[64-bit] How do i change Windows 7 32bit to 64bit without reinstalling

Experts please help, how do i change windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit without reinstalling the system, jump in, the water's fine there's plenty of good drivers now (and yes, 64 is better)

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. I've run into a problem with a laptop trying to logon to a wireless network. The network was created in active directory and even though I can see the network broadcasting, when I put my username [UC\XXXXXX] and password I get nothing but the same request. With my Windows Ultimate laptop I had no issues.
[64-bit] Windows 7 not playing start up sound?   (305 Views)
Recently, my computer has not been playing the startup sound, and on a side note. when I go to the welcome screen for longer than 10seconds it has this LOUD HIGH PITCHED NOISE that really annoys me. Will someone please help
[INFO] The General Differences Between Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.   (313 Views)
I see some of these questions asked quite frequently, so I thought I'd make a thread for clarification Starting with the bottom line: Whats the general difference Well 32 and 64 bit is, in it's simplest form, a reference to the way your computers CPU (processor) uses and passes information, through both the FSB (bus) and OS itself. 64 bit has a wider memory space than 32 bit, hence being able to utilize more than 3.6 GB of RAM and provide performance benefits. For even more information: A description of the differences between 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista Can I upgrade from Windows 7 32-bit to 64-bit, and vice versa Can you perform an "upgrade" No. However, if your processor support 64-bit, you can backup and do a "clean installation" of Windows 7 64-bit. How Do I know what architecture of Windows I'm using To check the architecture of your Windows 7, open your start menu, and proceed to type system into the search field (assuming you have Windows Search enabled), click the First result under Control Panel. What you should now see is basic information about your PC, including amount of RAM installed, the model of your CPU. Beside System Type will either be 32 or 64-bit operating system. If you dont have Windows Search enabled, open the start menu, right click on Computer and select Properties. Should I install 32-bit or 64-bit You can only install 64-bit if your processor is capable of it, furthermore, there will be no real benefits unless you have more than 3 GB of RAM, unless if you have programs that are specifically 64-bit only, and will not function on the 32-bit system. To check if your processor is 64-bit capable, run the Intel Processor ID Utility or the AMD Hyper-V Check Tool depending on whether you have an AMD or Intel processor. If you're unsure of whether you have an Intel or AMD processor, why are you reading this Will I be able to run 32-bit programs on my 64-bit PC Vice Versa Yes, compatibility is almost always maintained, though 64-bit optimized usually provide performance benefits on a 64-bit platform. But if you have a program made only for 64-bit systems, you will not be able to use the program on any 32-bit platform. For 64-bit systems, in your main drive (Usually C:\), there will be two folders: Program Files and Program Files (x86), your 32-bit programs are installed in the second folder to avoid conflicts. What about drivers Unfortunately, the same fate can't be met with drivers, if you have 32-bit drivers for a 64-bit PC, you'll need to go out searching for compatible 64-bit drivers. Same goes for vice versa. What is the memory limitation in 32-bit The memory limitation isnt really a limitation at all. If you have 4, 6, 12 GB or more RAM on a 32-bit system, its still usable just not by you for your programs, its typically used by graphics card and other overhead functions/devices. There is of course a way to make that RAM utilizable for your everyday programs, but I wont post that here as it can cause conflicts and problems. If you have any further questions, please post away
Moving from Window 7 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit   (240 Views)
I just got a Dell pc that was supposed to come with WIndows 7 Pro 64-bit OS but came with Windows 7 Pro 32-bit instead. Otherwise the machine is 64 bit ready. Dell sent me a Win 7 64-bit install disk. I have questions: 1. Do i merely boot up off the 64-bit dvd 2. Will the setup automatically wipe out old version of Win 7 so it can do a clean install 3. Will the Win 7 32 bit Easy Transfer be able to bring docs and setttings over to the 64 bit Win 7
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SO how can I find when 1 of 2 Ram sticks was stolen from my PC My new PC I just billt new every thing. except my hard drives. the computer was working fine i had finly got it up running on 1 hard drive need to do alot of reinstall a fille tranfer and a wipe. but up and running none the less. I left on a commitment and came home to a finnished installation of all fills and hard drives. A gift from my wife from a pc frend whom saw it at the pre power stage. so I got on it for about a houer or so fast as hell and then went to go on it and it sad over-clocking failler. opon investigation I found the issue was 1 of 2 DDR3 RAM (matched) was GOON! I have 3 possibole susspects need to find out if posible when day time it was last in the pc and if I can make shure it will f_up on the stcky finnger boutch. thank for all that replie in advance P.S. my grammer spelling suck I know it been a problem my hole life math and fixing thing is my thing.
