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I'm trying to look for ip address of some site and see that there're many sites provides hostname to IP lookup. My question is, how do we know if the ip generated is for the main webhosting company (like Godaddy) or it's the ip for that specific domain name Very novice in IP and domain stuff.

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i bought a domain name which was active in the past and i don't know the reason but was dropped and not registered again by the owner. I suspect that the previous owner used problematic methods to promote his web site in the search engines and maybe was banned by google (and thus not indexed or crawled). how can i know that for sure if this is the case, is this for life or after a while google give this domain one more chance and try to crawl the web site again
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What are all the available domain extensions right now I need a list of them for something in coding and i cant seem to find a full list of them.
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I would like to give some of my site visitors a free domain name as part of a promotion. Can anyone suggest an easy way to implement this Having them register the domain and then sending them a refund seems like a pain as does their forwarding the name to me and having me register it in their name using my credit card. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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, i have a idea for a new site which is currently in the development stage. It is very hectic right now and we need a couple of people looking to buy domains for them selves or just currently own domains. Were mainly interested in people that own 10+ domains or people with great domains. Were not looking to grab the domains from you etc. You can keep your domains just please drop me off a email, PM or IM contact details are in profile. You will be making money off this potentially from the idea! ------ALSO IF YOU ARE A EXCELENT DOMAIN APPRAISER WE NEED YOU PLEASE CONTACT ME!
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How can I create my own Name Servers for my domain Let see I bought domain "", how can I create/get my own Name Servers for my domain like: NS1.TEST.COM NS2.TEST.COM Many
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I want to make a international newssite where I aggregate different RSS-newsfeeds, so that one can se headlines of many different newssources. I do have a few domain names: poax.xom Wich one would you choose
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I currently have a reseller account with a webhosting company and I have recently been approached by a friend asking me if he can host his bands forum on my servers. He currently has his site hosted somewhere else, I don't know if he wants to move his whole site over or just wants the forums on my server. I'm assuming its the latter of the two. Anyway, he's renewing his domain name in a couple of days. Is it possible that if he wants to host only the forums on my server, say will point to the forum (on my server) and can point to his site on his server If this is so, how do I do it Does that make sense
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, I need some help understanding the differences between true multiple domain hosting and addon domains which (I guess) use pointers to point to a sub domain/folders. I just signed up with Site5 and need to know how best to setup my account and added domains etc.
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, Just regged these, what do you think:
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, I see that is offering domain registration for as low as $2.95. Anybody know any domain reseller company (like enom, directi) offering simialr priced domain registration
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HEllo , I have about 20+ domain names and i am considering selling most of them all at one go .How much do you think i could value these names for ,If you could give me an individual Value it will be great or an overall that will nice as well. I have a few more domains will post them on a later thread ...!! domain transfer with Godaddy   (495 Views)
Hi , I was wondering what information would be needed to complete a transfer of a domian from 1 Godaddy account to another Godaddy account I have been told that additional details needs to be provided for's compared to .com's. Is that correct
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So. does anyone have any articles/tutorials on the diffrent ways of making money from domains I imagine you can buy names that might be vaulable in the near future, you can get deleted domains that still get traffic.. etc.. What are some interesting ways to make $
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Let me know if you have any ideas... WhosPrice[dot]com - I was thinking of price grabber site..(who's price... lowe,better,etc) PageOwner[dot]com - something like myspace, maybe What do you think
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all. I'm really new to the whole domains thing and decided to purchase one from yesterday. I'm trying to use the domain name to mask over my current url, so for example when somebody typed in it would still appear as that in the url and not act as simply a redirect which is what it is currently doing. The user could then browse the site without ever even seeing my previous hosting url. I did some searching and found that it is related to the nameservers But I'm really not certain at all what I'm supposed to be changing. Is it possible somebody could explain exactly what I should be doing to mask my url
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Domain on planning on using
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i got 2 domains which i'd like to be appraised. (thought for "Review Lodge") (not sure about this) what do you think (Both developed and undeveloped) Do they have any potential I might develop them. So what would be your idea for each if you had these domains
Who is the Cheapest .COM domain seller?   (481 Views)
Ive always used to signup my domain names but recently ive seen US company sellem for about $15 per year, now that alot cheaper than the 23 of I was paying for 2 years!
sell   (406 Views) qingdao ---india city ---india city city energy
1 year hosting + domain registration $9   (495 Views)
DreamHost has 1 year hosting + domain registration for $9.24. Make sure you select the Crazy Domain Insane 1 year package w/ no setup fee and apply code 777 for the discount. They support Ruby on Rails for looking to give Ruby a Shot!
