Why the registry can't be changed

Could the registry be replaced Sure, in software, pretty much any change is possible.
In practice though...If you were to replace the registry, you would end up with something that pretty much looks exactly like the registry.

Go take a look at all the programs on your hard disk that use the registry APIs in [consults wikipedia] in advapi32.dll. (There is a way to dump the APIs that a binary uses with link.exe; wish I could remember the command right now.)

Pretty much every executable file uses the registry, and expects keys to be in certain places in the registry. The APIs for getting/setting stuff in the registry are not going to go away for the next 10 years. to Read More

Well, looks interesting to me. I would agree, this is part of why Windows cannot move quickly, because it has to be compatible with older versions of software, so they have to make it backward compatible.

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