Is there any way to have sound effects for hibernate/sleep or wake up?

I would like to hear a sound when my pc go to hibernate/sleep and when wake up, just like when Windows shutting down or start. It is posible Please help!

Posted On: Friday 21st of September 2012 11:59:42 PM Total Views:  267
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, I'v been trying to download the Pc studio for the samsung tacco lite, on the disk it says its only compatible with vista, windows 2000 and windows xp, however it did downloaad the actuall PC studio. the problem i'v come to face is the USB device driver wont work and let the PC studio find the phone when searched. I'v tried manually searching and i'v tried configuring it but it still wont work. It says there is no phone connected in the slots (which you need the USB driver download for) however, i'v even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won't work. any ideas is there a disk i need for the PC studio to let me use the Studio on window's 7 or do i need to download anything.
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Hi , I have purchased a Dell desktop and this did not come with any windows 7 CDS so I have bought some RW DVDS to make a backup of the OS which is on my pc. I have googled for an hour now and cannot find any smooth process. The only thing found was making a system repair disk, however I want the full Windows 7 OS on a dvd so I can sleep safe knowing if my pc crashes or breaks I have the windows 7 DVD. Can any one point me to a step by step guide, or advise how I do this please. I dont really know much about ISO images but can follow instructions well!
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