Time to change to W7, which version?


I have had windows 7 on my spare marchine for a bit, and its very nice. I currently have the public beta. I would now like to upgrade my main rig. I currently have Vista 64bit and want to update to W7 64bit, but which daily build its fastest and most stable in 64bit I most play games (Steam, TF2, HL2DM) that kind of thing). So which version for me Do you reccomened waiting for RC in may, or is nothing going to change Does HL2DM work Its getting old and does have problems with vista

If a torrent link would land in my mail box that would be great! Or even on here.

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gang, So now that Windows 7 is at the RTM stage (and has been for a while) the time to upgrade certain drivers is upon us.. It's important to remember that not every "beta" driver will still work on Win 7 RTM.. Keep this in mind if your going to install the RTM.. I'd recommend doing a full search for all your hardware before you install the RTM to make sure that developers haven't snuck out an updated driver since the Beta or RC because they certainly will start to emerge sooner then later.. Just a friendly reminder for all those who are thinking of installing the RTM and may be having some driver issues.. Cheers for now..
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have ordered windows 7 64bit for my computer at student fee since im in college, i received the first email, where i entered my credit card information, selected 64 bit and all, and then after it said they were going to send me another email for the further details. It has been several hours should i be worried or I have to be patient for a few days sorry for the english mistakes this is not my native language. mark
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FYI: On two different Dell laptops which were recently upgraded to win7 HP from vista, I deleted the digital line detector program (dlg.exe) from the startup folder and saw a vast improvement in the time it takes to boot the system. If your system takes forever to boot, you might try this.
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I just installed a Dell OEM copy of Win 7 on two computers. One is my Asus P6T Dlx Ver 2 i7 920 rig and the other is a Dell Insperon 1501. Both machines have the " key and the @ swapped. It is driving me mad. I am a student and need these keys to be correctly placed. By the way I am in Washington State, USA and using a standard keyboard. I have tried to set the regions for the keyboard with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Could someone please explain how to change these keys under Windows 7 Thank you in advance.
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Is this included with RTM If yes, then all I would need to do to install 7 Home or 7 Pro, etc is just request a new key from Technet for the corresponding product and use my current 7 RTM DVD (I burned one x64 and one x86 RTM DVD, so I assume I would need to use the right disc in order to install the correct OS for the anytime upgrade or actually down grade in this case) Edit - Sorry, I found my answer: No, RTM wouldn't have Anytime Upgrade because it is the Ultimate version. Only W7 versions other than Ultimate will include Anytime Upgrade. Anytime Upgrade (WAU) Similar to Windows Vista Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) program, Windows 7 customers can also enjoy the Windows Anytime Upgrade service (only apply to consumers who bought Windows 7 editions lesser than Ultimate). End users who wish to upgrade to a more premium version of Windows 7 can purchase an upgrade key to unlock features. For example, Windows 7 Home Premium edition can pay to purchase an upgrade product key to instantly upgrade to Windows 7 Business or Ultimate edition. Windows 7 RTM Release Schedule Roadmap and Anytime Upgrade from Vista My Digital Life
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hey all ive installed vista back becuase i have been having probles with vireses and worm holes ive backed up all from windows 7 and whant to get the files from the backup to be restorde to vista but how do i get the files to be put on as the back up drive doesnt show up on the list because its a newer then vista and a there is there a program to restore the file from a new system. can eny on help
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hello, Would some one please tell me if when running virtual Xp on W7 if: XP is using its own drivers or W7 drivers XP is limited to using 3 GB or less memory of the available memory XP can run on a 64bit version of W7. XP is partitioned separately from W7 XP has a speed loss running in virtual.
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Going back as far as the beta build, and earlier for some of you. For me: Laptop: 1x 32-bit XPC-Shuttle: 1x 32-bit HP xw6200: 2x 64-bit HP xw6200: 5x 32-bit Total so far= 9
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all, I know its a beta, and I now its for testing, but I have a usb wireless card by sprint, they told me they don't have drivers for windows 7 yet (crap) so after reading a lot of forumns with people who have the same problems and not seeing any of them getting helpful answers, are theyre any wireless cards that do work with windows 7 any at all
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Boot time from pressing the startup button to everything finished loading and ready to use on my netbook is 20 seconds. System Configuration: Acer Aspire One with gateway bios mod -CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.6ghz with hyperthreading -Graphics: Intel GMA 950 -Ram: 2x512MB (1 onboard hynix and 1 samsung DDR2 667 CL4) -HDD: Western Digital Scorpio Blue 160GB (1 platter hdd i think) with 65MB/s sequential read on boot files -1x4GB Adata Class 6 "Turbo" with 22MB/s sustained read on PCI express Jmicro multicard reader Optimization: -optimized and defragmented hdd with diskeeper premiere pro -lowered menu delay time -adjusted TCIP max half open to 50 (I know it breaks HTML regulations and puts strains on servers, but that's the only way to fully use my 30Mbit/s connection). Features: Full aero enabled Adobe CS3 Master Collection Suite Microsoft Office Ultimate + Outlook Microsoft Encarta 2009 + Microsoft Math Internet Explorer 8 Foobar 2000 Kmplayer small apps not worth mentioning Windows Experience Index: Processor: 2.2 Memory: 4.4 Graphics: 2.2 Gaming Graphics: 3.0 Primary HDD: 5.4
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Anyone else experiencing very slow log in and log out times in RC1 I just timed it and it takes 5 minutes and 27 seconds from the moment I click log off until it is at the log in screen again. Log on is slightly faster at 4 minutes and 19 seconds. Ugh. The PC I am testing Win7 RC1 on is a Dell 4300 and it is on our domain here at work. When I firs tloaded Rc1 the log on and log off times weren't too bad, but now they are incredibly slow.