Expanding my site for different languages

Im interested in translating one of my websites into different languages to reach a larger market. Lets say my website is

If I do this, I would hire professional translators and not use machine translations.

If I was trying to reach a Spanish audience, which domain name would I get,,,

Is the .com viewed as American Spanish comes from Spain (.es), but people read/speak Spanish all over the world. Registering for all Spanish-speaking countries would be too costly and most likely not available to me as an American to register.

Im thinking about translating into French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

Im downplaying the idea of using something like because my domain name is too long and wouldnt make sense to non-English speakers, making it easy for them to forget, while a name in their language would be much easier for them.

While Im asking, how would I register domain names that use special characters (like Spanish with the accent marks) or symbols (like Chinese). Would I just drop those special markings, and use the Romanized versions of the Chinese characters

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