Another thing that I find really helpful for me!


I love applying custom icons to my folders in Windows Explorer, it's amazing how much this helps my find things quickly.

I'm 73 and my eyes aren't what they once were, (I think it's time for a new set of computer glasses) I don't like trying to read all that little type in Windows Explorer.
Plus I like to lean back in my chair in a sort of supine position so I'm not that close to the monitor.

I don't do it for every folder but the things that I often have to find are visible and stand out from the rows of yellow folders.

Here is a shot of my D:\ drive.

It used to be worse, I've compacted the list by making folders with names like Computer Related, and Graphic Design related, which have multiple folders under them, cutting the list down by about 50%.

Some of these sub folders also have icons that stand out.


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