Name for newssite: wich domain to choose?

I want to make a international newssite where I aggregate different RSS-newsfeeds, so that one can se headlines of many different newssources.

I do have a few domain names:

Wich one would you choose

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Does anybody know how to park a domain at for free, I might be retarted but I can't figure out how to do so.
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Is it better to register a domain name with one's web host (if offered) or to buy the domain name separately before signing up for webhosting ThisWebHost have told me that I can register a domain with them and that there would be no problem transferring the domain to another host if I decided to leave them at some point. That's rather attractive, since it seems to simplify the process of getting a domain name and signing up for webhosting. However, I've been told by KnownHost that if I join them for hosting I'll have to get my own domain name. (They recommend Godaddy, but I know there are other places to register domain names.) I've seen hints online that the process of transferring a domain name from one web host to another can be complicated if the host originally registered the domain - and I believe it's impossible in some circumstances. Unfortunately, these are only hints - I haven't found a detailed discussion of the pros and cons yet. I'd be very grateful for opinions on this issue - and I apologize if the topic has been covered here before. (I did have a look before posting this but there's a lot of stuff here, so I may have missed a relevant thread.) - Mike , Originally Posted by Domain Name if the registar/hosting company serious, there will be no problem if they are together I believe that is impossible for the end user to detarmine if web hosting provider serious or not... Use diffrent service providers to avoid that. Do not keep all eggs in the same basket.