What made you choose your present host company?

Hi ,
Just wondering, how did you come across your web host On what criteria was your selection based

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250 - 500mb space PHP >= 4 2-5 MySQL databases. Cron job support A few pop3 mailboxes 2 - 4 gig data transfer per month Preferably running a recent distro. of linux (cron). [mod_rewrite would be nice. Sane php config i.e. magic quotes off, reg. globals off] Domain name registration. U.K. based. Stable! I'm willing to spend about 50 a year, bit tight I know. Can draft in extra funds, so probably 50 to a max. of 75. Will keep in mind all posts; not able to sign up immediately, just checking out competition. This thread will be kept bookmarked for my future reference.
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bidding for the domain starts at $11 :-) thx
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Is it possible to have the web space for your domain hosted by one provider and IMAP email by another If so, what is needed (MX records, etc.) and who offers such an IMAP service (either free or cheap)
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hi im in need for a very small hosting package, and therefore i expect to use a very small amoutn of $ the only thing most important to me right now is bandwidth. i need about 10-15gb. space i need only about 100-200 php, ssi, mysql. someone offer me something ps i already have domain name.
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hello, i would need to host the following: 7 domains (are mine) each with own cpanel 150 mb webspace 10 gb bandwith own cgi-bin webmail pop/stmp mail 99.8% uptime fast servers (web sites located in europe) good service, as this seems difficult to find possibility to pay monthly, about 8$ no set up fees no offers from resellers or new hosts please
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I want to move my websites files to a cloud. I am struggling to decide between Azure and Amazon S3 or EC2. I need it to scail to high volumes, but I am not sure which is the best bet. I will be using and php to interface with it Any insite into the matter would be great.
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hi i was using xampp to create my website but now i changed to a real web host is called now i my emails sent tru my contact form no longer work bellow is my code using xampp localhost.. PHP Code: mail("",'Name:'.$name,'Telephone:'.$subject,$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."\n\n".$message, "From:$from"); how do i change to still send the emails to my hotmail account but the difference is that the server is no longer xampp local host but dream hosting i tried to change the email address to the one i created form the webhost site like but still didnt work
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Is it better to register a domain name with one's web host (if offered) or to buy the domain name separately before signing up for webhosting ThisWebHost have told me that I can register a domain with them and that there would be no problem transferring the domain to another host if I decided to leave them at some point. That's rather attractive, since it seems to simplify the process of getting a domain name and signing up for webhosting. However, I've been told by KnownHost that if I join them for hosting I'll have to get my own domain name. (They recommend Godaddy, but I know there are other places to register domain names.) I've seen hints online that the process of transferring a domain name from one web host to another can be complicated if the host originally registered the domain - and I believe it's impossible in some circumstances. Unfortunately, these are only hints - I haven't found a detailed discussion of the pros and cons yet. I'd be very grateful for opinions on this issue - and I apologize if the topic has been covered here before. (I did have a look before posting this but there's a lot of stuff here, so I may have missed a relevant thread.) - Mike , Originally Posted by Domain Name if the registar/hosting company serious, there will be no problem if they are together I believe that is impossible for the end user to detarmine if web hosting provider serious or not... Use diffrent service providers to avoid that. Do not keep all eggs in the same basket.
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Can anyone recommend a web host in Russia Cheers. , Originally Posted by mancroft A reliable but not necessarily cheap (reliability is more important than price) shared host. Good in russian As rule they do not have english speaking support.
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hi , as you must have realized that my requirements are bare minimum and i'm looking for domain registration + web hosting at less than $20 per year. i currently do not have any plans to run perl/mysql scripts but i may plan to do so in the future but is not required. i checked out stuff like asmallorange which was suggested by some member which costs $35 per year ($25 web hosting - 75 MB, 3 GB bandwidth + $10 domain registration) (though after some 15% discount coupon comes down to $30) actually my requirement is not even that much (75 MB & 3 GB bandwidth), so any suggestions i hope i have made my requirements pretty much clear... thanks!! , Almost $7 a year on a .com domain goes to Verisign for administering the TLD so the registrar has to charge at least that for the domain just to break even on providing the domain. The cost for hosting will then be on top of that so even with $1 a month hosting would mean that you'd be up for at least $20 per year. The only hosting "cheaper" than that is likely to be so called "free" hosting where you pay for the hosting in some way other than money (the most common being that you allow them to collect the income from the ads they place on your site).
Newbie needs advice on web hosts   (232 Views)
, I'm very much a newbie - I've never had my own website before - and over the past couple of weeks I've discovered how difficult it is to choose a web host. I'd therefore appreciate any advice on offer. Here are a few details: I'm aiming to set up what I think is a smallish commercial site, running to a maximum of around twenty pages and with very little in the way of graphics. There'll be no video and although there may be some audio content at some stage it isn't a priority at the moment. I'll be offering an educational service to international customers. My 'product' will be delivered by email and probably paid for through PayPal or similar. I'm based in the UK. I'll need some means of accepting payments, but I'll only be offering a limited number of purchase choices - probably five options and certainly no more than ten. Cost: I've already decided against free webhosting. I'd obviously like to spend as little as possible, but I'd be prepared to go to about £100 a year (currently about $150, I think), to get a reliable, helpful host. (I am, of course, wary of added extras that turn an apparently cheap deal into an expensive one.) I'm considering a US-based hosting company at the moment, because - from what I've seen so far - US hosts seem to be more reliable and to provide better deals that UK-based ones. (I realise I may just be falling for superior advertising and promotion, though.) However, I wonder if I'd be making a mistake in signing up with a US host, since transatlantic telephone support would presumably be expensive - and time differences might cause problems as well. So, if anyone can recommend a web host - US-based, UK-based, or other - I'll be very grateful. - Mike ,
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If I host multiple domain form single hosting plan, all website will get single one IP If I purchase reseller account then also all domain get same IP Generally Google gives value for link, when it comes from different IP. I want to host 10 website and link my 2 website one way. Except dedicated IP for each website is there any option available Kindly suggest me your opinion. , Originally Posted by sequencehosting It would be if they were changing domain name but they want to link multiple sites together without redirecting. Jack I believe they need SEO hosting solution. I know hostgator provides somathing related. But the price for the dedicated IP is high in comparisin to ordinary web hosting accounts. , IPs for SEO related reasons are going to be harder and harder to come by (and as such more and more expensive) as IPv4 gets closer to depletion. As Dan said unless you're doing "black hat" SEO where you're doing things you're not really "supposed" to do to game the system and SERPs then being on the same IP isn't going to create any problems.
Lunarpages host are slow?   (201 Views)
I find my Lunarpages host a bit slow, this is my website a small blogcctv dvr your Lunarpages host , I'm seeing it is loaded pretty fast here. I believe you had some problems with your ISP