Hello Domainers (Visit if you own alot of domains)

, i have a idea for a new site which is currently in the development stage. It is very hectic right now and we need a couple of people looking to buy domains for them selves or just currently own domains. Were mainly interested in people that own 10+ domains or people with great domains. Were not looking to grab the domains from you etc. You can keep your domains just please drop me off a email, PM or IM contact details are in profile. You will be making money off this potentially from the idea!


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What do yall think that these are worth they are look alikes of famous domains and also how much is worth do yall think
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How can I create my own Name Servers for my domain Let see I bought domain "", how can I create/get my own Name Servers for my domain like: NS1.TEST.COM NS2.TEST.COM Many
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Let me know if you have any ideas... WhosPrice[dot]com - I was thinking of price grabber site..(who's price... lowe,better,etc) PageOwner[dot]com - something like myspace, maybe What do you think
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Hi! How do you know how many bandwitch will your site use
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just the domain name up for sale. also have the hyphenated version ( if it even makes a difference, i remember once upon a time having the hyphens was supposed to help in the search engines) either way, not to distract the focus of the question.. how much do you think i could get for it Is 5 grand too unreasonable
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, im looking at and i have seen a few others about on the internet, im talking about "Free Domain Forever!" or "Free Domain for life" - Is it as good as it sounds, do you actually get to keep this domain forver or is there strings attatched,
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Its an active site, the domain receives around 15-30 typeins a day. Had several email inquiries, but not sure what sort of value to put on it. Your thoughts Tamiflu is one of the most searched terms on the internet these days.. I suppose it could be a very important name.
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Now say I own a domain which is a typo of microsoft, the typo looks like microsoft but say its microsofy does microsoft have the rights to take that domain of you even if you are not using the domain but just redirecting it
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Im interested in translating one of my websites into different languages to reach a larger market. Lets say my website is If I do this, I would hire professional translators and not use machine translations. If I was trying to reach a Spanish audience, which domain name would I get,,, Is the .com viewed as American Spanish comes from Spain (.es), but people read/speak Spanish all over the world. Registering for all Spanish-speaking countries would be too costly and most likely not available to me as an American to register. Im thinking about translating into French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. Im downplaying the idea of using something like because my domain name is too long and wouldnt make sense to non-English speakers, making it easy for them to forget, while a name in their language would be much easier for them. While Im asking, how would I register domain names that use special characters (like Spanish with the accent marks) or symbols (like Chinese). Would I just drop those special markings, and use the Romanized versions of the Chinese characters
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I am the webmaster for a friend of mine, he needs some hosting as the one we are with left us. Could anyone help us I just need the basics to host the website at so you'll need to give me DNS and FTP, must have mysql and php and no ads.
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Hi , Just wondering, how did you come across your web host On what criteria was your selection based
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Is it possible to have the web space for your domain hosted by one provider and IMAP email by another If so, what is needed (MX records, etc.) and who offers such an IMAP service (either free or cheap)
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Hi I have a large legitimate email list and want to start sending a newsletter. I am concerned that my domain name may be blacklisted for sending spam (even though my list is legitimate and fully opted-in) and have an effect on my day to day email. if I use a sub-domain of my domain, ie and this was blacklisted, would it effetc my main domain as well. Sorry if posting in the wrong forum, not sure if this was a hosting, email or domain question!
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Hi all, what is the difference between www and public_html I have hosed my domain in a small hosting company and when i was going through all its folders i found both the folder www and public_html has the same content. but by hosting company asks me to upload all my files into public_html. Iam curious to know the difference between these two folders.