Thanks Stardock -- How to change W7 7057 Hideous Logon Screen (X-64/86)

Thankgoodness for like Stardock.

If you really HATE the pale blue "Girlie" logon screen with that rediculuous "Peace Dove" (ZAP it someone) please
then GOOD news.

Stardocks LOGONSTUDIO works on both X-86 and x-64 versions of W7.

Whilst the supplied screens aren't very adventurous you can download others or "Roll your Own".

Maybe we should have a competition here -- It's a bit difficult to post the image as one hasn't logged in yet --so you can't capture the screen.

I might have a go by using a VM and then capturing the Virtual Machine image from the Host OS.

anyway here's the link

Stardock LogonStudio Vista Freeware download and review - customize the Vista logon screen from SnapFiles

(thankyou from Stardock -- I was getting SICK looking at the hideous screens on some machines).


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