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How do you use Windows 7 in a corporate world with a default profile that has all our apps loaded XP did not have this problem and was very user friendly on a domain. W7 is not. Average users logging into this -In-One we purchased cannot create their own profile and hit the domain.
32-bit IE8 on 64-bit Win 7 intermittently does not play MSNBC videos   (325 Views)
My IE8 32-bit (on Win 7 Pro 64-bit OS) has been working flowlessly until today. I have an intermitrtent problem: Sometimes I can't play MSNBC video clips. It is 'loading' forewer. Then, after some browsings, I try again, and it works. I am asking if this is a known problem in which case, I can fix it without reinstalling IE8. I started using the IE8 32-bit version a long time ago because Adobe Flash Player 10.2 which is needed for the 64-bit version is not out yet. Probably unrelated, but when I 'delete' all temporary files (Tools->Internet Options), my Internet emporary file folder still has more than a thousand files. ALso, I accidentally installed Google Chrome Browser, then uninstalled it that caused Outlook messages not opening links, then I reinstalled Chrome (but using IE8) and the links are working again... could it have anything to do with my present problem
32-bit vs. 64-bit Comparison   (263 Views)
From what I am lead to understand (from CNET iirc) both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 will be available to me on the installation disk when Win 7-E arrives sometime at the end of October. I have a fairly low spec (1.7Ghz Athlon 64x2) processor and 3GB RAM (I will buy more RAM as necessary) on my main working laptop. I regularly use PS Elements 7 but my main use is music production apps such as FL8XXL, Ableton Live 8 and Reason4. Should I go the 32 or 64 bit route when doing a clean intall What are the advantages and disadvantages of both
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I need some help here, can anyone help me. If not maybe you can put me in the right direction. I've just bought a notebook with Windows 7, but when installing I have the choice between 32- and 64bit installation. As I still have quite a few programs (originals) that I use on my desktop (with Windows XP) I want to be sure that when installed on the notebook they will work. In other words, does a Windows XP program work on a Windows 7 notebook installed with 64-bit.
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Among the factors to consider, as companies ponder Windows 7 migrations, is whether to run a 32 bit or 64 bit version of the operating system. IT Expert Voice looks at the reasons why and what companies are saying about their intentions to adopt each version Business Use
Windows 7 fezzes when I change power plans!!   (503 Views)
When ever I change power plans from High Performance to Power Saver my computer freeze a little after it changes .. Did a clean install 2 times still the same thing .. Any ideas what is happening I have a Acer Extensa 4420 Amd athlon Dual Core Processor, 2 gigs of ram
@ key and " key swapped and cannot change back   (440 Views)
I just installed a Dell OEM copy of Win 7 on two computers. One is my Asus P6T Dlx Ver 2 i7 920 rig and the other is a Dell Insperon 1501. Both machines have the " key and the @ swapped. It is driving me mad. I am a student and need these keys to be correctly placed. By the way I am in Washington State, USA and using a standard keyboard. I have tried to set the regions for the keyboard with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Could someone please explain how to change these keys under Windows 7 Thank you in advance.
Would you pay extra for 32-bit XP mode to run on top of 64-bit W7?   (424 Views)
Would you pay extra for 32-bit XP mode to run on top of 64-bit W7 Why or why not Just starting a random discussion... Maybe if we get enough feedback, they could include something useful like this in Windows 8
Positive Win7 7201 64-bit experience!   (207 Views)
I was pretty hesitant about jumping onto Windows 7 since I was still running XP. But I couldn't resist the idea of using the next Windows free for a year so I downloaded and installed 7100. I am now up to 7201 and wanted to post what apps I am using successfully. Bear in mind I am using 64-bit also and my principal computer usage is for home admin, email, web use, watching videos/movies, listening to music, controlling my BOSS GT-10 guitar multieffects controller, and a bit of 3-d gaming in COD4. Unless noted otherwise, all of the following apps are installed and working fine. 7-zip 64-bit edition - WinZIP alternative Adobe Reader 9.1.1 BOSS GT-10 driver - installed in VISTA compatibility mode - 64-bit driver for BOSS GT-10 CCleaner - system cleanup tool. Cleans IE, Chrome, and log files OK. Does not have ability yet apparently on either Win7 or 64-bit to cleanup hotfix installers like it can on XP Creative Audio Drivers 2.18.0013 Creative Console Launcher 2.61.09 - these both support my X-Fi Extreme Gamer just fine Diskeeper 2009 Professional - alternative disk defrag - nice and zippy installed in 64-bit mode DU Meter 4.01.R3076 - bandwidth meter - installed in 32-bit mode Google Chrome - installed itself in 32-bit mode GT-10 Librarian - 32-bit