How to change contrast color and brightness?

How to change color, contrast, brightness and other setting in Windows 7 In Windows XP it quite easy to change these settings. The control panel has left me befuddled. Please help.

Posted On: Wednesday 3rd of October 2012 07:41:48 AM Total Views:  525
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Hi all. My question is regarding keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-c=copy, ctrl-x=cut, etc.) and Language Packs. I am currently living in Latin America and can only buy the spanish version of Windows 7. I know that if I get "Ultimate", I can download an english Language Pack for free, so it'd be as if I had purchase my copy in the US. However, I'm very used to english keyboard shortcuts, and need to know if installing a Language Pack will also change them. For instance, the shortcut for "bold" in english systems is usually ctrl-b, while on spanish systems is ctrl-n (as the spanish world for bold starts with an n). The english shortcut for "select all" is ctrl-a, while on spanish is ctrl-e (God knows why...). So, if I get the spanish version of Windows 7 Ultimate and install the English Language Pack, will my shortcuts' combinations change to the ones in the english versions of Windows, or remain in spanish's I'd really appreciate any and all help with this question.
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Hi This morning our cat walked across the keyboard of my wifes computer. It changed the screen orientation to portrait. My wife didn't know how to change it back so she had to wait until I got home to fix it. Nothing sharpens your concentration like having your mouse work at right angles. But I've looked and I can't find anyway that the cat could have changed it. This is a Dell Studio lap top running Windows 7 HP. Anyone know how this could happen I can't even count the number of times that the cat has turned off her WiFi! LOL But that at least I can understand. Mike
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I just installed a Dell OEM copy of Win 7 on two computers. One is my Asus P6T Dlx Ver 2 i7 920 rig and the other is a Dell Insperon 1501. Both machines have the " key and the @ swapped. It is driving me mad. I am a student and need these keys to be correctly placed. By the way I am in Washington State, USA and using a standard keyboard. I have tried to set the regions for the keyboard with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Could someone please explain how to change these keys under Windows 7 Thank you in advance.
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Hi I have had windows 7 on my spare marchine for a bit, and its very nice. I currently have the public beta. I would now like to upgrade my main rig. I currently have Vista 64bit and want to update to W7 64bit, but which daily build its fastest and most stable in 64bit I most play games (Steam, TF2, HL2DM) that kind of thing). So which version for me Do you reccomened waiting for RC in may, or is nothing going to change Does HL2DM work Its getting old and does have problems with vista If a torrent link would land in my mail box that would be great! Or even on here.
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Thankgoodness for like Stardock. If you really HATE the pale blue "Girlie" logon screen with that rediculuous "Peace Dove" (ZAP it someone) please then GOOD news. Stardocks LOGONSTUDIO works on both X-86 and x-64 versions of W7. Whilst the supplied screens aren't very adventurous you can download others or "Roll your Own". Maybe we should have a competition here -- It's a bit difficult to post the image as one hasn't logged in yet --so you can't capture the screen. I might have a go by using a VM and then capturing the Virtual Machine image from the Host OS. anyway here's the link Stardock LogonStudio Vista Freeware download and review - customize the Vista logon screen from SnapFiles (thankyou from Stardock -- I was getting SICK looking at the hideous screens on some machines). Cheers jimbo
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How to change active window colors in my different software applications to grey or lightgrey. I ve tried with different themes and changed the active and inactive window to grey in "Window Color and Appeareance", but still they are light blue, i.e. Windows 7 default color, in all my software applications. And another question: Is it possible to change the width of the windows to be narrower It s possbible with WindowsBlinds, but there are still no version of WindowsBlinds for Windows 7.