is there a way to change the links in the start menu?

The links on the right side of the start menu that point to music, pictures, etc... Is there any way to change them My music is on a second drive, and I want that section to include my download folder. I can figure out how to remove things from being displayed there, but not to add new things.

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! I'm not sure but I think I have this problem after extending the C drive with Easeus's partition manager. When I move some window it doesn't move with the Windows 7 style but something like Windows 98 style. It's not a big problem but I really don't like it so I hope someone can help me. Sorry for my English.
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Hi I posed a few days ago someplace that I found that defragmenting my C:\ drive gave me a real increase in read speed. From about 3 Mbs to 30. I defraged my B:\ drive (a partition of C:\) and today I tacked D:\ it was a long haul, mostly because it has the compressed back up of C:\ on it. I went to the movies and then out to dinner, but when I got home is was finally done. Here's what I did't expect, the read write speed on my D:\ drive went clear up to 60 Mps. So I checked my C:\ drive, it had also increased to about 60 Mbs as did my B:\ drive. It would appear that the one large fragmented file on my B:\ drive was slowing down my whole computer. I never thought that even one drive could effect the others that much. Maybe this is something else going on but my computer is running noticeably better all round. When I get time I think I will update my backups on me external drives and remove the ones on D: so I don't have to deal with it on a day to day basis. Mike
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I have Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and I having a friend build me a New Rig and I am getting Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and I was wondering is their a way the i can save my favorites In the 32bit to move to 64bit. Without having to write them all down Roger
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I have a triple boot system from a single hard drive with 3 partitions. Vista Home Premium 32 bit is in the first partition, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit is in the second partition and Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit is in the third partition. When I boot Windows 7 pro it always shows up as drive E:. The other two installations boot in C: as expected. I cannot figure out a way to force Win 7 pro to start in C:. Can anyone help This doesn't usually cause a problem except that I'm trying to install some software that is searching for a file on C: rather than the current drive.
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I would like to hear a sound when my pc go to hibernate/sleep and when wake up, just like when Windows shutting down or start. It is posible Please help!
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Hi This morning our cat walked across the keyboard of my wifes computer. It changed the screen orientation to portrait. My wife didn't know how to change it back so she had to wait until I got home to fix it. Nothing sharpens your concentration like having your mouse work at right angles. But I've looked and I can't find anyway that the cat could have changed it. This is a Dell Studio lap top running Windows 7 HP. Anyone know how this could happen I can't even count the number of times that the cat has turned off her WiFi! LOL But that at least I can understand. Mike
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Pretty easy and cool, I've been poking through it lately, and it has videos and test drive environments that are pretty cool. Check it out:
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may not have shared many (any) new tidbits about Microsoft futures, but he did whip through a lot of stats during his Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote on January 6. One of those stats only caught my attention this morning, when I saw a couple of folks tweet it. Ballmer said during his keynote last night that there are now over 800,000 new unique Windows 7 applications that are building on its new features and capabilities. Wow, I thought: Where are all these apps Did Ballmer include in his count custom, line-of-business Windows apps that early Windows 7 adopters are fixing so they can work with Windows 7 Or was there some secret cache of touch-enabled, Jump-List-friendly programs I had somehow overlooked Were independent software vendors waiting in the wings to roll out a bunch of new, secret Windows 7 wares that no one knew about Nope. Alas, it turns out Ballmer may have added a 7″ some embellishment to his claim that wasnt supposed to be there. There are over 800,000 Windows 7-compatible apps out there, a Microsoft spokesperson clarified today, not 800,000 Windows-7-optimized apps More............
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There is no easy way to send your downloaded photoes or pictures into 'Mine pictures' . You must either drag them or use 'copy' function which is ceratainly very uncomfortable Since those files jpg. and the like, there should be an easy clickable option to get them from Documents-Downloads to Pictures . P.S. I wish that Microsoft'd made easy option available in next service pack
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I am looking for an easy way to reconnect to the local network/internet after I have disable the connection. I sometime disconnect my laptop from the network by by clicking the connection icon in the window tray and selecting disconnect. It is easy to disconnect, but is there an easy way to reconnect Currently I am having to click the window tray icon which shows there is no connection, select Troubleshoot, a Windows Network Diagnostics screen will come up where I have to go through a few more screens asking the OS to find the problem and it will eventually come back and say I am not connected... Duh. Then finally I have the option to "Try these repairs as an administrator" which will reestablish the connection. With previous OS I was able to simply go to the connection folder and either right click to connect or make a shortcut which made it real easy. Sam
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Went round my friends house today and in his porch was a parcel been posted so he opened it and inside was a copy of Windows 7 Professional which he ordered from PC World and so he checked his emails and they said they would be posting it out on the 22nd and will take between 5-7 working days.Anyway has anyone else recived a copy of theres yet as im guessing royal mail might be trying to get all parcels out quick for the upcoming strikes.
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I registered with HP to get a free copy of windows 7 home premium 64-bit edition because I purchased a laptop within the given time. They said that they are going to start to ship out the copies of windows 7 on the release date, but I have yet to get a confirmation e-mail that they sent it. I already go the E-mail stating that they have accepted my proof of purchase. Anyone else having some troubles
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just found out about this from one of my buddies who got his Windows 7. Check it out:
is there a way to...   (143 Views)
is there a way to make the taskbar completely clear, like the titlebars of each window
Make a taskbar preview always on top?   (192 Views)
I love the new taskbar and preview window. is there anyway to make one or some of them remain on top without having my mouse over it
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In Windows it's named "junction points" Windows 7 can manage "junction points" - but not create or delete. Download freeware program Junction v1.05 from Microsoft (Mark Russinovich, Sysinternals): Copy it e.g. to \windows\system32\ Then you are able to create "junction points": junction.exe "c:\new folder" "d:\path\real folder" Remove "junction points": junction.exe -d "c:\new folder"
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Is there anyway to make the user account display picture on the log-on screen bigger Possibly a registry setting