Blank screen on resume

I've seen lots of similar problems people are having with Windows 7 (and Vista) when they try to wake up their computer after sleep or hibernation, but none of them seem to match my problem. I have a Dell Latitude E6500 with a new, very recent, clean install of Windows 7 Professional. the updates are done and all the drivers are up to date. But when I try to use it after it's been on screensaver for a while, it goes to the log-in page, allows me to type in my password and then goes to a black (blank) screen. Like else reports, it's clearly still running and the fan is operating at full speed. Nothing I do after that works other than to hold the power button until it shuts down. It reboots and works fine after that. When this first started happening I entered NEVER on all choices for sleep or hibernation whenever it is plugged in. But the problem is still happening. Is there a fix out there for this

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