Image files (.TIB) and failure of Security software

Hi all

This to me seems a HUGE HUGE vulnerability in some current AV packages.

I've got an ISOLATED machine which I use sometimes for specific AV testing.

Anyway I decided to "Infect it" deliberately with some spyware and a key stroke trojan and then take an image of the system with Acronis True image.

For example this one amongst others.

JS:FakeAV-W [Trj]

These "Archives" are .TIB files.

I then "uninstalled" the Acronis true image product (so the Archive can't be read via normal progams such as Windows explorer).

Now I then booted up a Clean computer (installed directly from the MS RC 7100 official CD with NO extra applications installed. I then installed only drivers from the Mobo CD and the AV software and copied the .TIB file on to a second partition on the "Clean computer".

Kaspersky, AVAST, etc all failed to detect anything on the .TIB file.

I only tried 3 AV software packages so the problem *might* be fixed in other systems.

This seems to be to be a HUGE flaw in some of these AV programs -- if you are restoring an Image you DEFINITELY want it to be clean.

However unless some of these archiving programs open up their formats to the AV companies this is a real potential risk.

So when choosing AV software make sure that backups / image files in the format of your backup software is also handled by the AV software.

Note I only tried "Free" or Trial editions so the "PRO version" might work.


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