How on earth do you delete system files made by Vista?

I had a dual boot of vista on another parition that i didnt need anymore so i eraced it but I cant seem to erace about 2 gigs worth of stuff in the windows folder including the folder and program files folder no matter what I try it wont give me permission to do it, ive tried some stuff it says on google to enter in the cmd prompt and still everything is acces denied.

Does someone have a sure way to get rid of these pesky files please help me out its so annoying I want control of my system not it having control over me!!!

Posted On: Friday 5th of October 2012 09:00:13 PM Total Views:  453
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HI all. topic is self explanitory. How do you make a bootable Windows 7 disk. I have the ISO files but when I try to make a disk it will not boot. Using UltraISO I was able to burn what I thought was a bootable disk, but on startup the screen just goes black and I';m stuck with a blinking cursor - nothing else happens - no prompt to press any key to boot from DVD. Any suggestions
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What partitions do you have what size and why i have 3 on a 320gb hdd 1 at 50gb (win 7) 1 at 25 (xp) and the rest with all my stuff on there pics films anything to be kept safe.
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The Windows 7 can run just only 192MB Ram. But the installation need 512MB Ram to run. And they just raised the system requirments. Most software company made their software just need very low system requirments. But Windows 7............ I think they should use Command Line Interface instead of using the Graphic User Interface. Did you all have the same thoughts