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any advice for someone who wants to start and become a reseller The steps involved in reselling a domain Recommend any sites tips and hints
New to Reselling. How much should I charge to my clients   (192 Views)
, Up to now I really hadn't given much thought to reselling but having read a few interesting threads on this board I realised it could potentially be a valuable service to provide my clients. I'm a Flash designer, based in the UK and I'm working with a client at the moment who is somewhat a novice when it comes to the web as a whole. Rather then the client having to go through the host it might be better for them if they went through me. First and foremost I must clarify that in no way am I a network guru but I can find my way around most control panels with relatively little hassle. Question is how much should I charge my client for 12 months Just been doing a few rough calculations and it would cost me circa GBP 5-10 (USD9-17) per month for a reselling package. In effect could I pass on this cost directly to my customer over the year or should I charge more Secondly is it worth it Potentially this could provide a small but steady stream of cash into my business but is it worth the hassle Do I really want to neglect the core flash design business because my clients are having problems with their sites Obviously your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated, and if any of you designers out there have taken the plunge into reselling was it worth it
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Hi , i am looking for hosting reseller to use on my site . I am not expert in this yet , so an easy account to use will be best . Please also mention if : - I can charge any amount i want - how many domains i can host -Who will provide support for members -how much monthly payments I will need it very soon ,
Looking for a New Reseller Hosting Provider   (162 Views)
I am looking for a new hosting provider. I host a lot of sites and am in need of a better plan from a reliable provider. I currently use HostDime and quite frankly they have been great to deal with, excellent support and phone support ( A + ). I however need more bandwidth and space. I currently use the Mega Plan but feel I could get a better deal elsewhere which could offer me the following; More Bandwidth More Space Cpanel Fantatstico Deluxe More IP addresses the traditional unlimited stuff Unlimited Domains. If anyone knows of a USA/Canada based provider that offers a better deal that provides phone support and also is reliable please post. I spend $100 a month with my current provider and am looking to spend the same but get more for the money.
Really Painless Reseller!   (189 Views)
IMHO, I have found many companies' reseller plans give us a minimum resource (RAM/CPU) usage. They give us a 2% to 25%. we need to control our customers' usage within that limit. If anything happend so when we sleeping, our account suspended. Our account will be suspended for our customers! There is any really good companies without those kind of pains Which company give a hi usage limitations for reseller plans Please help me out with your experience.
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Can anyone suggest a good Reseller Hosting provider I have currently taken a Reseller Hosting account from But after reviewing so many threads here, I feel it was may be a wrong decision. Can anyone suggest good Reseller Hosting providers with a comparison chart if possible The few I know are Resellers Panel, Go Daddy, Host Gator.