What do you think?(2 domains)

Let me know if you have any ideas...

WhosPrice[dot]com - I was thinking of price grabber site..(who's price... lowe,better,etc)
PageOwner[dot]com - something like myspace, maybe

What do you think

Posted On: Thursday 25th of October 2012 11:58:38 PM Total Views:  650
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are 3 character .ORG domains worth anything if so then about how much & I don't mean meaningful words, just any 3 char .ORG domain or a .BIZ or .INFO domain. , 3 character domains are worthless imo, if you had a 3 letter domain it would be alot better. , There's a handful (quite a few, actually) .org, .info, and .biz 3-char domains out there unregistered. I don't think you can sell them for very much just yet. I own AND, which is a pretty cool coincidence. I've had for a while (paid like, $3 for it), and picked up from someone who happened to be selling it a few weeks ago for $15 (I think).
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