Please check my .info domains: insuranse, debt consolidation, wine, remorgage..


Just regged these, what do you think:

thanks for any comments

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Is it correct that dns updates for .info (and .biz) propagates through the internet much faster than for .com/net/org Why Any other tlds with the same dns update speed I think I remember someone saying something like that a while ago but can't find it. Moved a .info domain yesterday and the domain pointed to the new server within the hour. Found something related to this on the and sites : From How often are .INFO DNS zones updated Updates to the zone information will be generated automatically every five minutes. These updates will reflect any modifications, additions, or deletions to the registry that have been made by the registrars during that time period. Only changes that have been committed to the database will be reflected in the zone information update. From Technology. Why wait up to 72 hours for your Web address to activate .BIZ offers real-time registration, so you can open for business immediately.
Register (up to) 25 FREE .info domains!   (486 Views) currently has a special where they let you register up to 25 .INFO domain names... for free! I came across this offer when updating my site with interesting domain/webmaster goodies; (so) I am not affiliated with NameSecure or anything. Yours In Success, Rob