patch manager software for BOSS GT-10 GT-10 FxFloorboard - 32-bit patch editor software for BOSS GT-10 MagicDisc 2.7.106 - mounting/accessing DVD images - works fine. This version is listed on the PowerISO web site as having Win 7 compatibility McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise and Anti-Spyware Enterprise 8.7 - both installed native 64-bit mode and work fine MP3Tag 2.43 - MP3 file tag editor, works fine NVIDIA 186.08 drivers for Geforce 8800 GTS card Paint.NET 3.36 - image editor program - installed as 32-bit, works fine Powertab Editor 1.7 - reading/editing softcopy music scores - works fine Quicktime - works fine VUZE - torrent client - works fine ZoomPlayer 6.00 MAX - media player application with ffdshow and other codecs, works great! I have it setup to use the MS EVR renderer and playback and sound are great under 64-bit CoreTemp 0.99.4 64-bit - works great, shows me CPU temp COD4 - nothing to report yet since I haven't tried running it. It wanted to install into the Program Files (x86) directory and when I did that Punkbuster did not update. I forced it to install into the Program Files directory instead and also set VISTA compatibility. I also manually downloaded PBSETUP.EXE from evenbalance and run that from a separate directory rather than using the one that comes with the game. I've been doing this for a couple years now so that I know what version of PB is installed on my system for various games. So that's my list. While probably not required, I ran the installers for all of these 'as Adminstrator' in most cases. I usually ran things without selecting any compatability mode except as noted above.
Time to change to W7, which version?   (578 Views)
Hi I have had windows 7 on my spare marchine for a bit, and its very nice. I currently have the public beta. I would now like to upgrade my main rig. I currently have Vista 64bit and want to update to W7 64bit, but which daily build its fastest and most stable in 64bit I most play games (Steam, TF2, HL2DM) that kind of thing). So which version for me Do you reccomened waiting for RC in may, or is nothing going to change Does HL2DM work Its getting old and does have problems with vista If a torrent link would land in my mail box that would be great! Or even on here.
is there a way to change the links in the start menu?   (500 Views)
The links on the right side of the start menu that point to music, pictures, etc... Is there any way to change them My music is on a second drive, and I want that section to include my download folder. I can figure out how to remove things from being displayed there, but not to add new things.
Thanks Stardock -- How to change W7 7057 Hideous Logon Screen (X-64/86)   (474 Views)
Thankgoodness for like Stardock. If you really HATE the pale blue "Girlie" logon screen with that rediculuous "Peace Dove" (ZAP it someone) please then GOOD news. Stardocks LOGONSTUDIO works on both X-86 and x-64 versions of W7. Whilst the supplied screens aren't very adventurous you can download others or "Roll your Own". Maybe we should have a competition here -- It's a bit difficult to post the image as one hasn't logged in yet --so you can't capture the screen. I might have a go by using a VM and then capturing the Virtual Machine image from the Host OS. anyway here's the link Stardock LogonStudio Vista Freeware download and review - customize the Vista logon screen from SnapFiles (thankyou from Stardock -- I was getting SICK looking at the hideous screens on some machines). Cheers jimbo
How to change contrast color and brightness?   (525 Views)
How to change color, contrast, brightness and other setting in Windows 7 In Windows XP it quite easy to change these settings. The control panel has left me befuddled. Please help.
Why the registry can't be changed   (449 Views)
Could the registry be replaced Sure, in software, pretty much any change is possible. In practice though...If you were to replace the registry, you would end up with something that pretty much looks exactly like the registry. Go take a look at all the programs on your hard disk that use the registry APIs in [consults wikipedia] in advapi32.dll. (There is a way to dump the APIs that a binary uses with link.exe; wish I could remember the command right now.) Pretty much every executable file uses the registry, and expects keys to be in certain places in the registry. The APIs for getting/setting stuff in the registry are not going to go away for the next 10 years. to Read More Well, looks interesting to me. I would agree, this is part of why Windows cannot move quickly, because it has to be compatible with older versions of software, so they have to make it backward compatible.
How to change a media.bin file to a regular .bin file?   (729 Views)
This is a new one for me. I downloaded a zip file that I need to rollback a media player to it original firmware. I know how to do it using a usb drive. The problem is that the .bin file I need access to, when it is extracted from the zip file is a media file (VLC). On its properties page it is listed as:VLC media file (.bin) (.bin) and I need it to be a regular .bin file. I tried changing the default program to notepad but that did not work because when notepad tries to open it all I get is the loading wheel