How to change a media.bin file to a regular .bin file?

This is a new one for me. I downloaded a zip file that I need to rollback a media player to it original firmware. I know how to do it using a usb drive. The problem is that the .bin file I need access to, when it is extracted from the zip file is a media file (VLC). On its properties page it is listed as:VLC media file (.bin) (.bin) and I need it to be a regular .bin file. I tried changing the default program to notepad but that did not work because when notepad tries to open it all I get is the loading wheel

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Hi all This to me seems a HUGE HUGE vulnerability in some current AV packages. I've got an ISOLATED machine which I use sometimes for specific AV testing. Anyway I decided to "Infect it" deliberately with some spyware and a key stroke trojan and then take an image of the system with Acronis True image. For example this one amongst others. JS:FakeAV-W [Trj] These "Archives" are .TIB files. I then "uninstalled" the Acronis true image product (so the Archive can't be read via normal progams such as Windows explorer). Now I then booted up a Clean computer (installed directly from the MS RC 7100 official CD with NO extra applications installed. I then installed only drivers from the Mobo CD and the AV software and copied the .TIB file on to a second partition on the "Clean computer". Kaspersky, AVAST, etc all failed to detect anything on the .TIB file. I only tried 3 AV software packages so the problem *might* be fixed in other systems. This seems to be to be a HUGE flaw in some of these AV programs -- if you are restoring an Image you DEFINITELY want it to be clean. However unless some of these archiving programs open up their formats to the AV companies this is a real potential risk. So when choosing AV software make sure that backups / image files in the format of your backup software is also handled by the AV software. Note I only tried "Free" or Trial editions so the "PRO version" might work. Cheers jimbo
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If this problem has been identified in another thread, then please accept my apologies and redirect me. I did a search and was unable to find anything, and consequently am posting this. My system has separate physical drives. One is for all system and program files. The other is for all documents and media files. When upgrading from Vista Ultimate 32 to Windows 7 32 all appeared to go well. However, now, the "document drive" has a problem. According to the Properties tab, all of my files remain intact. That is to say, the same amount of disk space remains as did prior to the upgrade. The folders are all there, but they are empty. It is as though Windows 7 deleted the files during the upgrade. I have removed the document drive and tried it on another machine with the same results, whether I examine it with Windows XP, or Vista, or Windows 7. The files appear to be missing, although the space that they would be occupying remains unavailable. I have tried a few file recovery utilities, both freeware and trialware, but none find the files. Fortunately, some of the files are backed up, but many are not. I have Windows 7 64 and 32 bit versions, Windows XP (and various Linux variants) running smoothly on other machines. I have not experienced this problem when doing a clean install, and really do not understand why the upgrade would affect a separate drive, unless it has to do with links from the system drive that are a part of the upgrade process... Windows 7 has performed flawlessly, with the exception of this one exasperating problem. If anyone else has experienced this or something similar and has discovered the cause and has a solution, I would appreciate it.
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Hi I have had windows 7 on my spare marchine for a bit, and its very nice. I currently have the public beta. I would now like to upgrade my main rig. I currently have Vista 64bit and want to update to W7 64bit, but which daily build its fastest and most stable in 64bit I most play games (Steam, TF2, HL2DM) that kind of thing). So which version for me Do you reccomened waiting for RC in may, or is nothing going to change Does HL2DM work Its getting old and does have problems with vista If a torrent link would land in my mail box that would be great! Or even on here.
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The links on the right side of the start menu that point to music, pictures, etc... Is there any way to change them My music is on a second drive, and I want that section to include my download folder. I can figure out how to remove things from being displayed there, but not to add new things.
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Thankgoodness for like Stardock. If you really HATE the pale blue "Girlie" logon screen with that rediculuous "Peace Dove" (ZAP it someone) please then GOOD news. Stardocks LOGONSTUDIO works on both X-86 and x-64 versions of W7. Whilst the supplied screens aren't very adventurous you can download others or "Roll your Own". Maybe we should have a competition here -- It's a bit difficult to post the image as one hasn't logged in yet --so you can't capture the screen. I might have a go by using a VM and then capturing the Virtual Machine image from the Host OS. anyway here's the link Stardock LogonStudio Vista Freeware download and review - customize the Vista logon screen from SnapFiles (thankyou from Stardock -- I was getting SICK looking at the hideous screens on some machines). Cheers jimbo
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Could the registry be replaced Sure, in software, pretty much any change is possible. In practice though...If you were to replace the registry, you would end up with something that pretty much looks exactly like the registry. Go take a look at all the programs on your hard disk that use the registry APIs in [consults wikipedia] in advapi32.dll. (There is a way to dump the APIs that a binary uses with link.exe; wish I could remember the command right now.) Pretty much every executable file uses the registry, and expects keys to be in certain places in the registry. The APIs for getting/setting stuff in the registry are not going to go away for the next 10 years. to Read More Well, looks interesting to me. I would agree, this is part of why Windows cannot move quickly, because it has to be compatible with older versions of software, so they have to make it backward compatible.