resource demand from anything I download, weather it be third party software is still 3% demand across all platforms, and that's a far cry from W 8 which averages 30% draw continually, and Monzilla Firefox is a complete disaster with it's ever changing builds as it continues to get worst in connection and performance. I do miss the fact that my version of 7 will not let me upgrade to Explorer 9 or 10, but I could alter the build number, but that's another story. I received an email from the forum, stating I was missed, and I don't know why, but I say today to ,
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I have been experimenting with my Netbook for a week. I have been trying out 5 different brands of Linux installed alongside my Windows 7. Ubuntu Netbook,Kubuntu Netbook,Xubuntu,Linux Mint and jolicoud. As I could not install Ubuntu,Kubuntu and Xubuntu with Wubi installer,I installed them on Virtual Clone Drive which I found out how to do from the How-To Geek website. I also installed Linux Mint this way-Virtual Clone Drive as well. But Jolicloud Express was installed on my hard disk C drive without clone drive with the Windows installer. Here is how I did. Ubuntu-well first of all I could not connect to the Internet wireless broadband because it never detected it -same problem with Kubunt,Xubuntu and Linux Mint. Except that in Linux Mint I did in the end, but I had to plug my cable in before it found my Wifi but all the others did not find it. Ubuntu,kubuntu, Xubuntu- I could only use wired connection because they never detected my wirless network and would not let me download the drivers.So these 3 brands of Linux were not usable. Linux Mint-I found having to enter my password and user name most irritating every time I booted my computer and I had to enter my password every time I did some thing like install new packages or change the settings. There was no way to disable this like there is on Windows. Jolicloud-was the only one who found my Wifi connections right away and connected me without any problems, and I did manage to disable having to enter my password. Every time I booted my computer by ticking enable automatic log in. But I still had to enter my password every time I installed packages or changed settings. And when I tried to change this in command prompt.I found I could not install software unless I logged into the root and user account settings-even more irritating and annoying. Also in Linux you are supposed to be able to download and install software from the Internet. But I found I could not install anything. Mozilla Flock web browser would only install as a file which I had to download EVERY time I wanted to use it. I could not get it to install the way it should as a web browser like it does in Windows. Even though I installed the Linux version. In fact in Linux you can only install the web browsers and software that are in the packages, nothing else. Also in Jolicloud a lot of the web browsers I did install from the packages did not work. Aorora browser would not let me sign into my Google account and no matter what I did I could not fix this problem. But the Windows version of Aorora browser is working normally and I can sign into Google and my other accounts. In jolicloud Midori browser crashed, other web browsers were out of date-Firefox 3.6.3 for instance should have been updated to 3.6.12 the current version. Other web browsers did not work and Dillo and Epiphany did not because they are now discontinued. But on all of the Linux brands I tried, all of the web browsers were out of date and as I could not install anything from the Internet I could not update them. Also Jolicoud took up a lot of space on my hard drive. So windows users who are thinking of replacing you operating system with Linux,my advice is don't. Because I installed all of the Linux brands alongside Windows in removable installation,I was able to uninstall them all in Windows uninstall programs. But had I had been stupid enough to go for full installation and replaced Linux with Windows,then I would have been stuck. With an operating system that does not work and is not in the least bit user friendly.And installation alongside Windows is not without it's risks. As I have read that if things go wrong, Windows can be wiped from the boot system,leaving only Ubuntu or Linux on the computer. And if you only have a Netbook like I did,how do you get Windows back Netbooks do not have a CD drive. True,you can plug a CD drive into the USB socket via extension lead and the other end to the CD drive and run it that way. But you still need to get the Windows CD if you have not backed up your Windows and files to a CD.So it is risky to install another operating system alongside windows. Windows IS very user friendly. YOU control how you use it and how it is run. You do not have to have any log on password or any security at all unless you want it. YOU choose what software you want and it is quick and easy to install. And with over a thousand web browsers and software compatible with Windows there is plenty of choice. Some people install Jolicloud because of the different web apps. and video chat messengers,but you can get all of these on Windows. And Windows search with it's tutorials and help guide about how to use and fix your computer,is an asset to Windows users. And Windows will troubleshoot any software that is not working and fix it by automatically.And you can download additional fix it tools from the Microsoft website and they have a security tool now that you can scan your computer with. Well,you do not get anything like that with Linux. Windows is used by all offices and public computers,such as Internet cafes, libraries and homes. While Linux is not so well known and used. But if it were the other way round and all computers were made in Linux,nobody would use a computer. Linux is definitely not user friendly,difficult to use and you do not control your computer,it does. As you cannot do the things that you want such as remove password,install software from the Internet and other things that you can do in Windows. Windows is user friendly especially Windows 7 but so are the other versions of Windows,Windows XP,Windows Vista,but Windows 7,the most. Windows 7 does have clear settings listed in the control panel index, making it easy for any beginner to use. But there is NO WAY Linux can ever rival or replace Windows,unless it changes and becomes more user friendly and allows users more control in settings. Maybe linux should take a tip from windows. As Windows has deficiently got it right but Linux has got it wrong. And I have customised my Windows 7 to make it the way I want it and I have even successfully removed Internet Explorer browser. But my advice is to stay with Windows. You are much better off. Andrea Borman., You really should have you Windows install imaged as a hedge against disaster. There are paid tool to do this and several free tools. I use Clonezilla live run from a USB key. It's free and I've posted a guide to its use in another forum. A guide to using Clonezilla - Scot's Newsletter Forums The Clonezilla .iso can be installed on a thumb drive using Unetbootin, mentioned in my earlier post. You would ignore the distribution field and click the radio button for diskimage and browse to the Clonezilla .iso downloaded previously. Once the image is created and saved to an external drive all you have to do is restore the image using Clonezilla. this is detailed in my guide.
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Setup: Windows 7 Home premium (64bit) I have need of creating many windows 7 shortcuts to a pile of video files. This is the first of what will likely be many occasions . I don't know any of the windows based scripting languages but do program in perl somewhat. So my first hope is someone may have a perl script that can create windows shortcuts. Barring that, if someone can explain the mechanism to me, I can write the perl. But all I know of windows shortcuts is how to create them on context menu, not the mechanism that really tells windows to create one. If it means I have to learn enough windows programming to do it, then maybe someone can get me started