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Its an active site, the domain receives around 15-30 typeins a day. Had several email inquiries, but not sure what sort of value to put on it. Your thoughts Tamiflu is one of the most searched terms on the internet these days.. I suppose it could be a very important name.
Five letter domain name beginning with an "A"   (402 Views)
As five letter domain names get fewer and farther between, I have come up with one that is a "word" - what I mean is, it is not an actual english dictionary word, but it "reads" right and has vowels in the correct place, etc. In fact, it is the acronym for a 1980's action film, not that that means anything. Do you think a name like that - something like this "" - with only five letters, and beggining with an "A", has any value
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There is a domain name that has expired on Oct. 1st, that I'm interested in. I have two questions: 1. If I back-order it, will the current (expired) registrant know it's been back-ordered 2. How long of a grace period is a registrant given to renew a domain name, once has domain has expired
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I went with for hosting. Not a very well known company but seemed like a good deal and somebody recommend them. Anyway it's not proven to be a good choice because a few weeks ago my site went down and now it seems their whole company has gone and if you check their URL it's just one of those 'links page'. Okay so I made a mistake going with these but I registered when I signed up for the hosting. When I do a 'whois' it's registered under my name. I was wondering if there was any way to recover this domain name and host it with somebody else
Please appraise these 2 domains   (567 Views) I have both of these domains, I bought the second one for the project that I had in mind, but due to server and other costs, I am not able to continue the project I had in mind for it, at least for now. As for the first one, I pretty much got it by luck.
info domains in my registerfly account that I don't remember registering   (544 Views)
I have over 50 domains registered through Registerfly. Suddenly, I have 3 .info domains listed that I don't remember registering. I really don't have an interest in .info domains. The three domains happen to be ones that I have both the .com and .net registered, and now suddenly it shows .info as well. Now here's the tricky part - all 3 of those .info domains expire on Sept 24. I checked all of my transaction reports, including the order history in the Registerfly reports, and there is no order record for those domains. I know that they have been promoting low cost .info domains lately, as a lot of registrars have, so I'm assuming there hasn't been much interest. Now this is going to sound nutty, but do you think this could be a ploy to get me to register (renew) .info domains that I would not have normally have ordered
domain name bought w/o email   (657 Views)
Apparently I bought my domain name from godaddy and it didn't come with a single email address. Has anyone heard of this one, I was unaware that this was possible. Guess I wasn't paying attention. They are trying to charge me $10 to get a single email account added to my domain name. Is there a way around this or a cheaper way of adding email to a domain name
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Just register I know this word is not a common word of use. Do you think it holds any value Definition Astrict - To bind up; to confine; to constrict; to contract.
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I have recentely bought a new domain name, which I want to use for my site. My webhost has changed this new domain name to the primary name of my website. I have two over parked domain names (the URL's I have used till now). They all go to the same site. How can I optimize this for SEO puposes without. That is how can I get it to go to the new domain name e.g If user types he gets I've heard about 103 redirects. How can I implement it in the htaccess file of the site
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hi buddies, how can i look for domain registration and related information of a site is there any site that i can go for to lookup this information for sale just the domain   (525 Views)
OAL is for sale by it's owner, (not me) [ i wish]. He's looking for $50k-$200k what do you lot think it's worth
exstension less domain name!   (532 Views)
Has any one every heard of a extension less domain name!
Can a trademark owner take a domain thats similar of you?   (536 Views)
Now say I own a domain which is a typo of microsoft, the typo looks like microsoft but say its microsofy does microsoft have the rights to take that domain of you even if you are not using the domain but just redirecting it
Trying to move domain, need advice please   (582 Views)
Hi all, I would really appreciate some advice with this one. OK heres my situation! I cuurrently have my main business domain hosted and web host setup nicely. I'll call that In the past few weeks I have registered the .net version of that domain with a different host and built a new website (Because I needed PHP support) Now I wish to point the at the new web host so that my new site works. The problem I have is that the current domain registrar of the .com domain will not change the DNS settings without moving the domain away from them (which will take too long for me) they will however do a redirect to the IP address of the .net host but unfortunately the .net host only support changing the DNS and not IP redirect. So....... What I was planning on doing (if you think it's a good idea!) is to place a permanent redirect on the current web hosting for the .com to point to the .net address and then initiate an immediate transfer of the domain to the new .net host comany. So in the short term I get my nice new site showing when someone hits the .com address but in the long term I will be switching the .com over to my new host. If I do a 301 redirect will the .com address still be indexed by google or will it start ignoring the .com and start indexing the .net address I was hoping doing this would not screw with my Google rankings as well...i'm not worried about sub pages of the site staying well ranked, just the home page. So does this sound like a good move or does anyone have any better ideas of doing this Many
I have a few domains for sale.   (508 Views)
I spent $250 for this domain names   (534 Views)
What you & gals think - & .net - & .net - & .net - & .net - & .net & .org - - - - - - & .net - - - , I got the domains fresh from godaddy for $15.45 for .com & .net and $8.20 for .com only. , If you were buying them new I wouldn't have bothered with the .net's , I thought about that...but I have some domain names that I wish I had the .net now , Yes I agree.
