My hosting company went down can I recover my domain?

I went with for hosting. Not a very well known company but seemed like a good deal and somebody recommend them. Anyway it's not proven to be a good choice because a few weeks ago my site went down and now it seems their whole company has gone and if you check their URL it's just one of those 'links page'.

Okay so I made a mistake going with these but I registered when I signed up for the hosting. When I do a 'whois' it's registered under my name. I was wondering if there was any way to recover this domain name and host it with somebody else

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250 - 500mb space PHP >= 4 2-5 MySQL databases. Cron job support A few pop3 mailboxes 2 - 4 gig data transfer per month Preferably running a recent distro. of linux (cron). [mod_rewrite would be nice. Sane php config i.e. magic quotes off, reg. globals off] Domain name registration. U.K. based. Stable! I'm willing to spend about 50 a year, bit tight I know. Can draft in extra funds, so probably 50 to a max. of 75. Will keep in mind all posts; not able to sign up immediately, just checking out competition. This thread will be kept bookmarked for my future reference.
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hi , as you must have realized that my requirements are bare minimum and i'm looking for domain registration + web hosting at less than $20 per year. i currently do not have any plans to run perl/mysql scripts but i may plan to do so in the future but is not required. i checked out stuff like asmallorange which was suggested by some member which costs $35 per year ($25 web hosting - 75 MB, 3 GB bandwidth + $10 domain registration) (though after some 15% discount coupon comes down to $30) actually my requirement is not even that much (75 MB & 3 GB bandwidth), so any suggestions i hope i have made my requirements pretty much clear... thanks!! , Almost $7 a year on a .com domain goes to Verisign for administering the TLD so the registrar has to charge at least that for the domain just to break even on providing the domain. The cost for hosting will then be on top of that so even with $1 a month hosting would mean that you'd be up for at least $20 per year. The only hosting "cheaper" than that is likely to be so called "free" hosting where you pay for the hosting in some way other than money (the most common being that you allow them to collect the income from the ads they place on your site).
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