3char .ORG domains worth anything?   (526 Views)
are 3 character .ORG domains worth anything if so then about how much & I don't mean meaningful words, just any 3 char .ORG domain or a .BIZ or .INFO domain. , 3 character domains are worthless imo, if you had a 3 letter domain it would be alot better. , There's a handful (quite a few, actually) .org, .info, and .biz 3-char domains out there unregistered. I don't think you can sell them for very much just yet. I own AND, which is a pretty cool coincidence. I've had for a while (paid like, $3 for it), and picked up from someone who happened to be selling it a few weeks ago for $15 (I think).
domain appraisal   (501 Views)
How much do you think is worth It has a PR of 6 and is ranked #1 for Newbury Street, Newbury St, and Newbury St Boston.
domain name just expired, but cannot renew   (497 Views)
I have a domain that I registered last May and it's just expired by 2 days now. I want to renew it but the vendors site ( haven't responded to my email for a couple days after I contacted their support when I had trouble renewing through their panels. I got application errors and cannot log in to renew by myself, and now their support are tardy. I like the domain and want to keep it, but am now concerned someone could take it from me because it's expired. Can this happen or is their a cooling off period meaning it's still mine It expired 2 days ago. And can I take any action to get it renewed somehow even though the registrar is not advising me
Manual registration of expired domain   (521 Views)
I have a slightly stupid question. I'd like to register one .BIZ domain. Today it already is in "HOLD" status. The problem is that it is already backordered by somebody in "Registrar Company" of this domain. So it is interesting to know if I have any chances for this domain And if backordering service is impossible what is about "manual" registration How does it all work
whatis the best bulk domain registration search program/site?   (507 Views)
what is the best bulk 'domain registration'search program/site any of them tell you "whois" information automatically if the site is already registered
domain name "free parking"?   (403 Views)
Does anybody know how to park a domain at for free, I might be retarted but I can't figure out how to do so.
Different Web and IMAP hosts for domain; can it be done?   (499 Views)
Is it possible to have the web space for your domain hosted by one provider and IMAP email by another If so, what is needed (MX records, etc.) and who offers such an IMAP service (either free or cheap)
Register (up to) 25 FREE .info domains!   (495 Views) currently has a special where they let you register up to 25 .INFO domain names... for free! I came across this offer when updating my site with interesting domain/webmaster goodies; (so) I am not affiliated with NameSecure or anything. Yours In Success, Rob
Urgent Help required regarding renewal of domain name   (546 Views)
I'm rather suprised to learn that one of my domain names has just expired. WHOIS still displays my contact details for the domain name even though my ownership expired a couple of days ago. Because of this, when you run the domain name through a regular website, it still says it is taken and it can not be bought. My question is, how can I renew my domain before it goes on sale to the general public
true multiple domain hosting   (569 Views)
hello, i would need to host the following: 7 domains (are mine) each with own cpanel 150 mb webspace 10 gb bandwith own cgi-bin webmail pop/stmp mail 99.8% uptime fast servers (web sites located in europe) good service, as this seems difficult to find possibility to pay monthly, about 8$ no set up fees no offers from resellers or new hosts please
Problem with our domain   (471 Views)
I had configured a domain here..example. and we have created a new server intended for our mail..and so we created Yes, i was able to browse the domain in the server but the problem is the is not available in the internet if im going to browse it on another computer. What would I do I've been thinking maybe is there a need to reconfigure our main domain which is the and make the as sub domain am i right im very confused please give me an idea what else can I do to solve this problem ur reply will be more appreciated..have a nice day
Problem with our domain   (465 Views)
I had configured a domain here..example. and we have created a new server intended for our mail..and so we created Yes, i was able to browse the domain in the server but the problem is the is not available in the internet if im going to browse it on another computer. What would I do I've been thinking maybe is there a need to reconfigure our main domain which is the and make the as sub domain am i right im very confused please give me an idea what else can I do to solve this problem ur reply will be more appreciated..have a nice day